What is supposed to pass for “News” today is anything but and should probably come with a Warning label before you watch, read, or listen to it. The fact that the vast majority of Media Corporations are owned and operated by far left leaders is irrefutable. This unspoken truth has been known for a very long time although the issue was never addressed in the public venue and if it did come up, was met with a frenzy of denial and feigned outrage that it was even discussed or considered. And yet, the truth of the matter has been there for all who were even slightly interested to see in plain view.

Prior to the election of President Donald J. Trump, there was the appearance at least, of the MSM (Mainstream Media) being somewhat unbiased and honest. All of that has flown out the window completely because of Trump. It is as if at least half of our population in America have lost their collective minds and suffered a mental break from reality. They have all gone stark, raving mad and are what could only be considered, completely insane. The compelling and compulsive urge to resist and protest the fact that there is someone in Power who can not be controlled or purchased and made to obey the establishment has caused complete fear. Establishment elitists have spent years and decades building the power base, gaining control, and controlling the agenda and Trump, Republicans, and the “Conservatives” threaten all of that.

Americans are now left with a completely corrupt and dishonest media which will only present narratives which are agenda driven to help the far Left and to hurt or attempt to destroy anyone, and or anything which stands in their way. For decades, the far left fanatics have infiltrated and burrowed in to groups and organizations in Government like a cancer. This cancer has grown and spread it’s diseased, slimy tentacles throughout many branches and areas which control various departments which affect us overall such as the Education System and of course, the media. The same can be said of far Left Politicians who have diligently worked to gain power and control, in some cases, for multiple decades which is on its face just ridiculous.

Since the tragic events which led to the incident which sparked the protests around the unconscionable acts of a rogue law enforcement officer, what began as simple and peaceful protests have morphed into riots, looting, burning, and assaults on law enforcement in primarily Democrat controlled cities and states around the country. Law enforcement officers and others who support them have been injured, blinded, and even murdered and yet we hear no outrage or condemnation from the Left or their lackeys in the MSM. Leftists lunatics like Rep. Jerry Nadler even characterize the violent anarchy from BLM and Antifa as a myth and try to sway blame to President Trump or AG Barr for pushing back and standing up to their violent, criminal actions resulting in the destruction of historical monuments and statues, assaults on Police, and attempted arson of buildings, cars, and anything else that they can ignite.

The media, Leftists Politicians, and radical groups of anarchists remain completely unapologetic or repentant for their actions. If you expect to hear the violence and damage condemned by the Media or their allies in the Left, you will only experience the sound of crickets and a deafening silence. Such is the hatred for Trump and anyone who dare support him that the Left has eagerly advances such total insanity as “Defund The Police”. Who in their right mind wants to allow criminal activity to go unchallenged and simply surrender to the mobs, thugs, and criminals to go unpunished? And yet, these very same thugs, gangs, and criminals are released with no bail, if they are even charged for their crimes, and return to the same activity that they were engaged in to begin with by Leftist Politicians who control these “Progressive Safe Havens” in places like New York, Seattle, and Portland just to name a few. Radical leaders of these cities and states have all but aided and abetted the chaos by publicly all but endorsing this organized chaos and insanity playing out across America right now. This can not continue and like playground bullies, these domestic terrorists must be stopped as quickly as possible .

We are being lied to at every turn by the Left, the MSM, and their allies in Entertainment, Education, Government, and Politics. Daily talking points are coordinated and the sweet sounding lies are breathlessly portrayed by the talking heads of the media. Regardless of how ridiculous or blatantly untrue, if something advances the Leftist narrative in some way, it is thrown against the wall to see how much will stick and do damage. Rhetoric is carefully crafted, spun, and organized into being as plausible as possible so that the rubes in the public will buy the lies. The Left now has so much outright hatred and loathing for anyone who is not in line with their ideology, that they will go to any length to achieve their ends, regardless of the means which are employed to do so. So, if they have to lie, destroy our way of life, so be it. After all, what is best for the Left is truly the only thing that they truly care about. What’s best for America or us is simply not something that they even give much consideration at all. It is like watching George Orwell’s brilliant narrative portrayed by his book, “Animal Farm” come to life right before out eyes. What might begin with lofty sounding, reasonable appearances, quickly transforms into raw and evil greed and lust for power.

It is the very things which those of us who still cherish our freedom and liberty that so drives the Leftists crazy. Self reliance, independence, and independent thought must be eradicated at all costs to be replaced with blind obedience to the Statists who would control everything. The very same Elites who continuously not only feed at the public trough, but enrich themselves on the backs of the shrinking middle class people who break their backs to earn a living. Under the Left and the stated Marxist agenda of BLM and Antifa, our way of life must be torn down to the very foundations, our history erased, and homage and obedience to their demands must be met with no resistance, no matter the cost. Areas where these well organized thugs and criminals have been allowed to establish control, unchallenged by weak and feckless Politicians who are supposedly in charge, have even resorted to making demands of local businesses demanding they meet ridiculous and untenable demands or suffer the consequences at the hands of the mob. This is not, in any conceivable way, acceptable in a civilized society where even the slightest realization of freedom or liberty can still be imagined. To the Leftist fanatics though, it is only blind allegiance and obedience that they seek. It is the old case of, “Don’t do as I do, but do as I say.” narrative which is the rule by which we are all to live.

It is time for those of us who do not agree with this to resist, push back, and stop the insanity taking place all around us. The cancer like spread of unchallenged insanity must be stopped, by any means necessary, and done so immediately. Wake up America!

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