I am completely unapologetic about my Christian beliefs and faith. As a Christian, I pray daily and often for my country and the world at large. Yes, prayer is a staple of my daily routine and is exercised often. So what is prayer, exactly? According to Miriam-Webster Dictionary, the top two references are as follows.

\ ˈprer  \

Definition of prayer

 (Entry 1 of 2)

1a(1): an address (such as a petition) to God or a god in word or thought said a prayer for the success of the voyage

(2): a set order of words used in praying

b: an earnest request or wish

2: the act or practice of praying to God or a god kneeling in prayer

We can think of prayer as calling God and having a conversation with Him. Much like talking to our best friend or loved one, prayer is simply a heart felt conversation with the Almighty. Prayer is not difficult, does not require a special process, or ritualistic practice, it is simply earnestly seeking an audience and conversation with our Lord.

Prayer is a humbling and yet incredibly rewarding event that can leave one feeling supercharged and ready to defeat any and all enemies. Prayer is richly rewarding as it empowers us with a sense of invincibility because we have God and the Heavenly Hosts at our side. Prayer can take place anywhere, anytime, and no matter what is happening around us. Prayer allows us to disconnect from the chaos and savagery of the secular world and allow us to enter into a place of peace and calm. Prayer and being in His presence affords us a place of refuge from the most violent and raging storms of life. An invincible fortress is formed as we lean into Jesus for comfort and protection.

No, there are many who for whatever reason, do not know about Christianity or reject it and that is their right to do so. Rather than condemn those who are not Christian, my job is to share the joy of Christianity and to encourage those whom I encounter to experience a life of peace and joy because of eternal salvation through Jesus. I eagerly accept and obey my commission to share Jesus with anyone and everyone all the time. Our lives are short and can be gone completely in the blink of an eye but we will spend an eternity afterwards and there are only two choices for where we will spend that eternity. One eternal destination is in the presence of God with Jesus and the other is too horrible to even imagine. The choice is obvious and yet far too many have not made their decision or even experienced a personal relationship with God.

Oh, we choose to rely on Man or Science we may hear. All kinds of somewhat reasonable arguments are made as to the very existence of God and secular humanism can be intriguing to say the least. Secular humanism encompasses many groups including those who embrace beliefs ranging from believing that God does not exist to those who embrace other idols and Deities. It is not my position or responsibility to condemn or deny anyone’s belief system but rather to present what a Christian life can be like and the life of studying God’s Word and living it out can provide.

Scholars have examined, investigated, and debated God and Christianity for centuries and have concluded many varying truths about everything surrounding Christianity. Some good, some not so much. At the end of the day however, it is a very deeply personal choice that one must make alone. Yes, we can be influenced by the secular world and those who reject our Christian Worldview and secular humanism can be incredibly seductive and enticing. And, God gave us “Free Will” so that we can in fact, choose for ourselves up to and including the choice of not embracing a reality with God in it.

The people who risked everything to flee from religious tyranny and come to establish a free country which over two hundred years later would be the America in which we currently live were deeply religious and more than willing to risk their very lives to be able to embrace freedom. They were well aware of the importance of God to them and to the very survival of our country. Throughout history, examples of incredible men and women of faith can be seen rising above any conflict or crisis they faced based largely on their strength of faith which drove them forward regardless of the challenge. Even death has failed to be a strong enough deterrent to fighting for one’s religious freedom and belief in God.

Prayer has sustained and comforted men and women through any conceivable crisis that they faced throughout recorded history all the way up to our present life. If Christianity and prayer were so important to men and women from the beginning of the world, don’t you think it might be just as important today? We are faced with some of the worst conflict since our country began. Violence and hatred run rampant and escaping it is nearly impossibly. Fear mongering is everywhere and dividing us more than we have ever experienced before and definitely will, if it hasn’t already done so, impact each of us on a personal level. How will we contend with the challenges when they land on our doorstep and have a direct effect on us? The outcome will obviously be a result of our personal worldview. Personally, my reaction will be to immediately drop to my knees to pray fervently. The greatest power on earth is not of this earth but resides in Heaven. I will pray without end to my God until I go home to Him. That is my choice and I gladly profess and claim it. God bless America!

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