What does it say about a party, political movement, or ideology that is loyal to nothing but themselves? America was founded to escape the Tyranny of restriction, infringement, and unrightfully abuse of power. Now really think about that for a moment. America was built upon the idea of an almighty God and the “FREEDOM” to worship freely. In a sense, freedom, liberty, and America are synonymous throughout the world and always have been. It was to preserve this “Freedom” that men and women have gone into battle and been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to preserve those freedoms and liberties. So powerful was the concept of freedom to our Founders that it was the very basis of the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights. For more than two centuries, America has been that shiny, symbol of freedom which shone so brightly, no matter what. Free to worship our God, free to pursue happiness, and free to innovate. Men and women have put on the military uniform and been willing to serve, to fight, and even to die for this concept of freedom and liberty since the time of America’s inception. Our beautiful flag represents the blood of patriots beginning over two hundred years ago.

Ok, yes it is true that our very history is being “Cancelled” and erased, and eradicated at every turn. Yes, the Education system is churning out mind numbed lemmings, incapable of free thought, reason, or logic, who blindly march to the drums of their Overlords in the Ivory Towers of power in the bloated, malfunctioning megalith of Washington, DC. Despots of every imaginable stripe and belief are gathered in multitudes of evil “Groupthink” plotting not the preservation of our incredible America, but rather the wanton destruction and dismantling of everything that the majority of loyal Americans hold dear. Our very freedoms and liberties.

To serve in the military, law enforcement, or high office, we must be willing to take an “Oath Of Loyalty” in which a pledge is made to uphold the Constitution of the United States, the laws, and protect America from dangers, both foreign and domestic. That means to protect our form of government and country from those who seek to destroy it, whether they are Americans or foreign enemies. To protect, to defend, and preserve at all costs. The oath is typically administered by some high ranking official such as a Supreme Court Justice in the case of the President of the United States, or more commonly, a Judge. This process is usually done with the Oath taker placing a hand on the Bible, or in the case of those who hate Christianity and America overall, a Bible substitute.

Fast forward to today and what is currently happening in America. Prior to the election, democrats and leftists went to vulnerable states, filed lawsuits, and succeeded in weakening or removing election integrity safeguards which made schemes and cheating much, much easier for them. Not only did they do this but they actively engaged in every conceivable manner and method of corruption and cheating possible to produce the desired result, a Biden victory. By hook or crook, phony, fake, and illegitimate ballots were cast and counted producing the illegitimate mess that we have today. But, challenges were abandoned and they were allowed to claim victory.

Great, so these wonderful victors have set about preserving our country and making America greater, right? Oh no, by no means. Some of the very first actions of this regime has been to punish and silence, or “Cancel” their rivals. Fear, intimidation, and threats to remove people’s very ability to work and earn an income have resulted in the exposure of their insidious, evil, malevolence towards anyone who dare not embrace their radical, insane “Groupthink”. Basically, you will OBEY or else! This is counter to everything that America was founded for and that our Constitution and Bill Of Rights guarantee. But, to corrupt politicians with evil intentions and deep seated hatred for those of us who still dare to openly embrace our patriotism proudly, we are to be labelled “Domestic Terrorist” by these loving and tolerant lunatics who run to any available camera to tout their embrace of “UNITY”. Now think about that, after you quit laughing. They have the nerve to go on national television and actually make statements about their desire for Unity while out of the other side of their mouth, they spew threats and promises of retaliation for anyone who is not in lockstep. The jackbooted thugs in state run media will sick the dogs of war upon anyone who even thinks differently from the approved Groupthink of Leftist insanity. How’s that for upholding America’s founding of freedom and liberty?

So being disloyal to everything that America stands for should be disqualifying and result in recall and removal, right? Nope, not in the lalaland of Utopian insanity where everything is inside out. Lies are truth, reality is subjective, and we are not to believe our lying eyes. Nope, the cities and states experiencing the murder of law enforcement officers, the destruction of businesses, and burning of cities is merely the result of “Mostly Peaceful and Justified Protests” by the loving and tolerant kids in Antifa and BLM (Black Lives Matter) who intend to bring about change that they deem necessary or burn it all to the ground. But wait, there’s more, they certainly aren’t done yet. Oh no, not by any means at all. Having utterly destroyed the first Amendment granting “free speech”, the next target in the quiver of all things leftist and insane, on the road to tyranny, is to destroy America’s second amendment right firearms. And all within the first two months of this regime. Why just think about all that they can accomplish in a four year span. Wake up America!

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