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Calling a pig in a bikini a “Super Model” simply does not make it so anymore than calling riots peaceful demonstrations. That being said, the Media and the Left love to hijack language and especially words and twist and contort them into something else. Under the guise of “Political Correctness” we have seen this in play right before out eyes. It was not that terribly long ago that the Left labelled themselves “Liberals” until that began to take on a negative connotation and the public began to sour on the insane policy that were offered up. Liberals thought that changing their label might soften things and so they began to call themselves, “Progressives”. Apparently they think that the majority of Americans are just that gullible or simply stupid enough to accept whatever they put forth. Most recently, the Left, in politics and in the media have coordinated their efforts to spin, twist, and contort what we see playing out right before our eyes in cities across America by calling the riots, “Peaceful Protests”. Uh huh, and that pig in the bikini is a “Super Model”, right?

This all out effort by the Left and their accomplices in politics and the media to delude, trick, and fool Americans into believing the most ridiculous lies has never been truer than the last three, going on four years. If President Trump were to cure cancer, Leftist politicians and the media would drone on for endless news cycles about how Trump was wrongfully denying “Big Pharma” of profits by curing cancer. As ridiculous as that might sound, you can absolutely believe it because of what we have seen from these people. Up is down, inside is outside, and around is through according to their narratives.

Why, what is the objective and when will it end? The Left hates Trump more than anything, ever. Trump threatens the “Good Ole Boy” status quo that politicians have worked for so many decades to build for themselves at the expense of the American People. Once elected to public office, unscrupulous politicians have enriched themselves to unprecedented levels of wealth at our expense. Biden is a perfect example of how almost 48 years in public office can pay off. And not just themselves but also their family members have reaped the rewards of public office as deals are steered their way. How much did Hunter Biden prosper simply because of his name and the fact that his father is a Washington D.C. insider? Can you say millions and millions? Was this because of his education, training, hard work, or even skill? No, just because of who his father is, end of story. Was Hunter the only one? No, just do a little research and see how many Biden family members, Joe’s brothers, also gained choice deals because of Joe being in office.

But, if you dare question or challenge this in any way you are told that there is nothing to see here, move along. Should you be foolish enough to persist in your investigation, you could be utterly destroyed by the attack dog media who will do whatever is necessary to protect their benefactors in politics who push the Leftist narrative and agenda. Any threat to their agenda is met with an all out assault on anyone who might dare challenge them.

So what is the end result that the Left is so desperate to achieve? The answer is playing out in Leftist controlled cities and states across America and can be seen on some television channels if you search for them. The end result is the destruction of America as founded, period. The Left, anarchists, BLM, and any and all George Soros funded organizations want nothing less that the complete and total destruction of America as we know it. What would they replace our current system with, you might ask? Well, it would most certainly be some hybrid nightmare resembling socialism/communism, devoid of history, free speech, or any other God given right or privilege currently enjoyed in America. We have witnessed the assault on the 1st and second Amendment rights for how many decades now? Never before have it been such an all out attack by well funded and coordinated groups with the bully pulpit of the MSM (Mainstream Media) as their willing and eager accomplices.

The left will stoop to any level to accomplish their goals and further their evil agenda. No lie is too small and no deception is out of the question as they believe in the premise that the ends justify the means, period. Regardless of who is hurt or destroyed in the process, as long as they accomplish their goals of gaining or remaining in power. For nearly sixty years we have heard nothing but empty promises out of both sides of their mouth. Worthy of any sideshow practitioner, the Left will put up any “Empty Suit” as long as they say the right things, and can sell their lies to the rubes in the flyover country. Once in office of course, it is game over and the constituents who elected them must fend for themselves. Now the real work is done to schmooze the Lobbyists and big money contributors to put inordinate sums of money into their pockets. Becoming obscenely rich is the true of any and all of the majority of those seeking public office in most cases.

The media will go to any length to package and sell the lies to the public. We have seen little more than coordinated, scripted, lies and propaganda from them for the majority of the last four years. When Donald J. Trump was elected, the mocking and ridicule turned to abject fear and caused nothing less than complete derangement syndrome on the Left. Why? Trump is wealthy enough that he can not be bought or controlled in any way. The Left could not find enough dirt to blackmail him with so they began fabricating and making things up as we saw in the two year farce called “Russiagate”. Most recently, it is the lie that the riots and arson are simply “Peaceful Protests”. Lies, lies, and more lies!

My faith is in the American people and my belief is that most are no longer fooled or duped into believing what comes out of the clown show in D.C. or the media. Many of us are fed up beyond all ability to tolerate this insanity and it must come to an end immediately. There must be push back against out of control mob violence, wherever it spreads. We must not accept or tolerate and resist the fear and intimidation which the Left seeks to beat us into submission with. Wake up America!

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