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Please take a few minutes and watch this informative, alarming, and truthful video from PragerU. The silent majority, sleeping giant must awaken from the stupor induced by secular society and lies of the mainstream media.

Religious Freedom

Don’t be fooled, tyrants and dictators have always sought to take away our freedoms and liberties. Nothing has changed and this is still the case today! It is happening everywhere that radical “Leftists” control states or cities. Just turn on any television and the MSM (Mainstream Media) is dramatically spewing lies and misinformation in attempts to justify the unjustifiable lockdowns and draconian rules under the guise of public safety due to the COVID19 pandemic we are currently experiencing. Never mind that more people died from the regular flu strains of last year, oh no, this COVID19, despite a ninety nine percent survival rate, we must shut down businesses which are determined “Non Essential” by the purveyors of all things fair of the Left. Bars, strip clubs, and all things Leftists can remain open and are considered “Essential” but absolutely not religious institutions. Yep, you heard that right, if churches are allowed to remain open, they are told to limit attendance to twenty five percent, social distancing, and no singing. Sure, that’s going to work, right? NOT!

If you watched the video above, you should be angry. Wake up America!

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