Dropping the Mask …

As soon as Donald J. Trump announced publicly that he was seriously going to campaign for the office of President Of The United States, the “Left”, MSM (Mainstream Media), Hollywood, Education Campuses, and everyone who subscribes to or believes in all things leftist, lost what little bit of sanity they still possessed. It became the resistance and the idea of impeachment was launched the moment that Trump was elected. Since that point, it has been nothing but a seething, primal, explosion of hatred directed towards Trump, Republicans, Conservatives, and their supporters. The MSM quickly dropped any and all pretense of being unbiased and became the willing attack dog of the Left. Hollywood actors and Sports figures put their ignorance and lack of understanding on full display as they eagerly rushed to the nearest camera or microphone to demonstrate their “Wokeness” to the world. Even the fact that they might be completely clueless as to the facts and truth of a matter was completely lost on them as the primary goal was to appear to care. This has been the case for a very long time in America. Incapable of selling their radical ideas honestly to the public at large, leftists have been forced to seek the assistance of activist Judges and every conceivable underhanded method imaginable to ram their agenda down the throats of the majority of Americans despite it being rejected completely in the arena of free debate. What would be rejected at the ballot box would be forcefully imposed, in some cases by judicial fiat.

The Education system dropped their masks and moved as far left as possible and continues to do so for decades. Revisionist history, Common Core math, and social justice issues such as sexuality are taught instead of pure, unfiltered topics. This results in an endless stream of far left ideology being injected, by force if necessary, upon impressionable young minds who have not been prepared to think for themselves, or to question the curriculum for themselves. Parents are routinely removed from as much involvement in their children’s lives as possible and are excluded from even medical decisions such as abortions. The danger of this can not be overemphasized or mentioned enough as it is our very future that is at stake. Children in Urban areas are at even higher risk of having their future stolen from them by an Educational System that will simply push them forward and graduate them rather than dealing with the systemic issues which are failing our children such as literacy. Deprived of a proper education, these children are less prepared to enter the adult world of employment and certainly lack even the most basic skills necessary for success. The teachers unions and other such organizations continue to give themselves inordinate raises and line their pockets while less and less actually goes towards properly educating our children. The mayor of a large, democrat controlled city recently organized printing T-shirts, and bussing groups of students to engage in protests but was unable to keep the heat on for the kids in her school systems. This type of failure of leadership is rampant and must be addressed immediately. American education was once the top of the lists worldwide and provided the finest education possible in the world, today, education has sunk to frightening lows and rankings are horrible when compared to even some third world countries worldwide. This is a crime!

Just about any and every institution, organization, or affiliation is consumed with leftists ideology and no longer makes any attempt to disguise or hide it. Gone are the days of humor or joking, political correctness destroyed that completely and utterly. Instead, we have people who spend their lives moving from one topic to another in search of something new to be offended by at any given point. Political correctness has been a highly successful hammer that the left has wielded effectively to beat everyone into submission for fear of retaliation from the self appointed moral authorities of the left. Free speech, nope that is a goner too. Look at any college or University campus today and you will see that free speech has gone the way of the Dodo bird and has become extinct. Intolerance and ignorance reign supreme and if you are not in a properly deemed “Zone” for free speech or whatever, you will be attacked verbally and in some cases, physically by those who are intellectually incapable of even the slightest disagreement to their worldview and ideology.

It has become unacceptable to simply be a proud American today. Now, you must display your “Identity” sexually, politically, and in every other way. At this point, what is next? Will we have to submit to having BLM branded on our foreheads to avoid being assaulted by the throngs of mindless, leftist lemmings rampaging through the streets of America in search of something else to attack because of an issue dating back 300 years? Why stop their, I am deeply offended by what brutal, communist regimes did around the world and the millions of lives that were forcefully taken and the enslavement of millions of others. So should we declare war on any and every country that has or is currently is run by communist tyrants? In essence, that is what the anarchy-marxist groups are doing under the guise of the issue of slavery which was ended over a hundred years ago in America. Now, demands to defund law enforcement, remove statues and symbols of oppression, and even floating the idea of paying some kind of ludicrous reparations are considered acceptable and more alarming, reasonable by those on the left. What would have been considered ridiculous or insane is now portrayed by the leftists as being completely reasonable, as long as it is in line with leftist doctrine. The opposite of course is not true, anything or anyone who dare disagree can be assured of total and outright retaliation, mindless barrages, and complete hysterical outrage and knee jerk hyperventilation from the delicate butterflies of the left. And yet, they are the most vicious, mean, hate filled people to be found and will spew the vilest of hate filled tirades at anyone who falls into a target category such as Christian, Republican, or Conservative to name a few.

If something doesn’t happen, and happen quickly, life as we know it will become something that nightmares are made of. Consider the state of affairs with Venezuela and how it went from being an oil rich, jewel of freedom and prosperity, to a starving, desolate, wasteland under brutal Socialist Dictators in just ten years. Given their way, I doubt that it would take that long for the complete destruction of America. Resistance and push back to the insane desires of a minority must start immediately as our very survival literally depends on it. Wake up America!

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If you possess the intestinal fortitude, backbone, or courage to dare to wear something like a Trump hat in public, just see what happens. Should you dare attempt to speak truth regarding situations like the Marxist philosophy guiding certain organizations, say the democrat party, MSM (Mainstream Media), or anarchy-terrorist groups like Antifa or BLM (Black Lives Matter), the reaction will be anything other than, well warm and welcoming. The intolerance of the Left is staggering and this coming from the same people who were not that long ago demanding tolerance from the opposition on such issues as the Gay Agenda. We were told to be tolerant and to allow fairness for those who do not think, look, or act like us in any way. Failure to do so, especially today, may result in complete and total destruction and annihilation. Consider conservative or republican speakers who dare attempt to offer insight or opposing view points to the tolerant students on campuses such as Berkley or just about any other campus today.

The media simply ignores what they are not going about vilifying, ridiculing, or diminishing as false when they are not too busy to be distracted from the hate Trump, 24/7, 365 days a year, 24 hours per day cycle that we have seen since it became apparent that Trump was serious about the office of President Of The United States. Since that moment, the left has engaged in an all out, Shock and Awe Campaign to utterly destroy Trump and any who support him. It has been unbelievable to witness the lows that the left will sink too in order to accomplish their agenda. To the left, the ends justify the means so lying, fabricating facts, and fantasy narratives are the norm.

Consider the accomplishments of the left in let’s say states and cities in such absolute utopia’s like Chicago, New York, San Francisco for example. What are the crime rates like in those cities? Doesn’t that just make you want to run, not walk to your nearest Uhaul so that you can load up and move there? And just look at the strength, courage, and leadership skills of those Leaders when confronted with riots, looting, and worse. Why they jumped right in, supported law enforcement actions to restore order, and protected national treasures and works of art like our historic statuary around the country, right? Oh no, wait, I could be wrong. In fact the reality is that they hunkered down, trembling in fear, and remained silent as such things as CHOP Zones were established, churches were set on fire across from the White House, or people were murdered in the streets while attempting to protect business from being looted or burned during the “Peaceful Demonstrations” taking place across the country.

Now, we have rioters and protestors not being charged with crimes, or being immediately released so that they can return and continue committing crimes in places like Bill DeBlasio’s vision of utopia in New York City. After several weeks or crime and the ultimate death of two people in the “Summer Of Love” at CHOP in Seattle, Washington, order had to be restored and the CHOP Zone was finally dismantled. I think it is important to remember that during these heinous time of overt and blatant lawlessness and anarchy, what democrat leaders chose to do which was virtually support the criminals and anarchists. That speaks loudly to what their true motivations and desires actually are, not what they say or the media espouses while trying to spin and cover for them. The ultimate goal of many, if not all of these radical, far left extremists, in and outside of government, is the total tearing down of America as we know to be replaced with who knows what. The fantasy of a Marxist/Socialist/Communist utopia might “SOUND Good” but will in fact, never, ever succeed. Even the people who created these socio-political philosophies were unable to make them work whenever, or wherever they were attempted or tried. Any yet, despite utter failure, and millions of deaths such as in China or Russia under the brutal, merciless, totalitarian regimes of evil Dictators, we have far too many indoctrinated, mind numbed, Leftists who think themselves enlightened and smarter than anyone else which means that they should be able to impose their will successfully. Nope, can’t happen and would never work but hey, to the left, concepts like truth and fact are foreign and strange. Reality is subjective, changing, and fluid and their truth might not be what actual truth is to normal people.

Consider taking some of the headlines or stories which dominate the press cycles of any given day during the last few months and reverse the roles. Instead of Antifa or BLM, what do you think would happen if say, the Right decided that they were offended by the statue of Barack Obama and therefore it must be toppled or destroyed? What if republicans were doing the same thing in the streets of New York, or Chicago, or even leftist stronghold? What would the Leftists in media, government, or Hollywood be saying or doing if that were the case? There is no doubt that the reactions would be far different than what we are forced to endure today. To the Left, such radical, ignorant, actions such as defunding the law enforcement which protects them is the answer and any degree of violence is justified to achieve their goals. The hypocrisy and double standard is stunning and unbelievable. On our current trajectory of societal, cultural decay and degradation, America is quite simply doomed. The double standard must stop now! What is good for the goose, must be good for the gander.

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