Angry mobs reading chaos and destruction are nothing new. A simple review of history will provide nearly unlimited examples of rampages of mobs whipped into anger fueled rages. What is most troubling about this is how unscrupulous and evil people will intentionally weaponize otherwise peaceful groups for nefarious political purposes. One has only to look back for the better part of the past year at the damage and destruction committed by Antifa/BLM mobs across the country. Buildings burned, people assaulted, historical statuary destroyed all in the name of “Peaceful Protests” according to the worthless and complicit media.

Of course this begs to question what they are angry about to begin with? I am certainly not discounting the tragedy of George Floyd’s death or other incidents which sparked what would begin as peaceful demonstrations but would evolve into out of control rages perpetuated by the Left. Oh yes, incitement was a large part of what was taking place. Pallets of bricks and other materials would mysteriously appear where the so called “Protestors” would later assemble and gleefully fling these deadly projectiles either through store windows for looting or at law enforcement officers who tried to maintain order during these mob actions. People were assaulted, some lost their lives, property was destroyed, arson committed and yet the Left’s narrative was always one of excusing all actions and attempting to frame the actions as somehow justified. Of course this flies in the face of fact, truth, and logic but really, these seem to be foreign concepts to those who will wantonly create their own facts out of thin air and are simply incapable of free thought, reason, or truth. For Leftists, truth is subjective and fluid and can be something completely different at any given point.

Consider for a moment, the actions of the Leftist politicians who just took complete control of American Government. Having won the elections nationwide, although highly debatable as to the legitimacy of said elections, Leftists democrats have gone insane with amassing power to wield against the enemies of America? No, to wield against anyone and everyone who is not a Leftist whacko and doesn’t subscribe to the radical and mind numbingly insane agenda of destroying America at all costs. Let that sink in for a second, they want to punish the over seventy five million Americans who opposed them and their criminal agenda. Republicans, conservatives, Christians are all targeted for persecution and retaliation for having not supported the Leftist nightmare currently being perpetrated against America.

The damage done by COVID19 are simply not enough for them. The left has systematically been destroying anything and everything that the Trump Administration did to empower and help America from energy independence to border security have all fallen victim to the insanity of the “Get Even with’em Left” who seek to destroy America sovereignty and independence. For the Left, we must become part of some New World Order of world domination with them of course, being in power and control. There is no lack of Zombie apocalypse, Post apocalyptic movies which portray the complete and utter destruction of Western Civilization and the struggles for survival of the small groups who remain afterwards. There is certainly some truth that can be gleaned from such portrayals. Consider the prophetic but frightening accuracy of George Orwell with regard to his classic discussions and what is currently playing out right before our very eyes. If you have not read them before, now might be an appropriate time to read and digest the dangers presented in George Orwell’s “1984 and Animal Farm” novels.

Democrats are not only angry in their victory, but must get even for having been given complete control. Consider going from being energy independent to reversing course completely with no clear way forward to meet the energy needs of America. Just look at how some of the coldest, most severe storms have plunged the State of Texas into chaos as Windmills which produce nearly twenty five percent of the Texas power grid simply froze and stopped working. What replaced the safe and secure XLKeystone pipeline? Reverting back to transporting crude via rail which is much more dangerous and potentially hazardous to the environment that the pipeline. But they are not stopping there, having successfully destroyed America’s energy independence and plunging us backwards to relying on, in many cases, America’s enemies who use payments for crude to fund terror for example, no no, democrats have also erased America’s borders, sovereignty, and security in one fell swoop of Biden’s pen. Yes, illegals can once again waltz into this country without so much as a COVID19 test to insure the safety of the communities that will be forced to accept them. Americans are threatened with having their livelihood stripped because of COVID but illegal aliens are welcomed with open arms and Tax dollars and benefits by Leftist Overlords in the democrat party. Yep, you can’t make this up and it is insane beyond comprehension but it is quite literally, our new reality under the direction of Biden and the radical Left.

Don’t worry, they are far from done with tearing America down and making us subservient and more importantly, obedient and compliant. Just look at what is being done to our Constitutionally guaranteed rights. How is the first Amendment working right now? What will happen to our second under these lunatics who seek to punish the millions and millions of law abiding over the very small faction of law breakers? This type of logic is like banning sober drivers to keep us safe from drunk drivers, it is completely backwards and crazy although it is exactly what is proposed by radical regulations which will be forced down our throats whether we like it or not. Yes, we face some very uncertain and dark days ahead to say the least. Wake up America!

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