Cockroaches …

Smiling cockroach from my sketch

Cockroaches are a virulent pest which have been around since the days of Dinosaurs and the Jurassic Period. They are actually quite an interesting creature and not all of them are actually pests. See the related articles … such as Terminex facts. In reading the aforementioned pages, you will learn that a cockroach can travel 50 times its body length making it faster than a Cheetah. These little boogers can move man. Just think of turning on the kitchen light as you creep in to grab that little midnight snack of leftover cake without waking the entire household. You tip toe in carefully taking light steps until you reach the light switch, you flip the switch as you anticipate with great joy how wonderful that morsel of cake is going to be as it passes your lips and enters your mouth exploding with sugary joy. As the light brightens the kitchen and the dark passes away, you see a cockroach scurry past your feet. You think to yourself, wow, this guy can move as it darts in and out and swerves to either side before vanishing from sight under the refrigerator scampering off to its household of relatives and friends waiting for its return with news of feasts to be had outside of their den. Ahh, such is the life of the elusive cockroach.

So, although enlightening and fascinating beyond comprehension you might think, what in the world does it actually have to do with anything that could possible be conceived of as being relevant today? Well, as your Scribe watches with rapt attention the goings on of the day, it occurs that the behavior and actions of the cockroach are very similar to those of the thugs and rioters wreaking havoc across America as they set fires, destroy property, and assault those who disagree with their “Cause of the Minute”. They can amass quickly in frightening numbers, they can cause fear and panic in those who observe them, and they can vanish quickly into surrounding areas. Yep, that’s a lot like what cockroaches do.

What we are witnessing in American cities throughout America is nothing short of heart wrenchingly disgusting. Under the guise of peaceful protests, these well organized, well funded, Anarcho Terrorists are quite literally out of control and much like a hurricane or tornado, they leave a wake of destruction and chaos in their wake. Propelled by their hatred, their evil intentions are to burn down anything and everything in their path to accomplish their very amorphous goals. Incapable of intelligently defending their positions or the actions that they take and encourage, these cowardly thugs can only strike during periods of darkness. During the daylight hours there might be peaceful gatherings including some people who are actually protesting what they deem to be some activity or wrong doing which needs discussion and possible reform. After dark though, it is an entirely different matter altogether.

The decision of the Grand Jury who were deliberating the actions of Police Officers in the case involving the death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky, anticipation of potential rioting prompted business owners and Officials to begin boarding up their places of business along with the Federal and Local Courthouses which would certainly be targeted. As the findings of the Grand Jury became apparent, fear crept in as the verdict would certainly not be to the liking of the Mob. Although the procedure and process was thorough and investigated properly and thoroughly, the end result and determination that what the mob wanted to hear was not to be realized, Louisville, Kentucky was set on edge in anticipation of coming terror.

This struck very close to home for me personally as I was raised and spent the majority of my life there in Louisville (Pronounced “Lou a vull” by residents). Not only was I raised there but I was also a Law Enforcement Officer serving my community. Although I no longer reside in the Bluegrass state, my love and heart still remain in the Derby City with all of its beauty and steeped in history and culture. Seeing the rioting taking place before my eyes as I think back to my days in uniform, brought anguish and anger to my mind. Learning that two Officers were shot led to further sorrow and profound sadness that such activity is allowed to play out in the streets of an American city to begin with. Who is to blame and why are they not held accountable for the death and destruction happening right before our very eyes? Like other cities experiencing violence and destruction at the hands of out of control, radical Leftists under the banner of BLM, Antifa, and other terrorist organizations of the Left, Louisville and Kentucky are under Democrat control.

Are you beginning to see a common thread here? Yep, this kind of violence and destruction is only happening in Democrat led cities and states across America. Why are they not doing something to stop it, you might ask? Where is the leadership and strong, decisive response? What consequences do the rioters face? These and many other questions like these are exactly what should be in the forefront of everyone’s mind as the national election approaches this coming November. So, if democrats are doing nothing to stop the violence and chaos, does that mean that in some way they actually support it? Hmm, it would certainly seem so. What does it all mean then? Well, quite simply stated, a common opinion is that we will either have America after the election, or maybe not. You will decide very soon.

The bottom line is this, anytime that the Left does not get the answer they want, or the verdict they want, or simply what they want, period, are we to see them scurrying to the streets like cockroaches to begin destroying everything in sight? Well, probably so if we continue on a path of lawlessness at the hands of weak and cowardly leaders who are paralyzed with fear and will bow to the will of the Mob and simply do their bidding. Wake up America!

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Traitorous Tactics …

It is unrefutable that democrats will stoop to any level, emphasis on ANY, to achieve their desired goal. It has always amazed me to hear stories of how many deceased voters, pets, and spectral voters remain on the Voter rolls despite this being a clear violation of rules. Paying homeless and disadvantaged people to fill in ballots for a pack of cigarettes or alcohol has been utilized. Allowing convicted Felons is a tactic being considered and utilized by our righteous democrat party. The democrat party has always been quick to espouse their virtues on the right hand while their left hand is busy breaking every and any rule, law, or acceptable practice possible. This has been the subject of countless punch lines and jokes including paradise of overweight, sleazy, politicians talking out both sides of their mouths while campaigning for elected office.

The latest installment is what we will laughingly refer to as, “Cheat By Mail”. Consider for a moment, what might possibly go wrong with this and why voting in person at established polling places is so important. Obviously, the first consideration is identification and establishing the credibility of your ballot or vote. For years we have been lectured and heard the same old, worn out, tedious catch phrases about how requiring a valid, picture identification harms the minority community in some way largely resembling that which resembles Unicorn ranches, it simply isn’t true at all. Of course, falsehoods never dissuade or discourage the Left as long as it helps them in some way. On the other hand, picture identification is required for such things as purchasing alcohol, getting government assistance, and just about everything these days and it has not seemed to slow the poor, vulnerable, communities of affected minorities at all. But, the Left would have us believe that requiring a valid, picture ID is somehow punitive and only affects those who they assume, will vote in the approved manner. This lie is beyond ridiculous on every side and yet, it does not deter or dissuade the democrats in politics or in the media in the slightest.

Governmental competence is a huge consideration and simply can not be overlooked. Imagine for a moment, that the same people who run the Department of Motor Vehicles, or DMV, are in charge of healthcare. Would you really want to go to one of these places to receive what can only be described as substandard, limited, assembly line type care? Take a number, stand in line, and then describe the problem to an hourly employee who is thinking about anything and everything other than you and your problems. Quite simply, they are thinking about lunch or getting off work, and in short, just don’t care about what you have to say. Don’t believe me? Fine, then give me some verifiable examples of “Big Government” and how such an entity might excel at even the simplest of tasks? How efficient is government in handling our tax dollars for example? Well that is the topic for another post or ten thousand. That being said, just consider the abhorrent waste swirling around countless stories of incompetence or outright abuse with regard to how “Government” spends our hard earned tax dollars. Do you really think that our elected officials, especially those on the Left, are deeply concerned about spending or wasting your tax dollars? As long as they have their pockets lined, live like Kings and Queens, and can stick their hand in the unending spigot of money going into their coffers, they could care less about the little people in flyover country who elect them and send them to the giant, “Good Ole Boy” club in D.C. Yep, their concern and compassion ends as soon as they are elected as they become completely deaf and dumb with regard to anyone other than themselves.

How many times has the Post Office been referenced as being completely incapable of handling or especially handling money or doing even the simplest of budgetary tasks? Have we seen glowing reports of how the USPS is a shining example of proficiency or success with regard to any aspect of its operations? No, it is almost always the number one example of how not to manage or run a successful operation. The USPS has been the brunt of countless jokes with regard to stories of incompetence or unaccountability. With regard to the extremely serious matter of handling or processing ballots for any election which comes to mind, historically speaking, the results have been nothing short of catastrophic. Let’s think back to how the USPS manages the “Absentee Ballots” for our men and women in uniform, serving domestically or abroad. It is almost consistently reported that military ballots are typically lost in transit, late, or simply vanish while being handled or processed. How does that make our military members feel when they realize that for all intents and purposes, their votes are simply cancelled, or invalid due to the incompetence with regard to processing? Now consider these processing and handling problems magnified multiple times over and how left to the desires and wishes of the Left, would magnify as much as five fold or more.

Finally, why would the Leftist so desperately want to promote such a scheme? Part of the answer lies in the previous sentence and hinges on the word, scheme. The left has always been in love with any dirty trick, underhanded method, or disgusting tactic as long as it furthers their agenda or ensures their success in some way. The quest for power must never be overlooked with regard to politicians who can only further their nefarious goals as long as they remain in charge and have control of the national feeding trough which we call the US Government. Stacking the deck in their favor is simply the way it is done. The desire to promote a “Cheat By Mail” scheme is quite simply, because of the vast opportunity to cheat, fabricate, and overwhelm the election process by promoting policies which will ensure that the results could end up being litigated in court, thus delaying a final decision, until it is certain. In other words, how many mysterious boxes of ballots would have to miraculously be discovered in some poll or USPS workers trunk because they simply forgot to unload them in a timely manner? Yeah right and yet the democrats in the media will breathlessly announce that such situations have occurred and low and behold, even more so if they can spin it into another victory for their side. Do some research on your own and discover the myriad problems which can happen with such schemes. After all, we must ensure the integrity of our election process in every way and not allow the Left to cheapen, demean, or damage it with overt schemes to cheat. Wake up America!

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