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Stop, take a deep breath, then exhale slowly so that you are completely calm. Clear your mind and concentrate on what is about to be explained. Now just to be sure, pinch yourself and repeat the classic lines from “Wizard Of Oz” movie, we’re not in Kansas anymore. But, drop Kansas and insert America to make it more accurate. Wait, stop, what do you mean by that one might ask? Well, let us explore that for a moment see if it will come together.

The country in which we live presently, America, was established over two hundred years ago. This will not be a history lesson but think back to what caused men and women in England, load up everything in the world that they had including their entire families, on tiny wooden ships to sail across the vast oceans to set up from scratch in uncharted, unfamiliar wilderness fraught with unforeseen dangers and perils. The modern equivalent would be for us to board rocket ships to go to some unknown destination in the hopes of it being able to sustain life. Yep, that about covers it.

So what was it that would drive these brave pioneers to risk life and limb to land on the shores of what would become America of today? The primary, driving concept was, wait for it, “FREEDOM”! That which was being denied in their home country, England, was powerful enough to risk ALL for the opportunity to once again, be free to worship God in the manner which best suited them as opposed to how and what they were forced to accept from the Monarchy. Unable to worship God in a manner which best suited their core beliefs and worldview was enough to drive our brave Pilgrims across thousands of miles of dangerous oceans in search of a new home in strange, new land.

What were the Pilgrims looking for in a new home? Consider the following list: FREEDOM, INDIVIDUALISM, PRAGMATISM, VOLUNTEERISM, MOBILITY, PATRIOTISM, PROGRESS, AMERICAN DREAM, just to name a few. These ideals would become the core beliefs upon which a nation, namely America, would be founded, built, and established. Never before in the history of mankind, would genius, possessed by the founders come together to draft and enact such powerful and incredible concepts and ideals as were detailed and presented in documents such as The Constitution, Bill Of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. Enshrined within these documents are the very ideals mentioned and listed above. Never before in the history of mankind, have such freedoms and liberties been enjoyed by all Americans regardless of sex, race, or any such status or classification. Until now, that is.

One has only to turn on what is supposed to pass as “News” to know exactly what is happening. Attempting to survive one of the worst Pandemics in history is not bad enough, oh no, we have to add in a heaping helping of trauma and drama, created and promoted, by treacherous politicians and unscrupulous Media. Today, we are engrossed and captivated by riots, assaults, and arson at the hands of extremists radicals of the Left who, according to the Left, are only an idea and don’t actually exist. Yeah right, tell that to the victims who have lost life, liberty, and everything else at the hands of these thugs. Businesses destroyed, lives destroyed, and instead of being punished, the non existent offenders are immediately protected, bailed out, and funded by Elitists in every faction of society like sports, entertainment, media, and politics. Our history is being destroyed and vanishing right before our very eyes and we are expected to smile and accept it.

Upon taking office, under the shadow of illegitimacy due to irregularities and the appearance of impropriety, career politicians assumed the levers of control in Washington D.C. Thus began what can only be described as a regime of chaos, vindictive revenge, and an all out assault on American ideals. The current resident of the White House is more concerned with destroying American sovereignty, punishing opponents, and replacing the voting populace (opponents) with illegal immigrants. Now really think about this, Americans have been forced to stay home, wear masks, and any and every other punitive, restrictive, infringement on liberty that they can come up with while unchecked hordes of illegals, mostly under the age of eighteen have poured across what were formally secured borders and flooded into the very cages that the Obama/Biden regime built before. Although the border crisis is worse than has been imagined for over twenty years and capacity is exceeded in these detention facilities, the media and feckless talking heads attempt to deceive us with carefully crafted rhetoric to ignore our lying eyes and focus on the soothing, although false attempts to persuade us that all is well and everything is under control. The truth is, the reality of the situation is that nothing could be further from the truth, it is absolutely out of control and getting worse by the minute.

If this isn’t horrifying enough for you, consider these facts for a minute. Biden and Harris were supposedly elected by larger margins than Obama and place in control of our Nation. They swore an oath of office to such ridiculous promises as preserving and protecting this country from all perils, both foreign and domestic. And yet, despite these solemn oaths, the actions speak far louder than any words which might drip like honey from their lips. In fairness, it is not that unusual for people in the opposition to seek to implement, what they believe policies which will benefit the citizens of America. Supposedly, the idea is that the opposition to the party in power were elected because the citizens desire to experience a direction opposite of the party which is currently in power. Until now, that is. Never before, in the history of America has a party been so radicalized and moved so extremely in the exact opposite direction to course we had been on. It is like a freight train rolling down the tracks being brought to a screeching halt for no good reason, resulting in a total pile up and wreck as everything flies into chaos and confusion.

Under the previous Administration, America enjoyed such things as prosperity, historic low unemployment across all factors, low taxation, and an economy (until COVID) which was just exploding. Industry was gearing up in America and even jobs which had been forced to go overseas because of punitive taxation and burdensome and untenable regulations, were coming back to America. Bypassing the established checks and balances of the three branches of government, the current residents have flooded the desks with ridiculous Executive Orders to undo, undermine, and overturn literally everything that the previous Administration had done during the past four years. Many seem motivated by literally nothing more than a pure, unchecked hatred for Trump, regardless of consequence or damage perpetrated upon the American people, this regime appears to be focused like a laser beam on completely and utterly destroying America.

Why would they do this, someone capable of sane thought and logic might ask? A simple look at the Communist Manifesto, Rules for Radicals, and Cloward and Piven’s rantings about collapsing the system will reveal the true purpose and reason for everything. To tear down the system completely and replace it with what they think will be first of all, more profitable for them, under the guise and misdirection of their favorite buzzword, “Fairness”. Decrying systemic racism, which primarily exists only in the minds and hearts of the true racists, our current America must be razed to the foundations, freedoms removed, opposition crushed, and fear instituted completely.

The current regime certainly appear to be steadfast in their determination to carry out the total destruction of everything which makes America great. Freedom of speech has all but vanished, second amendment is currently being targeted, any and all electoral safeguards are to be removed, and worst of all, in hopes of creating loyal, although dependent, underclass of voters who will be completely dependent on leftists social welfare programs for survival, are flooding across our formally secure borders. This is because far too many, previously reliable, democrat voters across all demographics such as race, age, gender, etc. were waking up from their koolaid induced stupors and actually beginning to question the decades old lies from the Left. As people actually started looking around and asking relevant questions such as, “How exactly has life improved under democrats?”, or “What, other than becoming rich off of our labors, have democrats actually done for us?”. Despite decade after decade of empty promises, people were becoming aware that these were nothing more than lies designed to keep them voting for Leftist democrats. So, the Leftist solution is to cast aside those who do not subscribe to the approved “Groupthink” and who dare question them in lieu of the uneducated and in many cases, diseased hordes pouring across what used to be our sovereign American borders.

So we are having mass influx of doctors, lawyers, and titans of industry from Mexico and South America, right? Oh no, we are seeing children surrendered to Cartels and Human Traffickers, criminals, and even foreign terrorists simply waltzing into America in unimaginable numbers. The response from this regime is to cram them into so called processing centers before simply putting them on planes or buses, and sending them to unsuspecting communities across America. Now, while Americans have been kept from such things as working, moving around, or breathing without masks or face coverings, and certainly, kids from schools, illegals, who in many cases are not even tested for COVID and yet released to spread any and all diseases which they might carry. Now, millions of tax payer dollars are to be used to put illegal immigrants up in hotel/motels until they can begin getting their free healthcare, free education, free housing, and whatever else the Leftists decide to give them. How many American children and families are going to bed hungry? How many Veterans are homeless, hungry, and impoverished. How many American families face the uncertainty of knowing when or if they will get another paycheck to pay their mortgage or rent? How many struggle to put food on their tables? How concerned is this regime to address American suffering and crisis? The answer is not at all, they can’t be bothered with American suffering as they are far too busy courting their new voting block, illegal immigrants! If this doesn’t horrify you, something is very, very wrong with your ability to think.

Barely several months into a four year term and America has already been placed squarely upon a path that will absolutely lead to destruction, uncertainty, the loss of freedoms and liberties at every turn while those who flood into our country illegally are pandered too and courted by Elitists only seeking to stay in power and increase their personal wealth at the expense of the half of the country who still work and pay the tax base which is squandered and wasted at every turn to reward our enemies. The evidence is everywhere and unless you are in some kind of a coma, can not be ignored. Unless of course, you rely completely on the lies and misdirection of the media and politicians, and indoctrination of radicals in the Education system. Basically, you lack the ability to experience free thought, reason, or logic and are only capable of spewing talking points and sound bites which are approved by Leftists Overlords.

Wake up America!

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