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1 John 5:19 ESV / 46

“We know that we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.”

The whole world lies in the power of the evil one. Hmm, what does that mean? This is pretty clear and straight forward and tells us who is in charge of “this world”. If you disagree, turn on a television and spend about ten minutes watching the tripe that is supposed to pass for news today and you will be bombarded with more evidence of the above verse than you could possibly believe. Picture after picture, story after story showing the degradation of morality and truth which is routinely replaced with proof after proof of sin. Not just a little sin but systemic sin and evil meant to seduce the unprepared or unaware into the grasp of evil. Societal rot and decay is rampant in what is presented in the venue of entertainment with Hollywood pushing the boundaries of acceptability and sensitivity more and more. Years ago, morality dictated that what was controversial or shocking could only be presented after certain hours to help protect children from viewing shocking scenes or what could be considered taboo subject matter by people of faith. Today however, there is no consideration for morality or religious integrity as nudity, simulated sex acts, and all subject matter may be gratuitously thrown into what is supposed to pass as entertainment.

The glorification of evil is ever present and we are to accept, without question, the worst that man can create to expose the masses to content that is not fit for consumption except by the most hardened eyes. Boundaries of sexual content is pushed beyond all boundaries which could even remotely be considered acceptable. This is largely due to people of faith being mocked, vilified, and marginalized by those who control the levers of power in Hollywood and on the left. Even the vilest, most shocking, formally taboo matters are routinely presented for general consumption today. Consider the sexualualization of younger and younger children as recently seen by a program that Netflix offered. Only after a major uproar and pushback did the leftist who control Netflix relent and somewhat censor the program. Left unchallenged, nothing would be taboo and society and what they call entertainment would devolve further and further spiraling downward to the depths of depravity. Complete disregard for shock factor would be cast aside as every conceivable act would be carried out right in front of our eyes, regardless of the time of day, or the potential audience which might be present. In fact, it could be conceivable that the corruption of younger and younger is by design and quite intentional.

For people of faith, we see evidence that evil is not diminishing but is growing exponentially with each passing day. Violence, rioting, and murder is taking place in cities across America and as long as it is in the name of the acceptable agenda, is overlooked or excused by those controlling the levers of mainstream media. Today, the media fabricates, massages, and pushes only that which serves the narrative and agenda of the left. Any and everything non leftist is hidden, rejected, and attacked by wild eyed, fanatics on television who feign their knee jerk reactions to any and all pushback to what they embrace in the name of their leftist propaganda and dangerous ideology. Christians and people of faith are routinely mocked, marginalized, and dismissed as socially unacceptable by those who would normalize any and every imaginable sin as long as they think that they can do so. This, despite the almost religious fervor of those who embrace the factually flawed science of “Global Warming” for example. These alarmist decry man as the destroyers of the earth but lack substantiated proof of the impending disastrous end of life as we know it. Instead, they carefully craft the narrative around what can be forced upon the populace or sold as factual, so long as a majority will accept it. This is frightening beyond comprehension as real science is disregarded if it dares conflict with what is the acceptable conclusion of those in power.

The education system, especially in the public sector is forced to accept the leftist agenda which is dictated by their leaders in the teachers unions who control and direct all curriculum matter. The result is that our children are forced to accept social justice agendas as opposed to curriculum which teaches unrevised truth and fact. Today, our children are deprived of a sound and solid education in such subject matter as History, Civics, and even Math in lieu of the social justice indoctrination which is so rampant and evil. Love of country, free thinking, and even the ability to question such agendized curriculum is simply not allowed or tolerated by the fanatics and radicals who control the education system today going all the way to the most prestigious levels of education. This intentional, dumbing down effect will cause dangerous and unintended consequences for generations to come.

Christians should reject the rampant evil and focus only on God and a lifestyle which glorifies God as we go about our lives on earth. An understanding and acknowledgement of the enemy, Satan who controls all things of this earth is good but people of faith should gird themselves and be ever vigilant to the non ending assault and attacks from evil. No matter how long one lives on Earth, eternity is going to be a whole lot longer and the idea of spending eternity out of the presence of God is just too much to even think about. We need to spend our earthly lives rejecting all that the enemy throws at us and keep our focus solely on Jesus and a life that glorifies and honors God. Our Bible gives us a clear and concise path to follow and teaches us how to go about doing so. The primary effort and requirement for us to simply open, read, and study God’s Word so that we can learn and live the best possible life here on Earth.

America is still, as founded, a Christian nation and no matter what, this truth will survive. God bless America!

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