So what is a pandemic anyway? For the last year we have heard little else as the “Media” has droned on and on, for 24/7 news cycles, scaring us into believing that the sky is falling. Can you say “Chicken Little” story? Wiki defines pandemic this way …. A pandemic is an epidemic of an infectious disease that has spread across a large region, for instance multiple continents or worldwide, affecting a substantial number of people. A widespread endemic disease with a stable number of infected people is not a pandemic.Wikipedia. Now regular flu viruses are bad and many people who are stricken can perish if the flu changes into something worse, like pneumonia. People with Asthma know the dangers of this type of scenario well and it is anything but pleasant. So, COVID19 is basically a flu like virus and yes, it can exacerbate underlying conditions such as Asthma and yes, it can literally kill you. Is COVID19 dangerous? Yes, of course it is and it should be taken seriously at all times. Enter common sense preventative measures such as frequent hand washing and when warranted, even masks but masking done correctly and the proper type of mask such as N95.

Looking back in history to the flu epidemic (pandemic) called Spanish Flu. The great influenza pandemic of 1918-19, often called the Spanish flu, caused about 50 million deaths worldwide. Yep, it was a bad one and burned its way across the globe like a fire through dried leaves. Such “Pandemics” are frightening and dangerous to say the least. We should take every necessary and sound medical, scientific precaution possible to avoid contracting and certainly, spreading these nasty viruses.

So what is different from out current situation and say the “Spanish Flu” of 1918? The biggest difference is what has been done under the guise of a legitimate, dangerous, medical crisis. Abuse has come into play in ways never before conceived of and all at the hands of unscrupulous, corrupt, and evil politicians who have wielded what was granted in earnest in faith of preserving public trust but quickly became exercises in totalitarianism. What began as temporary grants of power to protect the general public has been wielded like a sledge hammer to insure obedience. How? Shutting down businesses, instituting mandatory lockdowns, mask mandates and so much more have evolved as our current pandemic has stretched to nearly the one year anniversary mark. In many cases, the so called medical policies have been used to transform a vibrant and incredible economy into a stagnant wasteland of poverty. Businesses that were not “deemed essential” were simply ordered closed under penalty of law. The left quickly took every advantage of this situation to attack churches for example which is part and parcel of their ongoing war against religion and Christians. So, churches were ordered closed but liquor stores were deemed necessary and allowed to stay open.

Petty, corrupt, and mostly leftist democrats have transformed the states and cities under their control into financial wastelands because of the dangers presented by COVID19. Touting paragons of science and Titans of Medicine like Dr. Fauci, America has been thrust into an apocalyptic type nightmare of fear and panic at every turn. More insidiously, this new totalitarian weapon has been wielded mainly, against the lefts nemesis of those on the right. The ability to inflict incredible damage on the historically booming economy under President Trump was far too much to resist as the leftist tyrants closed businesses sending countless millions onto the rolls of the “Unemployed” or dependent on social services for their existence.

Under the guise of the medical pandemic, corrupt politicians have proposed bills to supposedly give financial assistance to the millions of struggling Americans who are barely able to survive under the hours of COVID19, but secretly load up the proposed bills with ridiculous spending for anything to payback Leftists supporters. Spend a few minutes looking at what is being proposed into one of these ridiculously enormous spending proposals that leftists deceptively label “COVID Relief Bills” and your blood pressure will rise accordingly. It is quite simply insane and crazy to say the least.

Under the guise of a legitimate medical crisis and global pandemic, leftists have taken advantage in every way that they can conceive and it always means that the average American citizen will suffer, period. Abusing power absolutely will always occur in such situations. Drunk on power, leftists will ALWAYS abuse such powers and they will always reveal their dark desire to control and punish those who oppose them. This should send waves of panic up the spine of every American, especially those who in any way, love freedom and liberty as those concepts will vanish first and immediately under leftist control.

An examination of New York policies during the pandemic is a great example. President Trump sent incredible numbers of resources to assist in the battle against COVID19 in the form of equipment but also the Hospital ship “Mercy” was deployed. Rather than take advantage of these magnanimous gestures of good faith, Leftist politicians ordered COVID19 positive patients to be returned to nursing homes which spelled disaster for tens of thousands of those in the most vulnerable age category. Leftists could not stand the idea that it would appear that Trump had done anything positive in the battle against COVID19 and preferred to leave the thousands of available hospital beds empty on the hospital ship, and the portable hospitals that were set up for that exact purpose. Politics trumped logic, reason, and doing the right thing in this case, period. We are currently learning the horrible effects of such hyper partisan decision failures as the true numbers of deaths from nursing homes is starting to come to light despite the best efforts to conceal them.

Radical, hyper partisans of the Left will always opt for a “cut off my nose to spite my face” behavior as long as it contributes to the ultimate goal of hurting their political opponents. Even if it means that some of the little people might die, as long as the ends justify the means, they will do it. There is quite literally no low to which they will not sink to accomplish their ultimate goal, furthering the Leftist agenda. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will vanish in the blink of an eye. Wake up America!

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