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Today, we not only choose to attend lectures for topics that interest us but we are also forcibly lectured to at every other conceivable turn. We are lectured to about how to think and feel about whatever the social justice topic of the day is. We are lectured to about whatever the agenda of the day is by the Left, politicians, media, and now, even sports reporters, owners, and players. Gone are the days when we could simply form our own opinions based on fact, truth, and empirical evidence. Now, we are lectured, shamed, intimidated, and forced into accepting the opinions and conclusions of those who profess moral superiority, just because they can. No, we did not cede moral superiority to them, no, we did not elect them, and no, they do not actually have moral superiority at all. Sadly, they simply claim moral superiority by bullying and threatening.

In the not too terribly distant past, we could actually go to or watch a sports event like professional football or basketball games and believe it or not, it was simply a contest between two teams of people who were competing to determine a winner based on which team performed best. People were free to participate in acknowledging the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance prior to the start of the game and were actually able to just watch and enjoy the games playing out before us without having to be lectured to about the narrative of the day by “Woke” players, owners, or sportscasters on radio and TV. Today, that is no longer possible because we must now have radical agenda items forced on us prior to, during, and even after sporting events end.

The Nazi’s were huge fans of propaganda after studying the use and techniques from the inventor of propaganda, American, Edward Bernays. Propaganda was extremely important to Nazi Germany and Joseph Goebbels used propaganda very effectively to sell the “Agenda” of the Nazis. Today, we see the same use of propaganda being deployed by the left, the leftist media pundits, woke sports figures, and now, even anarchists burning and destroying American cities from coast to coast. Sadly, most of the rioting and destruction are taking place in states and cities which are controlled by leftist politicians who stand by doing nothing and even promoting the actions of the mobs of anarchists who are destroying their cities.

Young students attending American Colleges and Universities pay exorbitant sums of money to become captive audiences and willing or unwilling participants in radical indoctrination laboratories promoting absolutely insane theory and doctrine all approved by the extreme, far left protagonists posing as professors and teachers. This radical ideology is prevalent throughout the Education System in America from K-12 grades, especially in the public education systems. This is true because the teachers unions are controlled by the far left and social justice fanatics who are far more interested in promoting the leftist agenda than actually educating our children. Pure sciences, math, history, and philosophies are routinely replaced by social justice agenda items which typically consist of nothing more than destroying Western Civilization as we know it or as it was established hundreds of years ago. To the Left, everything must be utterly and completely destroyed and rebuilt in whatever image the fanatics choose with most resembling socialist or communist models of some sort.

Typically, the far left agenda is forcibly promoted at every turn. Students who dare question their instructors or the doctrine of the Left are attacked and pummeled into submission out of fear of being retaliated against by those professing to be the arbiters of compassion and concern. It is a matter of compliance, or else! This same tactic of fear has paralyzed Americans at every level of life today. We see instances of those who muster enough courage to challenge or question the left’s agenda and we also see how they are absolutely demonized, vilified, and attacked by the left. There is no compassion or concern for their well being but rather the exact opposite is true. Those who dare challenge the agenda of the Left are hounded, humiliated, and every attempt possible is utilized to destroy their lives personally and professionally.

Somewhere along the line, the bully’s were able to gain the bully pulpit and they wield it with deadly and merciless force. Anyone who dare question or challenge the agenda of the Left is completely destroyed by the attack dog leftist media after getting their marching orders of the day. Conservatives, Christians, and Patriots are routinely portrayed as foolish, illiterate, buffoons by the Left. The anti-American beliefs and rhetoric of the Left is truly frightening and has descended into an insane hatred of America and anyone who is not on board with the approved belief system and leftist worldview. This truth is on full display daily and is playing out in what is going on with the political Left, Sports, Education, and has spilled over into the streets of America and Marxist based organization like BLM (Black Lives Matter) and Antifa take to the streets to riot, loot, and burn whatever they choose, regardless of who is hurt in the process. The threat of violence and force is routinely perpetrated against anyone who dare challenge them as evidenced by those who have fallen victim of the violence of these mobs and terrorists. Many Police Officers and others have been injured or even murdered by what the Leftist Politicians and their pundits in the media claim are peaceful protestors.

Again, their message can not be sold in acceptable ways and must be forced by fear and intimidation. Leftist policy and beliefs are routinely rejected by the majority of people who simply want to go about life loving their God, raising their families, and pursuing happiness while cherishing their freedoms in America. These beliefs and lifestyles are now ridiculed by the proponents who prefer alternative lifestyles and world views which have failed throughout history, whenever and wherever they have been tried. And yet, the Left believes the delusions that despite complete and utter failures of socialism and communism, that they can make them work when the founders of these systems could not make them work. Such beliefs are devoid of reality and are simply insane delusions of hyper emotional radicals.

In America, we must reject the bullying at every level be it in any of our areas of life. Educational or political, in entertainment or sports, or now in the form of terrorism at the hands of out of control mobs and rioters. Peace and order must be returned at all costs and those who dare cause anarchy must see consequences for their actions. Like those childhood bullies some of us encountered on the school grounds, they must be challenged and met with courage and determination. Bullies will only relent when met with resistance or force. The bullies in America must be challenged with bravery and shown that their assaults will not be allowed to continue or allowed to continue. Failure to stand up to the bullies, at every level, could result in our lifestyles being destroyed completely. Wake up America!

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