Praying ….

America is in the grip of evil and it only appears to be worsening by the day. The political temperature has reached boiling and continues to rise and we have not witnessed this kind of divineness since the Civil War. We have riots, murder, and burning buildings while the media tells us that it is just “Peaceful Protests”. We have one of our two political parties doing their utmost to cheat, steal, and lie their way back into power at all costs based on a platform of extreme, far Left, insanity. What is left in the wake if the radical, extreme Leftists do gain power after this upcoming election will not resemble any type of America that we could possibly imagine. We will witness the loss and destruction of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights such as free speech, the right to bear arms, and anything else that they set their sights on. We will see our free market system strangled with insane and ridiculous regulations while our taxes are raised to never before imagined levels. Society will spiral even further out of control as the murder of innocents will take place even after birth. Biblically based marriage will be redefined to suit the agenda of the moment as dictated by our Masters on the Left. Thugs and anarchists will continue to be immunized and given free run of our cities and states while law enforcement continues to be targeted for defunded and hamstrung by fanatic leaders intent on imposing only the most radical of agendas.

If the scene above appeals to you, then you are absolutely part of the problem. Mind numbed lemmings relying on the daily talking points as delivered by the talking heads in the media will blindly obey and vote as they are told, even at the cost of everyone else’s freedoms and liberties. Whipped into a frenzy by the daily lies spewed by radical Leftists in the media, these indoctrinated drones will gleefully accept their marching orders to impose fear and intimidation upon anyone who might dare disagree or heaven forbid, oppose them in any way.

One one side, a candidate who can not be bought, be influenced by establishment dictates, or by the political “Good Ole Boy” club, and on the other side, a swamp dweller with 47 years plus in office with a record reflecting no accomplishments. But, the drones who have been properly indoctrinated by the Education System and the Leftists in the Media who deliver their marching orders daily, will vote based solely on the letter designating party affiliation at the end of their names with no real understanding of the possible consequences of their vote on the rest of us. Misled by outright lies and the empty promises of professional speakers with the moral standards of a weather vane, will simply line up and vote for whatever empty suit is put forth as their candidate as long as they have the correct letter designation at the end of their name.

One of the freedoms which is at stake but seldom referenced is our right to worship our God as we choose. The war on Christmas, Easter, and even crosses is little more than a precursor of what is to come if the Godless Leftists are given power. We must not forget how “Obamacare” had rules which forced people of faith to pay for abortion which is a major plank of the Leftists agenda. After all, the Leftists promote sex without consequence, abortion on demand, and the promotion of sexual activity without restraint outside of the bounds of marriage. Biblical worldview are to be ridiculed and vilified at will. We live in a society which glorifies evil while mocking faith and adherence to civil tenets.

As Christians, we must pray with all of our ability while resisting the evil which is prevalent all around us. We must pray for our America and the world. We must stick to our Biblical worldview and reject the seduction of secular society and lifestyles which fly in the face of God’s Word. We must not accept evil simply because it is wrapped in deceit and lies and we are told that it is good. Truth, integrity, and our moral compass must not be swayed by the slick purveyors of lies and deceit regardless of who they are. Corruption and evil must be rejected at all times and we must cling to our Biblical truths to guide us.

Most importantly, we must pray. We must pray daily, often, and with fervent intensity. Prayer is our direct connection to God’s ear. Prayer draws us in close to our Heavenly Father where He hears our prayers and petitions. Prayer is our direct communication link to the Lord. We must pray for our country, our leaders, and society to return to a tolerable level of civility before it is too late. Tune out the purveyors of lies and mistruth and tune in to God. Cling to your faith, your family, and you’re freedoms. Wake up America!

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