Are you one of the over 75 million people who are absolutely exhausted beyond belief? Worn out under the never ending onslaught of having to endure the hypocrisy of the Left? Stunned, amazed, shocked, and bewildered at the gall, nerve, and audacity of the hypocrisy played out on millions and millions of television sets twenty four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days a year and the truth is fabricated, twisted, or simply non existent. Performances worthy of an Academy Award are performed by Leftist politicians, Hollywood clowns, and Media fools who dare to accuse everyone in the opposition of everything that they are doing. Not satisfied with simply attacking and berating their political opponents, the Left has openly declared war on anyone and everyone who doesn’t march in mind numbed, blind obedience to their Leftist Overlords. The new weapons of war are silencing, de-platforming, and revocation of our God given rights and freedoms. Yes, you will comply and obey without question, or else!

But, most of us, lacking Trump derangement syndrome or other mental illnesses embraced by the radical, fanatic, Left, are worn completely out by the non ending, non existent, phony cries of racism. Never before have we witnessed such a misuse ,weaponized, assault on civility as we have witnessed from the Left. Incapable of engaging in thought provoking, honest, truthful debate, the Left must descend into petty, childish, irrational bouts of anger and name calling when questioned about their insane, unbelievable, unattainable agenda or belief system. Normal Americans are expected to adopt whatever language is approved for the day, and total compliance and obedience is mandatory. Any deviation from the lock step, absolute, unity of groupthink will be met with vicious, unimaginable, attacks.

Americans are also fatigued from trying to sift through the mountains of lies spewed endlessly by buffoons and clowns in the media and Hollywood, sports figures, and Academics intent on devastating Western Civilization as we currently know it for some dystopian nightmarish version of totalitarian, failed “ism” of the day, if not anarchists nightmare. Quick to criticize everything we currently have but short on explanation of what they intend to replace it with. Either incapable of doing so or simply lying by omission, the result is the same, we are not to question them in any manner but rather blindly and obediently accept whatever they present as what life should be. Much like a mutt dog begging for the scraps from the Master’s table, we peasants are to demonstrate ridiculous gratitude for whatever is thrown our way for the towering tyrants eating their ice cream while getting their hair done as the rest of us struggle to survive from day to day.

It is also exhausting to try to understand what we are told as the duplicitous lies spew out of both sides of their mouths. How many times during debates with Trump or appearances on Leftist news channels did Biden, feigning his best attempt at outrage and disgust, deny that he was going to end our energy independence and shut down energy production in America? Come on man! But, first day of his illegitimate reign, he signed Executive Orders shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline ending the employment for ten thousand plus workers and removing two point two billion dollars from the economy. Way to go Joe! Really sticking up for the working folks who pay one hundred percent of the tax base which is about to soar out of control as working Americans are to be punitively taxed in order for our loving Overlords to send unaccountable billions abroad for such dire emergencies as abortion, gender studies in Pakistan, or “Just cuz we can” Leftist wish list items. Never mind the children who go hungry day after day, or the brave men and women sleeping under bridges or overpasses in the cold. Why just look how caring and wonderful we are they will tell us, but their actions never, every show this same compassion or concern for Americans.

Our once sovereign nation will become an open border nightmare so that democrats can import illegal invaders to replace the domestic terrorists who don’t eagerly accept or believe in the Leftist agenda. Granting citizenship to all illegals who make it to the US, the democrats salivate at the idea of building a dependent, underclass, of illegal invaders who will then swell the social welfare roles beyond their explosive limits. This tactic comes straight from the “Cloward and Piven” handbook for collapsing the system which the Left has been using for many, many years. And, the hope amongst the Left is that this underclass of illegals will become dependent on social welfare programs and will vote for democrats to ensure that such programs continue. Of course, these law breakers will obviously be given voting rights to vote for their favorite democrats.

Americans are worn out from Leftist selling out America at every turn and in every way. Americans are to remain silent and compliant as they do their utmost to even survive in so called “Sanctuary states and cities” run by Leftist democrats. Day after day we witness the chaos and violence committed against innocent Americans at the hands of criminal, illegals, who are routinely and continually released from jail and protected from punishment by the insane, corrupt policies of Leftists democrats. Even if they are deported from the US over and over but simply return to wreak more havoc and violence upon unsuspecting citizens. We are weary from trying to simply survive this madness and insanity. So what country do Leftist actually swear allegiance to while taking their oaths of office today? It certainly does not seem like it is allegiance to the United States of America. Is it China, they are certainly buying the Biden regime. Wake up America!

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