The cartoon character, “The Hulk” has been around for a very long time. Most recently, “Hulk” has gained notoriety in the Marvel Movies about the Superheroes in the Avengers movies. One of the favorite lines from Hulk is “Hulk smash!” which is stated right before Hulk begins smashing, bashing, and pulverizing things. Biden’s first week in office has made it very clear that the next four years are going to be devoted to the absolute, scorched earth, total annihilation of as much of President Trump’s accomplishments as possible. All things Trump must be stricken from existence in any and every conceivable way possible The very first day after Biden was sworn into office, a ridiculous stack of “Executive Orders” was signed to roll back as much of the accomplishments of Trump as possible One such “EO” was to end the Keystone XL pipeline along with as much of the Oil and Gas Industry as possible.

But isn’t declaring war on that nasty, dirty, polluting oil a wonderful situation which will make dolphins sing and penguins dance for joy? Yeah, maybe in an alternate universe where the laws of physics are turned inside out, upside down, and in through the out doors. That being said, the real world consequences will ripple and snowball through the Energy sector leaving a swath of destruction and pain the likes have not been seen before. Immediately upon signing the wrong headed, ill conceived, and job killing EO into existence, the loss of jobs was immediate. Even to the tune of democrat pets, Unions were impacted with massive layoffs and loss of employment for thousands of employees who are dependent on the Energy sector for their livelihood. No matter destruction of what will like be well over a billion dollars in income lost and unemployment numbers which will spike heavily, Biden can rest easy and sleep like a baby knowing that he has done his part to appease and placate the furthest left whackos of his party which has become, well, a party of extremist nut jobs who are more concerned with the appearance of doing something to help combat the mythical and scientifically unproven theories of “Global Warming”, which in fact is little more than another scheme for taxation and financially enriching democrats with even more money from the tax payers. No time has been wasted as ideas such as taxing us per mile is salivated over by mental giants and Energy sector Titans like Pete Buttigieg and his ilk on the radical far left.

But wait, there’s more! Our “Dear Leader” has much, much, more in store for his friends and family in the “Party”. Oh yes, much more indeed. Rather than attempt to list the insane, far left items the illegitimate, corrupt holder of the Oval Office is implementing, suffice it to say that quite literally, anything and everything that is anti-American, job killing, punitive, dictatorial, or tyrannical as long as it is on the extreme far left and is part of the approved agenda will be rammed down the throats, I mean instituted in a unifying manner, of the unwashed, gun loving, Bible clinging peasants in flyover country. But are we not being told how much Biden and the democrats want to “Unify” us and take care of all of us? Sure, and if you believe that, we have a bridge to sell you on Mars. After all, what is more unifying than ending as many American jobs as possible, pulling us out of equitable trade deals and rejoining America punishing farces such as the Paris Climate Agreement, the WHO, and beginning talks with our worst enemies like Iran and China? Doesn’t that just drip of love for America and the American people? Why would our “Dear Leaders” on the Left want to do these things which only make us weaker or put us in imminent danger, you might ask? The simple and straightest answer is because the Left hates anyone and everyone who does not subscribe to their groupthink and especially those who might dare question them or their motives.

No, Americans are simply to be silent and compliant with whatever is done to us because, after all, our elected “Mommy and Daddy” figures in government know what is best for us and we do not have the right to question them. Those who are misguided enough to fall into the “Not Left” category have targets squarely placed on their foreheads, backs, and the rest of their bodies. Then, the “Hounds of Hades” in the attack dog media are let loose to punish and destroy all who appear on the “Enemies List”. Failure to subscribe to “Groupthink” and daily talking points will result in severe and immediate repercussions of the harshest terms possible.

Yes, these loving, caring, self righteous Leftists are showing us in no uncertain terms, exactly why normal Americans and rational people were afraid of allowing the radical, far Left to attain the levers of power in American Government. Silence and compliance from the sheep will be rewarded with the scraps and morsels from the Master’s table, resistance however will result in immediate rebuke, silencing, and destruction. Yes, these towering monoliths of compassion are demonstrating their deeply held, love and convictions for all Americans, right? Yeah, not so much. Just look at what they are saying about reprogramming those of us on the right, or de-platforming and removing the ability to communicate on Social Media, restricting or killing the ability for us to write books, or having supported or worked for that evil menace, Donald Trump. Even invoking that name, “Tr..p” will result in hysterical outbursts of hyper knee jerk reactions causing those on the Left to immediately retreat to the nearest “Safe space” for hugs, hot chocolate, and coloring books. The minds of “Snowflakes” immediately go into panic at the very thought of that guy, well, you know who ….. Trump. But they don’t stop there, no, no, the insane, irrational hatred is spread evenly amongst the seventy five million or so plus those comprising the “Silent Majority” who are not Leftists. Yes, there is censoring and punishment galore, enough to go around to everyone on the “Enemies List”.

Much like our beloved “Hulk” character, the Biden regime has begun with taking a wrecking ball to everything which has allowed Americans to be prosperous, safe, or happy. And you had better be grateful for all the love and unity that has been showered down upon us by the Overlords of doom, or else. Wake up America!

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