What exactly does “Subversion” mean anyway? Let’s examine what WIKI say about it.


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Subversion (from the Latin word subvertere, ‘overthrow’) refers to a process by which the values and principles of a system in place are contradicted or reversed, in an attempt to transform the established social order and its structures of powerauthorityhierarchy, and social norms. Subversion can be described as an attack on the public morale and, “the will to resist intervention are the products of combined political and social or class loyalties which are usually attached to national symbols. Following penetration, and parallel with the forced disintegration of political and social institutions of the state, these loyalties may be detached and transferred to the political or ideological cause of the aggressor”.[1] Subversion is used as a tool to achieve political goals because it generally carries less risk, cost, and difficulty as opposed to open belligerency. Furthermore, it is a relatively cheap form of warfare that does not require large amounts of training.[2] A subversive is something or someone carrying the potential for some degree of subversion. In this context, a “subversive” is sometimes called a “traitor” with respect to (and usually by) the government in power.

How interesting? Read and reread that again and then let it sink in. The openly Marxist founders of BLM (Black Lives Matter), profess tearing down the “System” completely. Not only would that mead such insanity as defunding law enforcement but quite literally everything else that normal and rational human beings consider sacrosanct such as our History, Society, Culture, and of course, Government. If that doesn’t literally frighten you to your core and send chills of panic up your spine, you are likely part of the problem. Perhaps you prefer sitting in your parents basement, drinking hot chocolate, or getting hug therapy in a “Safe Zone” rather than interacting in the real world, if that is the case, then yep, you are part of the problem. And, of course it isn’t your fault, let’s blame the far left teachers and professors who indoctrinated you into your current state of hate all things America and shout mindless chants about revolution. Perhaps you are currently completely obsessed with reading those absolute page turners like “Rules For Radicals” by Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven’s blathering about tearing down the system, or the mission statements for George Soros groups, BLM, and Antifa. That might be what sends an absolute thrill up your leg and ignites your Molotov Cocktail, if so, yep, you are the problem.

Meanwhile, outside the “Twilight Zone” of far left insanity, normal people are going about their lives working, raising families, going to church, and enjoying being patriotic Americans. Thoughts of destroying our current way of life and everything associated with Western Civilization primarily exists in the world and minds of far left extremists in the ABC world of George Soros organizations and groups like Antifa and BLM (Black Lives Matter). This of course includes those trained in the philosophies and worldview of the radicals embracing any of the “Isms” (Marxism, Socialism, Communism, et all).

The problem for Americans is that instead of rushing to move to the far left Utopia of their choice such as Venezuela, Cuba, Russia for example, these radicals feel that their mission in life is to destroy the last bastion of freedom on earth, the United States of America. While the rest of the world which has embraced the “Isms” etc. are decaying, starving, and crashing completely, the pinheads of the Left who live in, profit from, and enjoy Capitalist lifestyles seem to feel the need to attempt to lecture the rest of us on the so called benefits of and virtues of the “isms”. They coordinate in the comfort of Mom and Dad’s basement, on their expensive computers before donning their $200 plus sneakers to go participate in the nearest riot of choice often driving in luxury sedans or SUVs to get there. So, having no real world experience of living under the oppressive regimes they so desire, they seek to impose and force these draconian, tyranical dictatorships on the rest of us, by force. Basically, the “Isms” all look so good on paper and tickle the ears with empty promises of fairness and equity of income, and so on and so on. Empty promises which are completely devoid of fact, logic, reason, or any semblance of sanity, are the things which dreams are made of to the misinformed, mal-educated cretins causing mayhem across the country now.

Such ideology is impossible to sell and is continuously shot down in the ballot boxes every time it is tried and yet, it simply does not stop them from trying again or seeking ways to sneak, cheat, or impose it by force which usually means judicial activism, getting far left Judges to impose their will and agenda from the bench. Far left thinking is unable to succeed when people of character and strong moral beliefs resist and challenge the lies that are pushed by the radical Leftists in Government, the Media, and on campuses throughout America.

If this progressive, dangerous, and insane agenda and nightmarish vision of destroying Western Civilization, eradicating American history, defunding law enforcement, and every other conceivable manner or lawlessness and chaos is not challenged and resisted, like cancer, it will spread and grow until it utterly destroys the host and nothing remains but the blackened, diseased husks. Those who still cling to their Bibles and the ideals and principles of America as it was founded must stand up and make their voices heard loudly from coast to coast. With every millimeter of success that the Left realizes, the sense of empowerment will drive them to demand and seize more and more. The Left must be stopped and the resistance must start immediately before it is too late, if it isn’t too late already. Wake up America!

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