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Vote for Biden, right? Well sure if you are not concerned about America surviving the November election. If you want to surrender not only your rights but everyone else in the country’s rights too. Vote Biden if you want gun control, confiscation, and no ammunition to be found. Vote Biden if you want big government policies and one size fits all mentality. Vote Biden if you hate babies and would rather see them aborted than adopted and loved. Vote Biden if you are in love with political corruption and lying politicians. Vote Biden if you hate America and would rather see it become “Amireka” or something which resembles Cuba, China, or Russia instead. Yes, vote Biden if you want our history to disappear, society to degrade into an Anarchist’s dream, and America as founded to disappear forever.

Joe Biden has been in political office for more than 47 years now. What are the shining examples of success that Joe has to show for nearly a half century of feeding at the public trough? You have five seconds, name them all in rapid succession please. Aside from enriching the “Biden Brand” including his brothers and sister along with Hunter, what has Joe Biden done that has enriched anyone else or made America a better place to live? I’ll wait ….

Vote Biden if you lack the intellectual acumen to reason your way outside of a wet paper bag and would vote for any “Empty Suit” as long as it has a D after it. Yep, just voting democrat (Leftists) because the Media tells you to do so really makes you an intellectual giant for sure. Or, conversely, just voting for democrats because you don’t like some of the things that President Trump says is another sign of brilliance. Ask yourself and please enumerate the reasons, why you would choose a party of Abortion, Big Government, punitive Taxation, war on Religion, Anarchy, war on Law Enforcement, and loss of Constitutionally rights and freedoms? Why would you do that?

Are you someone who being ill informed, wantonly uneducated on issues, or willingly misled by a corrupt and untruthful media machine? If you were obediently indoctrinated by an America hating, far left, radical system in colleges and Universities, you might be part of the problem. If you are someone who relies on a far Left controlled social media mechanism who are in league with what used to be a Mainstream Media, and a political party more interested in cheating, stealing, and deceiving its way to power purely for their own financial enrichment and coronation, you are part of the problem.

If you have become so confused with wearing a Leftists approved label designating you as anything other than “American”, you are a useful idiot and wanton tool of the Leftist machine. I am not meaning to insult, demean, or vilify anyone here, but rather am stating plain facts. When Donald J. Trump announced his seriousness with pursuing the office of President Of The United States of America, the “Left” lost its collective mind and “Trump Derangement Syndrome” became reality. Just consider the actions of the octogenarian, Nancy Pelosi, who prefers to grandstand and showboat rather than do anything which might give President Trump and republicans a win. Even if it means hurting the American people overall, the democrat led Congress will stall any legislation that doesn’t meet the ridiculous and unconscionable demands to do such things as bail out democrat run projects which on their own merit, are unsustainable and failing.

The Left prefers to weaponize and politicize anything or anyone that they think might further their radical, insane agenda in some way. Just look at the booming, incredible economy which is surpassing everyone’s expectation that the democrats will gladly sacrifice on the alter of Social Justice if given a chance to do so or given the political majority in a few short days. The current Covid19 pandemic is another tool in the Leftists quiver which is used to punish and isolate people even when it is simply not necessary to prevent the spread of this terrible virus. Just look at how states with democrat Governors and Mayors such as New York which sent Covid infected seniors to nursing homes creating a wildfire scenario as Covid spread like wildfire causing great numbers of seniors to become infected and die. Yep, job well done there.

And let us not forget about the “Race Card” which is so dramatically over used and over played by Leftists at any drop of the hat. These titans of intellect will sit around and try to think of ways in which common words have nefarious connotations or undertones of racism. Seeing none, they will simply invent it and jump in front of the nearest camera to decry their feigned outrage and disgust. The buffoons in the media gleefully comply and give credence and air time to any moron so long as they spew approved Leftist talking points and party lines.

So, yeah, if this sounds like something that you love and support, vote for Biden and the Leftists! If you want to see America in some Orwellian rubble after the election, vote Biden. Wake up America!

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