A personal favorite is Jeff Dunham and his helpers. If you are not familiar with Achmed the “Dead Terroist”, you should check this video out. Unfortunately, the famous line from Achmed, “Silence, I kill you!” is being echoed at an alarming rate by the “Cancel Culture” of the Left. From attempting to kill book deals of former Trump officials, to removing the forty fifth President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump from the so called social media platforms of Twitter, and Facebook. Silencing anyone and everyone who does not parrot the accepted groupthink sound bytes of the Left must be completely silenced and removed from the public forum. This begs the question, why? What is the Left so afraid of and why are they so incapable of even participating in the simplest of scrutiny? If their worldview, policies, and agenda are so wonderful, enlightening, and desirable, why then is anyone who dares to challenge these beliefs, facts, or policies immediately assaulted in every conceivable fashion by the paragons of virtue on the Left? Why must facts, truth, and rules be fluid and subjective? Truth is absolute, people’s interpretation is subjective, period. You can call a lie the truth, and the Left does so non enduringly, but it is still false and a lie. You can put lipstick on a pig and call it a ballerina but it is still a pig. Saying that the domestic terrorism playing out on televisions across America for the over a year now, can be twisted, manipulated, and massaged into being called “Peaceful Demonstrations” but Americans realize that the burning buildings, the people losing their lives, and the history attacks are actually, just plain acts of terrorism at the hands of radical, anarchists, terrorists groups like BLM, Antifa, etc.

The Left can tell us that there is no border crisis, and they do often, but seeing the images of bursting at the seams detention centers where illegals and minors are crammed in worse than sardines spell a different story and present completely different realities. The media won’t cover it and the politicians will simply lie about it but it is a very real crisis playing out and impacting the lives of Americans daily. With no end in sight, the current regime tries to shift the focus with insane levels of spending in the form of Pork called COVID relief bills, Infrastructure, bills which typically put less than ten per cent towards the issues with the rest going to special interest projects, our enemies, and into the pockets of politicians. Should you dare question, challenge, and disagree with anything that the Left is currently doing in any manner results in frantic displays of spin, rhetoric, and lying binges from the media and politicians for countless news cycles.

Fear and intimidation is used to garner obedience at every turn. The Left races to the nearest camera to feign outrage and disgust anytime their actions are not met with slack jawed, empty eyed, mindless obedience. Incapable of even the simplest debate or civil discourse with regard to their agenda, the Left spews countless lies, mistruths, and falsehoods out of both sides of their mouths with the greatest conviction that money can buy. Where it not so frightening, their level of hypocrisy would almost be admirably. The Left does not break ranks, parrot all of the approved talking points without question, and immediately circle their wagons to anyone who comes under scrutiny of the enemy in the republican and conservative ranks. Well, we can’t forget those weak willed Lefties who break ranks and dare speak out against the Overlords of Virtue who will immediately expel the offender from the ranks of mindless, lemmings, existing inside of the bubble of Leftism. Dissent is not tolerated in any way, shape, or form, period!

We are to believe whatever is presented to us, without question, with total obedience. To do otherwise will bring the entire armory of destruction down upon our heads immediately as the “Hounds Of Hell” will be loosed against us and the jack booted thugs in the media will gleefully begin their unending assault. Yes, by virtue of their political party affiliation, social beliefs, gender, and race, the Left is superior in every imaginable way, just ask them, they will gleefully explain this until your eyes glaze over in disgust. We are to declare complete and total fealty to our Overlords of Virtue on the Left and simply be glad that they “Care” more than anyone else. Simply caring or thinking about an issue should be more than enough to silence the unwashed masses into compliance. Uh huh, nope, not working.

Why, we should be thankful that the Left intends to get rid of pesky old ideals like truth, facts, and everything from the right of center belief systems. Junk like the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights must give way to more enlightened and certainly “FAIR” ideology stemming from Marxism, Communism, and Socialism. Our new and improved realities as doled out by our new elitists Masters will guarantee shared misery and poverty across all lines and societal segments. Burdens of taxation, unemployment, and inflation will certainly mean that we will all be equally be miserable and struggling to get by. And if that isn’t enough, you will continue to be divided along racial, sexual, and fiscal lines with increasing pressure.

This must not be met with apathy and complacency. We must resist in every way. Wake up America!

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