The Left consider themselves to be “Language Masters” and the final authority on what words can be used, how they are used, and what they mean. Consider the current events on what used to be our southernmost border with Mexico. With one fell swoop of his mighty pen on a freshly minted “Executive Order”, the very frail and obviously diminished Joe Biden erased all US borders. Most of us were taught early on in our childhood development that actions have consequences. Heck, even science teaches us in the law of physics that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Then by that logic, words have meanings and result in consequences, right? Absolutely, so by calling the ongoing, out of control, constantly worsening exponentially border crisis a “Challenge” verses a crisis, the geniuses in the Biden regime think that it will lesson, or smooth over the fact that their overt incompetence has resulted in the disaster that we are seeing take place right in front of our very eyes.

Oh but there is more. Not only are the numbers of unaccompanied minors swelling and growing by the minute, but the illegal aliens who are flooding across our border are not even being processed, much less tested for COVID19. Nope, they are turned loose and allowed to disperse from sea to shining sea. Think about that for a minute, we have endured mandatory lockdowns, mask mandates, and every form of abuse these mini-tyrants can come up with for over a year now. Businesses have been shuttered, shut down, if not outright destroyed by the pandemic but team Biden has thrown out a red carpet for all illegals, no matter what, and they are exempt from what Americans have to endure. What the heck? Well, it simply shows us what their priorities are and we, especially the seventy five million plus who don’t share their distorted, warped, and insane worldview, are not their priority. But, in their quest to permanently destroy, not only the integrity of the US election system, but to actually replace entire voting blocks with illegals who should not be allowed to vote to begin with.

Laws however, have little meaning to the Left unless they can be used to further their agenda, punish the right, or put money in their pocket. Otherwise, they spit on and completely disregard the US Constitution, Bill Of Rights, and all laws as established unless they have written exemptions for themselves or loopholes that they can exploit at will. Kind of like the ones that would result in us going to jail for insider trading but is legal for corrupt politicians. Yeah, that’s a dandy but is just one of an every growing list of abuses that are foisted upon Americans at the hands of unscrupulous politicians. To say that it is disgusting is beyond being an understatement.

The left so loathes us that they will destroy or sacrifice us in the blink of an eye while jumping through burning hoops to protect illegals, no matter what. This even applies to criminals, gang members, and gives them carte blanche to continue illegal activities like drunk driving and up to murder. The punishment for these crimes? Why none of course, they can not be turned over to law enforcement for prosecution but are re-released back into sanctuary communities to continue preying on us at will. And, let’s say for a moment that they do happen to be deported, they simply return or re-return without consequence or bother at all. Imagine that.

Based wholly on the assumption that these soon to become full US Citizens just as soon as “Amnesty” is granted, will of course be beholding and vote democrat, the Left and Biden will provide them with all the social services, benefits, and welfare that they can consume. We, the American taxpayer of course, will gleefully pay and continue paying for absolutely everything that they do or want to do. It is beyond insane! As Americans face incredibly punitive tax increases to come, and simply surviving day to day life becomes more and more difficult, our hard earned tax dollars flow like rivers from the “Horn Of Plenty” to millions and millions of illegals who did nothing more than illegally cross into our country with complete disregard for our sovereignty whatsoever.

But, if an American were to cross into Mexico by mistake, the results are far from being welcoming with “Open Arms”. You would be detained, fined, and likely imprisoned at best. Why do elitists leftists think that the hardest working, patriotic, US Citizens are simply going to sit idly by and watch our country being utterly destroyed for no good reason other than the fact that they hate us, hate America, hate Capitalism, and want to burn it all to the ground so they can impose some dystopian, nightmarish, Utopian vision which obviously would fail after we turned into the ash heap that is now Venezuela.

Never fear, Joe has a pen and the Executive Orders are flying off of the presses faster than flying monkeys from “The Wizard Of Oz” movie being dispatched to carry out their evil agenda. In less than two months, Biden has made America a sickened, weakened, shadow of what we experienced for the past four years under President Donald J. Trump. At this rate, the doom will become complete before “Uncle Joe” has to be completely retired from office in the very near future. Wake up America!

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