So the Biden regime has had total control for a couple of months now. Honestly, not impressed in the least with what has transpired thus far. We must ask ourselves how we are going and what does the future portend? Just to name a single issue, immigration, the Biden regime has created nothing short of an out of control crisis with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants flooding across our Southern border at will. That is to say, the hundreds of thousands who walk across and turn themselves in. This does not address those who cross at various other places and simply go about their business with no accounting for them whatsoever. That should send chills up the spine of every single cogent American who in any way cares about the safety and security of this country. Of course the media does not want to cover this issues as it is a major plank of their lunatic Leftist agenda. But, you had better take notice as there are reports of people on the “Terror Watch List” simply waltzing into America with no accounting for them unless they are detected and stopped by Border Patrol agents.

For the past few months, we have seen incredible masses of “Children” flooding into America. But, we need to understand that some of the so called children are in fact hardened members of such social clubs as MS13 which is responsible for some of the most horrendous and heinous acts of violence and murder in cities across America. Yes, there are many, many legitimate minors who have been surrendered to Drug Cartels and Coyotes to be brought to America and this has provided incredible sums of money for them as parents are ordered to pay incredible sums of money or the children are often times simply abandoned and left to fend for themselves. There have been six month old infants dropped into the Rio Grande River by Coyotes, children as young as 3-5 years of age dropped over the wall, and 10 year olds abandoned in the desert to fend for themselves. All, because of the compassionate and humane policies of the Biden regime.

In hopes of creating a permanent underclass of democrat voters, the Left has intentionally signaled the countries South of the US borders to come at will and you will not be deported. So what about all of the people who have worked for years to immigrate to the US legally? How must that make them feel to see hundreds of thousands simply “Cut In Line” and be treated like kings? Not only can the illegals walk into America illegally but because of the insane overcrowding and burgeoning immigrant centers at the border, the military bases, and now hotels/motels at taxpayer expense are being utilized to house the illegal immigrants. Many are simply allowed to go wherever they want in the US often times even without being tested for COVID19 despite a near 10% infection rate reported in the migrant centers.

Consider the so called “Sanctuary Cities/States” that the Left establishes where even the criminals are given a “Get Out Of Jail” free card, not prosecuted for their crimes, and simply allowed to walk free regardless of the offense. This is true even when innocent American citizens die at the hands of criminal illegals and show no sign of changing under the current, radical, far left insanity being forced down the throats of all of us, like it or not. In short, the crisis is completely, utterly, and totally out of control with no indication from the Biden regime of addressing it in any substantive way.

But wait, there’s more! How about those gasoline prices? Isn’t that wonderful? We were totally energy independent under President Trump and the policies of putting America first. America was literally exporting energy for the first time in our history. The Biden regime simply could not stand for that or allow that to continue. Oh no, the Keystone XL pipeline was immediately shut down for nothing more than pure spite and insanity. For no sound economic policy other than to undo what President Trump did for America, thousands of Americans were thrust into unemployment with the loss of their job when the pipeline was shut down. This is insane, vindictive, pettiness under the guise of policy by a bunch whose actions indicate a deep abiding hatred of America.

Why? It would be one thing if this was actually because of incompetence and in some ways it is. Far left policy is devoid of reason, logic, and fact and is based solely on knee jerk emotionalism. The Left creates a fantasy like “Global Warming” and then under the pretense of helping to solve the crisis, they delude themselves and their acolytes into believing that they care more and are more compassionate for “Caring” about the issue whether they actually do anything or not to fix the issue. Typically, the Unicorn and Rainbow solutions which are put forth by these enlightened Overlords does nothing more than throw gasoline on the fire which is already burning out of control. Look at what is going on at the Southern border for validation of this should you have any doubt whatsoever. The entire worldview of the radical, insane Left is based on a false, insane worldview to begin with.

If one takes a critical look at what is happening today in democrat run states/cities, verses those controlled by republicans, the differences are stark. Considering COVID19 for example, Michigan has been the most restrictive and draconian with regard to freedom verses Florida which is of course, controlled by Ron DeSantis, a republican. Which one is faring better than the other? How about Texas verses California and so on, and so on. Consider the debt levels of democrat run states and cities which were simply wiped clean thanks to the ridiculous pork laden bill the democrats passed under the guise of COVID relief. Less than 10 % of the proceeds actually go to COVID19 relief while the lion share goes to such Leftists pet projects as bailing out poorly managed democrat cities and states like California and New York. Was this incompetence or a nefarious ruse perpetrated against the American people to defraud us of countless billions of dollars to promote and further an insane agenda? You be the judge but the facts speak for themselves.

The so called “Wokeism” which is infecting and permeating American society today and causing unnecessary troubles for us which only promotes Marxism. How is that even legal in America? The answer is, that it is not and yet, nearly half of the country simply turns a blind eye to it on a daily basis as cities are looted, burned, and destroyed at the hands of Marxist BLM and Antifa who even if arrested, are simply released back to the streets immediately by their allies in politics, the media, or Hollywood loons who raise ridiculous amounts of money to promote this agenda. Major Corporations are jumping on the bandwagon to demonstrate their fealty to the “Woke Left” and helping promote this insane groupthink for fear of retaliation from the Left. The racial divisiveness is reaching unforeseen levels of insanity as identity politics is used to create division and mayhem where-ever possible and eagerly promoted by the “Woke” morons and imbeciles in the media, sports, and entertainment industry.

So if this is not coming from a position of incompetence, then where does it come from? The answer is quite simply, evil. The bottom line is that we must ask ourselves, does the agenda of the Left do anything at all to promote life, liberty, or the pursuit of the American Dream? Obviously, no, it does the exact opposite where illegal immigrants are prioritized over legal, US citizens at every turn. Veterans and poor children and families are left in the streets to fend for themselves while illegals immigrants who simply walk into America are housed, fed, and given medical care paid for by the US taxpayer in hopes of them becoming democrat voters. Yep, it is that simple. Those who don’t participate in the approved groupthink of Leftist insanity will simply be replace or have their legal vote cancelled by the systemic cheating of having illegals vote. Leftist controlled states will give them a drivers license and allow them to vote without those pesky things like voter security measures being in place.

All of this in the first 90 days of the Biden regime. You should absolutely fear what is to come down the road as they become more comfortable with imposing their tyranny at every turn. As our freedoms and liberties are taken away, the more control and tyranny will be put in place. At some point, such archaic and antiquated things as the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights will simply fall by the wayside and be forgotten as America is fundamentally transformed into something from your worst Orwellian nightmare. Be afraid, be very afraid and for Pete’s sake, WAKE UP AMERICA!

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