Not believing that the 2020 election was rigged is well, an exercise in willful ignorance. The “Left” started working on putting in the fix immediately after the announcement that Donald J. Trump had won the 2016 Presidential election sending shockwaves through the establishment swamp that is Washington D.C. Not coronating HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) was just beyond their ability to fathom. After all, had they not adequately taken care of that already too? Obviously not. But, this began a twenty four hour per day, three hundred sixty five day per year opposition to anything and everything Trump. The wagons were circled and the willing tools of the Media, Sports, Entertainment, and Political class started their work of thwarting and blocking anything that Trump, his Administration, or his supporters would attempt to do.

A dossier was born and a campaign of investigation and ultimately, impeachment was launched. Never-mind the fact that it required the deep state operatives in the highest levels of our intelligence branch of government to blatantly lie to such entities as the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) which was created to protect America from foreign actors, never -mind that the entire system would then be aimed at American citizens, Trump, and Trump supporters. That’s alright, under the guise of opposition research, the left considers themselves justified as long as the ends justify the means. These heroes of all things radical Leftist were certainly justified fabricating lies, having the media parrot said lies breathlessly and forever, never mind the wanton trampling of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights. After all, the Left had not been able to steal the 2016 election as planned. This sparked the birth of a four year effort to rid America of the horrible things that resulted from the rubes electing Trump. Such things as the best economy in decades, historic employment and advancements in the black community, and the incredible reduction of the insane, punitive policies that had stifled and strangled business for far too long. Never-mind the fact that treaties that punished America and stifled our economy were ended and renogotiated to the betterment of everyone. No, none of that matters because the Left is out of power and that is simply not tolerable.

The Left is of course, the self anointed purveyors of all things fair, reasonable, and best for all of us, right? You Bible clinging, firearm possessing nut jobs in flyover country are just not capable of making your own decisions and need the Left and government to tell you what to eat, how much money you can have, and how to live your life, whether you like it or not. Today, because of the global Pandemic with a 99 per cent survival rate, Leftist leaders in democrat controlled states and cities have even decided who and where you can celebrate your holidays and traditions. Thanksgiving was all but eliminated for your own good. Can’t wait to see what these compassionate and caring, Masters of the Universe decide about Christmas. No doubt it will be quite spectacular, right? Bashing Christians and closing churches seems to be a favorite past time of the Left after all. Attending church and exercising your Constitutional right to do so must be suspended to dampen the spread of COVID19 and this is for your own good. Never-mind the demonstrations and riots, the people engaged in that activity is Leftist approved and therefore excused from our dictates. The hypocrisy and multiple standards change at the whim of the power drunk tyrants and dictators of all things leftist is beyond belief but hey, they have no shame and it is all for the good of the unwashed masses after all.

Salivating at the thought of controlling all three branches of government sends the radical left into frenzies of glee as they contemplate the next few hundred punitive, restrictive measures that can be enacted to stifle and every freedom and liberty that that pesky Constitution and Bill Of Rights might guarantee. Add in the possibility of controlling the Senate if the fix works in the two Senate races currently pending in Georgia, and well, the iron fisted, jack booted thugs are simply chomping at the bit to be turned loose to exact their vengeance and control of peasants. Why just think how wonderful it will be to stack the Supreme Court, to make two more states, and to plunge America into a globalist nightmare of socialist like insanity. This is after all, the “Progressive Agenda” but much like Obamacare, it had to be passed before you could find out what is in it. Biden certainly wasn’t divulging what his true intentions for America were as he hunkered down in his basement relying on the Media and Social Platforms to do his bidding during the twenty twenty election.

Don’t look at the laws that were changed to allow for less election security. No, not requiring signatures or proof of voter integrity is all justified as long as the Left wins. Why, they even claimed a non existent mandate which was surely granted by the pets, fabricated ballots, and voting dead across the nation. Nothing to see here the Media tells us, move along and get in line, or else! We don’t want them let loose the Kraken of “Cancel Culture” and the battering ram of political correctness to silence any dissenting voices that might be foolish enough to express concern or challenge the Left. Cheating is a fluid concept and subject to change at the will of the Left. Doesn’t the left control all things fair and acceptable? They certainly think so despite the seventy four million who might disagree. But hey, we can be sure that we will all be embraced, loved, and taken care of at the hands of our leftist rulers, right? The very thought is chilling beyond comprehension for anyone who might dare love America as founded. Wake up America!

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