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So how rational, logical, sensible, or even sane is it to be destroying not tens, not hundreds, but thousands of jobs in America just because you have Unicorn and rainbow visions of non existent “Green Energy”? How does that make sense on any level of credibility? Beyond that tiny little 800 lb Gorilla in the room, wanting to have clean, renewable, energy is all wonderful and good, who doesn’t want that? But, why would you shut down, you know, the thing that produces thousands of jobs and allows America to be energy independent? Why should we pay more for gas, heating, and life in general to placate some far left loons? Isn’t the American economy already in shambles from COVID19 and all of those highly rational and logical “Lockdowns” that the petty tyrants of the Left in democrat controlled utopias imposed on their subjects, I mean the citizens. How many jobs, lives, have been completely destroyed so the intellectual giants of the Left who know far more about how we should live than we know? Why, we should be grateful to them for keeping us from getting COVID19, right? I mean, this manmade Flu strain with the 99.something survival rate unless you have underlying health issues or compromised immune systems is horrible, absolutely. But, how many have died from just the regular strains of Flu that we contend with every year? Ah yes, but that was before the Left realized that this Chinese Flu could be weaponized, politicized, and financially incentivized not to mention the fact that it allowed for dictator like tyranny to be imposed on those in your crosshairs. And lest we not forget, how many times our “Overlords” exempt themselves from the punitive, draconian rules and regulations that the little people must survive. How critically important is it for those like Pelosi to get their hair done, or for Newsome to enjoy a properly socially distanced meal, oh wait, that didn’t happen, meal with some of his good buds? The examples of unbelievable gall and hypocrisy go on and on in a never ending stream while lives are destroyed, families are bankrupted, and chaos continues.

How rational is it for the victors of the recent election cycle to declare all out war on the man who lost the election and all of his supporters, those who worked for him, and any who might dare to continue to harbor the wrong belief system, worldview, or political bent? How rational is it for these gracious, loving, and unifying Tyrants to work so tirelessly to silence, censor, and de-platform the seventy five million plus of us who dare to question the overt corruption regarding the last election? How rational is it to believe that thousands of dead can vote, or security measure can be removed, or ballots recounted over and over on video, or electronic tampering and hacking of voting systems, ballot harvesting, and on and on and on can occur but that the election is legitimate and legal?

How rational is it to believe that the radical, far left, anti-American Overlords who have taken full control of the US Government give two shakes about any of us in “Flyover” country when they do everything and anything they can to hurt America and Americans while favoring millions of illegals over natural citizens? How rational is it to believe that Antifa and BLM are simply ideas and that the rioting, looting, and burning which has occurred for the better part of the last year is justified and valid but that a single disturbance which was infiltrated with far left activists and agitators somehow warrants the militarization of DC? How rational is it to believe that these far left morons will strengthen and protect American military and law enforcement? How rational is it to believe that the attack mutt media is ever going to tell the truth about anything? How rational is it to believe that Leftists corporations who put politics over profit, care about the free market system or our Representative Republic?

Is it rational to believe that the skyrocketing costs of education which are demanded in return for far left indoctrination on campuses across America is ever going to teach facts, truth, and pure sciences when they can spew venom, hatred, irrational left wing propaganda instead? How rational is it to believe that free thinking, hard working, Christian, Conservative, Republican Americans are racist simply for having different view points, worldview, and belief systems? How rational is it to believe that America is systemically racist when they only ones who see racism are the ones who are pouring gasoline on the flames?

How rational is it to believe that the far left and democrats care about anything other than themselves, enriching themselves, and grasping and maintaining power when that is the laser like focus of their existence and anything that dares to threaten the machine that they have built in the secret, back door, smoke filled hallways will not be the target of their rage and vindictiveness? After all, most of the Left loved Trump until he became President and could not be bought, controlled, or swayed by the “Good Ole Boy” club that the establishment, swamp dwellers have built over the last many decades. How rational is it to believe that our Leftist Overlords will have our best interest in mind when all they do is sell out to China or other American enemies as long as the price is right.

How rational is any of this and what will it mean for the lives of patriotic Americans? Wake up America!

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