Your Sardonic Scribe is unabashedly a Christian, an American, and a Patriot. Topics that will be written about my include items pertinent to any of the aforementioned topics. Opinions that are expressed here are my own and reflect free thought, reason, logic, conservatism, and a Judeo Christian foundation. I remain steadfastly dedicated to the Constitution and Bill of Rights that this country was founded upon over two hundred years ago. My life has consisted of community and public service beginning with the US Air Force in 1972 and law enforcement until health issues forced me to retire from law enforcement. Beginning around 2000 I began serving the Lord and will do so unceasingly. A major part of serving the Lord is communicating with Him which is accomplished through prayer. There is supernatural power and strength found in prayer. My mission is to help as many people as I possibly can to find their way to the Lord. I spent several years working in Jail Ministry and am now doing Pastoral Care and Porn Counseling. Christianity is under assault by human secularists like never before and it is time for Christian Warriors to stand up and resist the efforts to persecute Christians at every turn. My prayer is that many, many men will become strong prayer warriors who will demonstrate brotherly love and a Christ like walk. Hatred and violence will never succeed or be rewarded. Men must pray now, often, and unceasingly!