The wordsmiths on the Left bend, twist, and morph language and words at will. Definitions are changed to conceal, hide, or soften the meanings of some words which might not suit the agenda of the Left. The solution is to simply control language with an iron fisted glove such as evidenced by “Political Correctness” which is used as a bludgeon to beat anyone who opposes the Left in any way. The most notable proof to this is how the word, “Racist” is used to demean, slander, and frighten anyone who might, in any way, disagree with Leftist agenda.

The word “Liberal” was used for many, many years to describe Leftists. Over time as the agenda of liberals floundered and failed in the court of public opinion, calling someone a liberal began to take on a negative connotation and leftists began to hide from being labelled as a Liberal. The solution, simply change the label, not the context, content, or character, just the name that is used to identify left leaning lemmings. So, in their infinite wisdom, leftists went from calling themselves liberals to adopting the label, Progressive. That is exactly like putting lipstick on a pig and calling it a supermodel, same old thing, just a prettier, gentler, sounding label. Or, an easy way to soften to impression of being a lefty loon.

The left has weaponized and politicized language forever. The eager and willing attack dogs in the propaganda wing of the democrat party which we formerly called the Media, will coordinate with their Masters on a daily basis to coordinate, choreograph, and collude on the talking points which will be used to craft the day’s political narrative. Free of even attempting to be fair, unbiased, or even truthful. the alphabet soup media corporations simply lick the hands of their democrat masters for approval and inclusion as they eagerly march in lockstep to do their daily battle with those who dare to think for themselves or disagree with the accepted groupthink. In the old days, the attack dog media would simply smear, slander, or besmirch the lefts opponents in an attempt to cause them some type of political damage by falsely labelling them with the detrimental label of choice. One of the weapons of choice today is the word racism which is flung wildly by leftists to invoke the vilest impression imaginable. To say that this is misused, over used, or recklessly thrown about is a gross understatement. Much like a crucifix to a Vampire, those who are targeted by the “R” word will shrink in abject horror, shrieking in fear. Thus, the left has weaponized and politicized a word which invokes strong emotions of revulsion and abject horror and uses it freely at will.

Consider what the left does to conceal, cover, and criminalize their actions and agenda. Strong words, perhaps but let’s be honest here, if you are basically involved in influence peddling, lining your pockets with payoffs and kick backs from illegal gains, or stacking the deck in your favor to cheat your way through situations, then your actions are not honest and above board. The entire year prior to our most recent election cycle was used by leftists to change the rules involved for voting. Leftists openly usurped the power from state Legislatures and allowed Attorney Generals and leftists Governors to change, weaken, or completely remove protective measures put in place to ensure the integrity of our voting processes. Decrying the COVID pandemic, leftists attempted to sell the idea that voting in person was just far to dangerous and therefore we must resort to utilizing the weakest, most insecure, form of voting conceivable, the mail in ballots. The left knew without doubt that mail in ballots would afford them the absolute best method for cheating, bar none. Security measures such as signature verification, cut off dates, etc. were simply removed or eliminated to allow every kind of cheating from ballot harvesting, manufactured ballots, and as video showed, simply recounting the same stack of ballots over and over. Changing the algorithms used by electronic devices, connecting voting machines to the internet allowing for hacking, and pre-determined hacks were utilized to change and steal the entire election. The left was determined to regain power at all costs and the desired outcome was a foregone conclusion as every dirty trick, rule change, or outright theft was utilized to win. To the “Ends justify the means” crowd of Saul Alinsky acolytes of the left, absolutely nothing was beneath them.

Consider for example, what the left has done since regaining absolute control of the US Government. There have been endless calls for “Unity” while they have done about the most blatant, vindictive, vengeance fueled campaign of hatred to destroy, freeze out, and destroy everyone who is not a leftist democrat. The political theatre of a second impeachment of a former president is an absolute abuse of our Constitution. The censorship of opposing voices, the attempts to keep Trump administration officials from being able to get book deals, or even work for that matter are all actions which the Biden regime is engaged in. The left, is engaged in an all out war against some evil, criminal empire, salivating over the idea of complete annihilation of America, no! They are doing everything that they can to destroy and ruin America. Thus far, their actions have cost thousands upon thousands of jobs in their ridiculous war on fossil fuels. They have dissolved our borders removing American sovereignty and go to great lengths to protect illegal aliens above and over US Citizens. They are again embracing our enemies and engaging in treaties and agreements with nations which empower and incentivize them while punishing America. Does this sound like the left loves, reveres, and cherishes America in any way at all? No, it seems more like some nefarious movie plot of some lunatics bent on world domination and tyranny. Some might call it “C,C,C” or criminality, corruption, and contempt for America. Wake up America!

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