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“Puh tat toe” or “potato”, simply a matter of opinion, right? Well, no, with regard to socio-political belief systems like any of the “Isms”, it is more about control. Being contrary means going against the grain, objecting to a situation or thing just because you can, or being disagreeable simply to cause discourse. When applied to the “Left”, being contrary takes on a whole different aspect. The “Left” wants to do away with capitalism, free market, and well, basically our entire way of life as founded over two hundred thirty something years ago. What it is that would replace our “Representative Republic” is actually pretty much still an unknown quantity. We hear the word, “Socialism” bandied about and parroted in the mainstream media ad naseum. But, do they even truly understand what “Socialism” represents or truly is? When you consider the leftist indoctrination of “Hate America” above all else in the public education sector which has been the case for many decades now, then questioning whether or not our young lemmings even understand what they are seeking to instill after the complete destruction of America as is, then it is valid to ponder the ability to understand at all. Honestly, our children are only doing and saying what they were taught to do by radical leftist who control the education system completely and run it with an iron fist like the jack booted thugs that they are. Pretty harsh statement, right? Consider what happens to anyone who might dare to challenge or question “Leftists” in any way. The result is immediate and vicious attacks from the left who not only seek to silence but to utterly destroy the person who might be dissenting.

Conservatives have sought to present an alternative view point and ideology on college and University campuses to stimulate thought through honest debate. This was not an attempt to force acceptance of such thought or ideology but rather an exercise in free thinking and consideration. Until recently, this was a widely accepted practice but is no longer the case. Today, such attempts by conservatives to even appear and speak on these same bastions of higher learning are met with violence and threat of harm. Students become rabidly violent at the very thought of listening to ideas that do not fit neatly inside their little bubbles. Free thinking is replaced with group think and herd mentality as they mobilize and carry out the wishes of their radical handlers. Under the guise of outrage for some perceived wrong doing, especially with regard of some law enforcement officer or agency, our appropriately indoctrinated youth will mobilize to burn, loot, and riot at large with seemingly no to little push back or resistance to be found. Spurred on by apologists in the media and politics, these so called “Peaceful Protestors” can create an atmosphere of chaos and destruction lasting for days, weeks, or even months. This violence is presented as being understandable or warranted activity by the excuse makers in politics and media and this behavior is presented as being normal and justifiable.

Think back to any demonstration in support of President Trump or conservatism and the images are starkly different. They typical response from the “Peaceful Protestors” of BLM (Black Lives Matter) or Antifa which are rabid and radical far left organizations and not grass root groups by any means. Trump supporters or those who are not in line with leftists policies are routinely attacked and assaulted for the crime of simply coming together to demonstrate unity with people or ideology. The response from the left is to assault women, children, and elderly for daring to believe differently or to be in support of something that the Left deems unacceptable. Basically, it is an all out assault against our first amendment right to “Free Speech”. Anything and anyone who dares to function outside of the bubble of acceptable group think and leftist indoctrination will be attacked and silenced completely while the Left has or maintains control and the ability to do so. Such concepts as individualism, free thinking, and freedom are foreign to our little collectivist. The reaction is much like showing a cross to a Vampire and will be one of real or feigned revulsion. It is almost as if the left is against everything and everyone who dares to believe in American exceptionalism and freedom. Instead, the left prefers the failed ideology of collectivism and basically any failed ideology which has been tried over and over and failed routinely throughout history. Still, the left seeks to burn down our entire way of life and belief system to be replaced with some insane, impossible, pipe dream as dictated by mob rule imposing some form of “Social Justice” down the throats of everyone. The question we must ask ourselves now is will we become subjects or citizens in the coming Leftist Utopia?

If history teaches us anything it is that such “Isms”, wherever or whenever tried will fail miserably leaving those in its wake in stark poverty and oppression. Invariably, those who smile and spew lofty sounding goals for unity and fairness are the very ones who will immediately excuse themselves from the very policies which they force upon everyone else. As seen when considering the historical failures throughout history or even going on in places like Venezuela, Cuba, or China today, we see the leaders living in opulence and wealth while the subjects struggle for such treasure as toilet paper, utilities, or even food. While the people who live in these “Ism” Utopias struggle for their very survival, their leaders live in mansions or palaces and control the entire wealth which is typically and routinely confiscated in the name of fairness. Promises of unity and fairness quickly become stark reality of starvation, under tyranny. The truth of this can even be seen today in America as “Leftist” politicians impose draconian lock downs and exercise brutal control of those unfortunate enough to reside in their little dictatorships. Businesses and the ability to earn a living is ceased because of what is deemed a horrible pandemic who quickly use this as a reason to dictate what can and can not be done by anyone living under their tyranny under threat of punishment. Rules are created and enforced at the will of those who excuse themselves from abiding by them.

We are very likely standing on a slippery slope which could cause us to spiral into something nightmarish and horrible if we do not resist and put an end to horror to come at the hands of Leftists if they control all aspects of government and have complete control. We must wake up and educate ourselves about what is happening right in front of us. Not pushing back could result in the eradication or everything that has made America the greatest nation on earth for so long. Wake up America!

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