Lives Matter?

Racism, in any form is a societal plight, an evil tumor, and a political weapon. But in light of current events and the resulting riots, demonstrations, and hyper sensitivity regarding race, exactly which lives matter? Although that might sound a bit tongue in cheek, in actuality it is a very serious question. The reasons for the question will become a bit more clear as we examine this conundrum further.

If we listen to the MSM (Mainstream Media) and give anything they say the slightest serious consideration which is dangerous at best today as the rampant bias, disinformation, and agenda driven narratives present anything other than a truthful depiction of what is actually taking place in society at large or with the radical movements like Antifa, or Black Lives Matter, or any of the other far left, radical movements fueling the activity taking place today in cities across America. Initially, it was in protest for the horrific death of Mr. George Floyd but quickly morphed in whatever it is supposed to be today. From protest for honest reasons to Marxist demands to defund police, erase history, and tear down America to the core are now filling the news cycles endlessly.

But do some lives matter more than others? Is it that only Black lives matter? Whipped into violent frenzies decrying fictional, non existent systemic racism or inventing racism at every turn, or creating racial hate crimes out of thin air simply to further a narrative like in the case with the actor recently, we see racism being cited ad nauseam at the drop of a hat. So is it only black lives that matter now? What about red, yellow, or yes, white lives? What if we shifted focus to the Human Race instead of a myopic view of only a small segment of society and move on from perceived wrong doings occurring several hundred years ago?

Slavery has occurred with no regard for race, throughout history, all over the globe. What happened with Africans being taken into slavery and brought to foreign shores in servitude is horrible but the same can be said of other races. The fact that slavery still exists, not in America, but in other parts of the world never make the news cycles though. Why, because it would not serve the narrative which is being used to fan the flames of racism by the dishonest provocateurs who benefit from the divisiveness that their reckless, irresponsible actions cause. The same ones, I might point out who have been benefitting and getting wealthy on the pain and suffering of others for decade after decade. These so called leaders have gotten rich while their constituents, neighbors, and supporters continue to see crime, squalor, and misery. Oh but the lofty, wonderful sounding rhetoric and empty promises ring hollow as they have for over sixty years and yet, far too many still allow themselves to be deluded into supporting lying politicians and others in an almost monolithic voting block. The democrats have counted on this voting block for many years and it has paved their way to success in many political races.

The problem today however is that many are waking from their slumber and beginning to question the situation more. The venomous and poisonous rhetoric which has been used to divide and mobilize minority segments of society is starting to lose its effect. Many in minority communities are looking around and beginning to ask why the same old promises that they have heard for many decades have been empty, hollow, and fruitless. Why has their condition remained the same for so long or worsened when they have been told the same stories of improvement, prosperity, and better life for so long? Where are the improvements and all the wonderful sounding things that dripped like honey from the lips of politicians who turned deaf ears to them while lining their pockets and growing wealthy at the cost of their communities? How could it have taken so long to happen? The political poison of divisiveness has been used effectively by those who are not interested in improving race relations but furthering a specific political agenda.

How quickly did the protest over wrongful deaths turn into movements decrying the defining of law enforcement and the establishment of “Autonomous Zones”, all while destroying statues in an attempt to remove them from history. How quickly have our indoctrinated youth jumped to participate in demonstrations which too often become violent? How many American Companies have contributed untold millions to fund these Marxist movements or to provide bail for the terrorists committing these acts of violence and atrocities? Where has the leadership been, especially in democrat controlled states and cities which have stood idly by while businesses were looted, burned, and destroyed? The lack of leadership has been unbelievable in far too many cases as little to no action has been taken to curb the outbreaks or to restore any semblance of order in the stricken communities.

Racism can not be tolerated in any form, nor should it be. That being said, favoritism must not be allowed as we are all part of the Human Race and should focus on that fact. The concept of family, Christianity, and what the Bible represent are core principles which the far left disdains and desires to destroy along with every free market institution in America. At the core of far left’s agenda is the absolute and total destruction of American values and life as we have known it since America began several centuries ago. Will this lead to some kind of neo marxist revolution in America or quite literally to physical conflicts? It would appear that many on the far left would love nothing more than to see this become a reality. To them, America and everything it stands for must be completely destroyed to the foundations. What would arise in its place is another question and the thought is chilling to the core. We must not let the poisonous political winds of division succeed. Racism must always be confronted and defeated in any and every form, wherever it occurs. When we begin to love one another unconditionally again, healing will occur and unity will quickly spring up. We must once again become united in brotherly love to have any prayer for peace and harmony.

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