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At times, even the best of intentions can produce negative consequences. Sure, our hearts might be in the right place and yet it is our actions which speak louder than words. This is very true today with all of the insanity unfolding before our eyes in cities and states across this country with what might have begun as honest protests but have become chaos and violence resulting in riots. Wherever a percieved wrong doing occurs or situations are not met with the approval of certain agendas, knee jerk reactionaries quickly jump to inciting those around them to acts of violence and anarchy.

What are the results of rioting and anarchy? The honest answer and assessment is that this only leaves a wake of destruction and ruination. Mob participants attempt to excuse their crimes away and their partners in the dishonest media spin, twist, and manipulate truth in an attempt to justify what their like minded militants are doing in the streets. Realizing that their is little to no push back from overwhelmed law enforcement agencies, especially in light of the fact that weak and feckless leaders will do nothing other than talk and attack the very people who are supposed to maintain the peace and ensure order at all times. In fact, law enforcement have become the scapegoats for all of these radical, dissident leaders in the affected cities.

When even good intentions are poorly implemented and carried out, the results can be far less than desirable. Consider the businesses that are destroyed, looted, and burned while the mobs are running wild. Some have gone so far as to call it a form of reparation for 300 year old wrong doings by our ancestors. The affected businesses have insurance and all is good in the world and mind of criminal thugs committing these terrible acts. The reality, however can be far different as many of the destroyed business owners will question their commitment to rebuilding in the areas impacted. Would it be better to just close and shudder completely, relocate, simply cut their losses and move on? Often times, shuddered businesses will simply remain closed and not reopen.

So who is actually hurt by riots, looting, and arson taking place around us? In short, anyone and everyone who believes in civilized society and not anarchy and mob rule. Why should it matter if it is not happening and affecting me directly one might ask? Just because the wrong doing is not affecting you right now does not mean that you are immune or have escaped it at all. In fact, we must consider the underlying and driving intentions of those who are committed enough to actually participate in the mobs and gangs terrorizing our streets right now. To assume that they are just spontaneous, off the cuff occurances would be very wrong. Often times the reality is that these mobs are heavily funded by far left groups funded by radical leftists like George Soros, Antifa, and BLM just to name a few. Social media platforms are used to organize what is portrayed as grass roots movements. Sometimes, these agitators, criminals, and anarchists are bussed into areas with highly planned and organized marching orders to be carried out.

Are the intentions of mobs that are tearing down statues, smashing everything in their path, and setting fires to buildings even when they have people in them something designed to be of benefit or to produce desired effects? Of course not, these are the deliberate, criminal acts of out of control mobs who are only concerned with venting their hatred and perpetrating misguided and wrong headed vengeance on anyone who disagrees with them. Their intentions are clear, the destruction of our history, our culture, and our very way of life. Instead, these wayward miscreants who have been deliberately misled and ill equipped by a corrupt Education System, are simply acting as what they were trained to be, radical, anarchists. Denied a factual education of the rich history, starved of understanding the heritage and genius that produced America, and indoctrinated in a worldview of hatred, they obediently don their uniforms, masks, and gather together to begin carrying out their intentions to create destruction and chaos wherever possible.

And what of those with good intentions who want to bring about honest change and improve situations as opposed to mindless destruction and chaos you might ask? That message seems to have quickly been lost to the senseless chaos of out of control mobs who seem to only want violent revolution in any way possible. Incapable of winning the hearts and minds of the people who always reject delusional, unworkable fantasies of fairness and equity, they seek to impose their will upon everyone by force. You will comply, or else!

When order is restored, by whatever means necessary to do so, the malcontents are never satisfied with the outcomes. The results of being tear gassed, or hit by non lethal counter measures utilized by law enforcement such as bean bags, or rubber bullets, or just being taken down and placed in handcuffs can be a less than pleasant situation for our little anarchists. Much like being forced to contend with the aggressions of the school yard bully who pushes the limits past the tolerance of their victim who will finally strike back, these misguided mob participants will usually quickly disappear and disburse.

America was always intended to resist and push back against all forms of dissent and to remain an orderly, safe, haven for the law abiding, hard working, people seeking the American dream of pursuing life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our Founders never intended for us to live in fear of mob rule, or tyranny at the hands of anyone. America was founded to escape the very things that the radical Left so desires to impose upon us, even by force or whatever means necessary. Wake up America!

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