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Sadly, there can be absolutely no doubt what the agenda of the Left is today. In a word, control! The Left seeks to control us via every means possible and available. The Left seeks to control our language and restricts words and meanings and thereby seeks to control “Thought”. Under the guise of political correctness, language, words, and thought all must conform to what they determine to be approved “Groupthink”. Even those of us who have deep seated, firmly held convictions regarding God are expected to conform, or else. How bad is it, you might ask? Well, just consider what is taking place amongst the Overlords of Leftism telling us that children’s books like Dr. Seuss, or Mr. Potatohead toys, or whatever else catches their eye must not be tolerated but glorifying profanity filled art forms like “Rap” which demeans race, gender, and every conceivable social norm.

The control exercised over our Education system really began with the removal of prayer from Public Schools. This emboldened the radical Left, Marxist educators to push even harder and make ever continuing demands with regard to control over curriculum and what children are taught. As a result, we now have entire generations of youth who are purposely dumbed down and indoctrinated to become obedient little “Social Justice Warriors”. Today, the radical Left has complete, iron fisted control of Teachers Unions, Curriculum, and every aspect of what is supposed to be education. Critical thinking, free thinking, debate, and other out dated concepts have fallen by the wayside and reside on the ash heap of what the Left considers unapproved thinking. Inclusion, compassion, and tolerance have all but vanished too. Today’s little SJW’s (Social Justice Warriors) will immediately become enraged and violent at the very thought of being exposed to thinking which is different or outside the approved Leftist groupthink. The truth of this can be seen on just about every College or University Campus in the country.

One of the most insidious threats to civilization today is evidenced by the policies of the current D.C. regime with regard to US Sovereignty. Although immigration has been a growing problem for decades, most political Administrations have laced the moral courage to confront the growing problem and chose to “Kick the can” down the road for future leaders to have to deal with. Now that the fanatic, radical, and insane Left has complete control of the US Government, our borders, particularly those on the Southern states have virtually vanished with a stroke of a pen. During the past campaign season, the intention to do so was telegraphed to the world, in no uncertain terms. Insane and ridiculous policy has led to the greatest intentional crisis with hundreds of thousands of illegals flooding across our borders every single day. The “System” is most certainly being overwhelmed and nearing collapse with as many as a thousand per day entering not at “Border Patrol Centers” but rather just waltzing into the country at will, wherever they want. The response from the current regime is to house them in hotels, at taxpayer expense of course, until more military bases can be found to take the tens of thousands of illegals flooding over what used to be US borders.

The massive, unchecked hordes of illegals, in the minds of the radical Left will provide cheap labor if they work at all, while others will fill the social welfare rolls to the point of collapse all at the expense of the half of US citizens who are even gainfully employed. Why would this be happening you might ask? The policies of the Left have failed the black community for the better part of the past sixty years and many of them have become disenchanted with the lies, empty rhetoric, and unkept promises of democrats and begun to critically examine just what democrats have done for them. If you are condemned to the victimhood of inner city welfare state, in a blue city/state, life is anything but wonderful. The empty promises have resulted in concrete jungles rife with crime, drugs, and misery. Jails and prisons are burgeoning at the seams with brown, black, and prisoners trapped in what they think is the only survival scenario available to them, crime.

By wooing the hordes of illegals with the same kind of empty promises of social welfare programs to provide housing, food, and medical care, the Left hopes to increase its voter base by giving the illegals drivers licenses and of course, the right to vote. The operative word here is of course, RIGHT. You see, something as precious as the “Right To Vote” should and always was reserved for legal, US Citizens, who played by the rules, paid for and built, the greatest nation on earth that we enjoy today, America. The intention of the radical Left is to not only increase the illegal voter base, but in addition to the deceased people who vote regularly, and the pets who vote regularly, all security measure would be weakened or removed altogether making it virtually impossible to know who or what has cast votes and ballots in any election moving forward. The result would be a nearly permanent majority to ensure that “CONTROL” remains in the hands of the democrat, Left. Isn’t that wrong, cheating, and virtually illegal? Why yes, but to the Left, everything is subjective and fluid with no hard, black and white, logical and reasonable facts. Concepts like truth and fact are subjective and will simply be whatever the Left decides, at any given moment.

COVID has provided one of the greatest opportunities for Leftist tyranny ever dreamt of before. Misusing one of the greatest pandemics to ever fact mankind in history, radical Leftists have been simply incapable of resisting the urge of temporary power over the citizenry and have wielded it to control every aspect of our lives. Under the false and unproven threats presented by the COVID pandemic, petty tyrants have locked down everything under their control. What had been a robust, and growing economy has ground to a screeching halt. Locked down, unable to work, or be educated, people have been forced to rely on governmental assistance for survival. Schools, churches, and other unnecessary workers have been closed and unable to work. Liquor stores, strip clubs, and other such enterprises were considered essential and allowed to continue. No, it doesn’t make sense unless you remember that the Left seeks control over EVERY aspect of your life and wants to build an all encompassing “Nanny State” to do so. If you don’t think so, I would encourage you to read the likes of “Cloward and Piven” or Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” or even the Communist Manifesto and you will see it laid out clearly in black and white.

And now, the chickens are coming home to roost! Regulations and policies of the Left are driving up the cost of life for all Americans who drive, or eat, or want to live in America. The “Pain at the Gas Pump” is being felt from coast to coast with no end in sight. Why, so the Left could end things like the Keystone XL pipeline which contributed to our brief “Energy Independence” enjoyed under the Trump Administration. Basically, the Left doesn’t give a hoot about you or your welfare, you are simply serfs to be controlled and to be obedient, period. The proof is in the pudding and if you look at the policies and regulations coming out of the current regime and their lackies on the Left, it is painfully clear. Given an inch, the Left will always take a hundred miles and never stop. Wake up America!

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