Well, the theft is complete, the election has been thoroughly and completely stolen. Yes, four years worth of stacking the deck, removing election security measure, fabricating ballots, and overt cheating of every conceivable manner has resulted in a Biden presidency. This situation is absolutely illegitimate, corrupt, and criminal in every way from bottom to top, inside out. At least 75 million people are absolutely feeling the outrage of knowing that the entire process was corrupt from beginning to end and the outcome was ordained from before it began. Okay, okay, so it is done, it is finished, and we can’t do anything about it whether we like it or not. So what now?

Judging from their actions, but also the outright threats that have been made, the Left is going to declare and carry out an all out war on everyone and anyone who dares to disagree or challenge them in any way. Being a Republican, Conservative, and certainly a Trump supporter puts a huge target squarely on your back and forehead and war has been declared by the loving and tolerant Leftists. The new regime fully intends to cancel, punish, and destroy those who not only disagree with their radical, insane, far left agenda but also with anyone who attempts to cling to their God given rights, privileges, and Constitutionally guaranteed liberties. How dare you cling to your guns and Bibles? How dare you experience strong, patriotic emotions, or love for America? Don’t you know how racist, unfair, and terrible America is? Why any educator will ensure that you hear nothing but this rancid, mind numbing rancor for the entire span of your educational process. The media will then pick up the gauntlet and totally pulverize any and all dissent in the most vindictive manner possible. Yes, dissent from the far left groupthink is not tolerated on any level and repercussions will be severe and massive.

So what will these loving, tolerant, self anointed saviors of mankind do now that they have cheated their way to control of all three branches of government and have absolute control over our lives? Why get even of course. Yes, there are at least seventy five million people who must be punished in every way possible for daring to call out the obvious fraud and corruption which played out right before out eyes. Oh yes, and the enemy is now YOU. Yes my brothers and sisters, if you reject radicalism, Antifa/BLM, punitive taxes, global warming hoaxes, dependence on foreign oil, business crushing regulations, state media, and certainly their punitive cancel culture, then you are the enemy. The bottom line is that America, which means you and I are the enemy of those who want to “Fundamentally Transform America” into a some type of shadow and dystopian socialist/communist/marxist nightmare and they are totally committed to crushing us beneath their jack booted, authoritarian heels.

Are our new Leftists overlords intent on helping the American people, improving our lives, or helping Americans thrive and prosper? No, no, no, that is absolutely the furthest thing from the truth imaginable. The reality is that if you are the “ENEMY”, you will be cancelled, deplatformed, silenced, and punished in any and every way that can be imagined. You will be removed from Left Wing social media, banned from telling the truth by writing books, have your degree revoked from Leftist indoctrination camps posing as higher education, and if possible blacklisted from finding gainful employment to be able to feed your family. Yes, the consequences of seeking to be a free thinker, liberty loving patriot, or self reliant in any way will result in your becoming a pariah and outcast from the new Leftist reality.

So no, it actually is not a mystery in any way what the vindictive, angry, sore losers of the Left intend to do to all who opposed them in any way. VENGEANCE will be had in every way possible as they come after all of us. So beating us into submission under the hysterical cries of racist, the new label is “Domestic Terrorists” and like McCarthy before them, they will find one behind every Republican, Conservative, Christian part of society. The same of course will not apply to the true domestic, Marxist, terrorist amongst the ranks of Antifa, BLM, and other George Soros, Leftists groups and organization inflicting pain, chaos, and rioting ad nauseum. No, no, no, those are “Leftist” and can therefore do no wrong despite what your lying eyes might show you on a daily, never ending, stream of video or arson, destruction, and assault of every kind daily taking place in Leftist bastions of safety and safe harbor of Blue states across the country. That type of behavior is approved, condoned, and of course justified by the Overlords of fairness in the ivory towers of power in DC.

In the words of inclusion as espoused by the “Borg” on Star Trek episodes, “Resistance is futile!” and we will be assimilated into the hive mind of all things Leftist. Or, you had better put on an academy award winning performance to pretend that you agree with all things leftist if you know what’s good for you, or else! To say that we will likely face dark days ahead is a gross understatement as we are certainly in for some horrifying realities to play out right in front of us. Wake up America!

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