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One of the greatest threats, if not the greatest threat to civil society is misinformation and disinformation or what could be thought of as “Fake News”. As the MSM (Mainstream Media) in America has moved further and further left with the news now being driven by the agenda of the Left rather than by unbiased presentation of truth and facts, the spread of fake news is rampant. The MSM is owned primarily by six corporations which are owned by far left leaning people. In the past however, attempts to refrain from appearing biased helped reign in weaponizing of the media and we were presented with narratives which were often only somewhat colored with leftist prejudices.

Sadly, attempting to maintain any semblance of being even minimally unbiased disappeared with the announcement of Donald J. Trump as a serious campaigner for the Office Of President of America. The gloves came off at that point along with every other restraint that had previously kept the rabid leftists, posing as journalists at bay to some degree. Since Trump was elected and before, there has been an all out campaign to destroy him at all costs up to and including making narratives up out of whole cloth with no degree of truth at all. The idea has been to run with anything that might have any degree of success with regard to damaging President Trump in any way. If caught, well then they might consider an apology but retractions are not likely. Un-named, un-verified, un-credible sources were and are used at will with no sign of journalistic integrity whatsoever.

The inability to locate credible material to use to smear or vilify President Trump and conservatives has not dissuaded or even slowed the MSM from throwing everything, including the kitchen sink at us if it might, in any way, server their purposes. This is nothing new at all and can be thought of as propaganda. Edward Bernays is the Austrian-American father of propaganda who literally wrote the book on it. Bernays was so good at it, that the Nazis used his teachings for their purposes during World War II quite successfully. Bernays understood the power of being able, via the propaganda tool of persuading and impacting large groups of people if not society as a whole. Propaganda was extremely powerful and the MSM eagerly uses it at every opportunity to do so. Today, the MSM uses carefully crafted stories to energize, mobilize, and incite desired actions from those who unsuspectingly do not even realized that they are being used as pawns.

The more that the MSM becomes a tool or the attack dog for the far left, the worse it becomes for America. The political climate has become so toxic and weaponized with political correctness, the stifling of the first Amendment, and the attempt at a “Silent Coup” against the Trump Administration that the “Fake News” cycles endlessly drone on with venomous, poisonous lies designed to evoke hyper emotional responses from those who blindly respond to such incitements without first investigating to determine the veracity or if it is credible or factual. The examples abound around us daily and it appears to only be getting worse.

The far left has busily and very patiently been working behind the scenes, quietly so as not to be noticed for many decades to infiltrate and implant themselves in key governmental and political positions. What may have been unthinkable only a few short years ago is becoming the norm with the electorate openly electing those who identify as Socialists or worse. People who adhere to the furthest left, most radical, anti-American ideologies are embraced and idolized as long as they decry the left’s agenda of tearing down and destroying America for whatever wrongs they deem valid at any given point. Today, it is primarily supposed to be for the systemic racism which does not exist outside of their minds. Never-mind that data, facts, and figures prove anything other than systemic racism, it’s the propaganda and perceived wrongs that fire up the anarchy-terrorists wannabes and incite them to demonstrate, riot, and go on crime sprees as long as they believe what they are being told.

Unfortunately, this will leave a major scar and have far reaching effects for a very long time to come. As the left has been given the power to stop and prevent any and all who dare come to a College or University to present alternative views and belief systems have learned, angry mobs will shout and shut them down by rioting, burning, and destroying anything in sight as our first Amendment right of free speech is battered into submission. Free speech is slowly being eradicated from existence and most of us don’t even realize it. The second Amendment has been under assault for decades too but Americans have been far less inclined to surrender that one.

What is at stake is the very existence of America has we know it and have known it for several hundred years since it was first created. America is the last remaining beacon of freedom in the world and it is criminal that so many in the country seek to utterly destroy it. One political party seeks the mass import of non citizens in hopes of giving them voting rights and having them vote to keep their side in power with no regard to the fact that this also presents issues such as the importation of disease, criminal activity, and many other problems and issues. The silent majority in America must begin to push back and resist this blatant attempt at destroying America. The left has utilized and will continue to use every trick in the book from Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”, to Cloward and Piven bringing down the system, to the major planks of the Communist Manifesto and have been for decades. Much like putting a frog in a pot of water and slowly bringing it to boil so the frog is unaware of what is happening, Americans have had a silent, secret war waged against us by the Left for a very long time. If we do not push back against this evil agenda, America will likely not survive. Wake Up America!

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