There is no better word or prefix to use to describe the current Leftist democrat party. One can not ask what they are for as that can be summed up in one word, radicalism. Everything that normal people embrace and revere is an anathema to the Left, American pride and patriotism is reviled by the current regime. Their actions speak much louder than their words which are positively frightening beyond belief. America was warned and now must suffer the consequences of what will certainly come to pass with Leftists in full control.

The media turned inside out to cover, obscure, and hide the truth in every way leaving the mass populace uninformed or rather, misinformed about all of the red flags, warning bells, and facts that could easily have spelled doom for the lies being spewed non stop from the top of the Leftist, democrat party. When confronted with facts and truth, politicians would sneer, deny, and lie with impressive conviction. Up is down, black is white, and you simply can not believe your “Lyin eyes”. No, no, listen to what we tell you and all is well.

In short order, after taking control, the radical, evil, anti-American agenda is on full display for all to see. REVENGE! All seventy five million plus who dared to oppose the enlightened, anointed, elitists of the Left are to be categorized as “Domestic Terrorists” at best. Given their way, most would be immediately conscripted to “Big Brother” re-education camps for proper reprogramming and enlightenment. They scratch their heads in disbelief as to how so many have escaped the forced indoctrination of public education. After all, did they not do their dead level best to produce countless armies of mind numbed, little, obedient lemmings? Of course they did, so what went wrong? How could seventy five million plus not jump to the orders that are barked by the attack dog media?

Most recently, not satisfied with merely vilifying at least half the population of the Untied States, they turn their attention to our history, our culture, and even our toys. Revoking the our rights and freedoms of the first and second amendments are simply not nearly enough for these power crazed lunatic tyrants, they will absolutely not stop or cease efforts until language, thought, and way of life are completely in their grasp and control. Every aspect of our lives is fair game to these crazed, vicious ideologues.

You will comply and obey and if not, woe upon you. A plastic toy, “Mr. Potato Head” has been cancelled. Have no clue why this is happening but don’t you dare ask why or question their perfect motives, or else! The genius of Dr. Seuss has now been targeted and cancelled by the thin skinned, intolerant, morons of the Media and their useful idiot Overlords in Washington.

As our energy sector is systematically dismantled and destroyed, our history is vaporized, and our cities are razed to the ground by “Peaceful Protestors” of Antifa and BLM, they focus on innocuous toys and books which offend only the staunchest mind numbed moron. Our enemies are emboldened by the Regime’s weakness and feckless policies, our borders are erased and our national sovereignty is utterly destroyed by unyielding lunatics bent on getting even with America for every sin, either real or imagined by them.

Anti …. (fill in the blank) is their rule, defy them and pay with consequences that should make you cringe in fear. Anti-America, anti-Constitution, anti-freedom, and just plain anti-sanity. But wait, there’s more! Not satisfied with driving unemployment through the roof, weakening our defenses, throwing open our borders, these anti-American zealots will plunge our already shuddering economy ravaged by the COVID pandemic into its death throes with unwarranted, insane taxation levels so that Leftists can reward their ideological friends and further punish those who dare to oppose them. A character from a much beloved Sci-Fi movie called Alien in one of the subsequent sequels said to the few remaining survivors of his crew, “Be afraid, be very afraid!”. These words come to mind every time that the news is viewed and the horrors to come are explained by the clueless talking heads of the media. Regardless of the effect, no matter the destruction or who is damaged, the clowns in the Media circus will rush to their microphones like clowns piling out of a tiny car in a circus, to spew the non sensical pablum of the Leftist elites daily as they breathlessly and with glee spew the daily talking points.

So how exactly is what they are doing in any way upholding their “Oaths of Office” duly sworn and attested to in front of millions of witnesses? To protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States? I don’t think so skippy. The truth is that they seek to utilize the good ole “Cloward and Piven” tactics of collapsing the system so that they can rebuild it in their image. Following Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” to the tee and everything that they have learned from the Marxist, Communist, and Socialists throughout history, this representative republic is most definitely on the chopping block. What is to be left should bring abject fear and panic to everyone who still clings to the idea of freedom or liberty. Once lost, they will not budge on allowing us to have any freedom or liberty again.

Anit law, unless it benefits them directly or enriches them in some way, and the laws which don’t will be changed or simply ignored. Just as the “Voting Integrity” laws and safe guards which were abolished, changed, or simply ignored resulting in the current regime elevating to power in Washington. We are to believe that without campaigning, hiding in basements, and denying truth and facts for over a year that the Leftist candidate got eleven million more votes than Obama? Yeah and I have a bridge in Antarctica to sell to you. We are in serious trouble here folks and enough can not be said about it. Wake up America!

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