Resistance is typically thought of as an opposing or retarding force as described by Miriam-Webster’s dictionary. During the entirety of the Trump Administration, there has been nothing but resistance from about half of the people of this country, the MSM, democrats, and malcontents of every stripe. Most recently, there has been tremendous resistance to law and order at large as demonstrated with rioting, looting, arson, and violence from groups such as BLM, Antifa, and Leftists at large.

So why is this happening? The recent deaths of George Floyd and others sparked peaceful demonstrations of outrage at first. Sadly, with the insertion of BLM, Antifa, and other typical anarchist type groups into the mix, the narrative was quickly lost to anything but peaceful protests and morphed into nothing more than angry mobs. Large groups of people proclaiming allegiance to BLM and Antifa infiltrated the peaceful protests, agitated the crowds into angry mobs and soon, looting, rioting, arson, and assault took place.

So who are these demonstrators and why are they so angry? In these groups we see everything from twenty somethings to geriatric activists. There are large numbers of young, white, female leftists interspersed throughout. At any given moment, the groups are whipped into an angry mob by activists whose job it is to do so. Of course, we can not forget the eager participation of the MSM who gleefully devote endless hours to the mobs depicting them as anything other than what they truly are. Instead, the spin transforms angry mobs into peaceful, grass roots movements and other such ludicrous descriptions. This is absolutely normal as the MSM is completely complicit and devoted to spinning everything to suit their leftist, agenda driven narratives. More about the danger of a biased, lopsided media in future posts.

Lately, these mobs have attacked and toppled numerous statues and defaced and damaged monuments across the US. In some cases, the statues which are assaulted have nothing to do with racism, slavery, or even America. That doesn’t really seem to matter as the mobs just want to vent their anger and outrage on anything that gets in their way. So, even monuments that were paid for by former slaves are targeted as the mobs decry their anger at the way the monuments present unfavorable representations or any and all such dribble that they can come up with in order to excuse the destruction of timeless works of art that can never be replaced.

And, this means that all of us will be denied the ability to gaze upon them, as we have been accustomed to doing, in some cases for hundreds of years because some malcontents who don’t even understand who, what, when, why, or how they exist don’t like them. This is all part of what is being described as the “Cancel Culture” which is a very dangerous precedent. This premise presents a very slippery slope with no clearly defined end or goal even in sight. With that being said, where then will it end?

These riots and demonstrations have largely been met with deafening silence, especially in states and cities which are and have been controlled by leftist, democrat politicians in some cases for numerous decades. Such is the case in Seattle, Washington where a six block area was literally taken over and occupied by anarchists after their leaders ordered the stand down of law enforcement leading to the complete abandonment of a Police Precinct. Of course the result of the “CHAZ or CHOP” or whatever they are calling it today has been disastrous with violence, crime, and all manner of typical anarchist behavior and actions.

No regard was given to the businesses or residents and their well being whatsoever but rather naive and clueless supporters in leadership fawned over the occupiers declaring that it would likely lead to a “Summer Of Love”. Anything other than that is the reality as some business owners are packing up and moving altogether while others begin to file lawsuits against the democrat leaders who quite literally abandoned them to the angry mobs. Attempts by other leftist BLM, Antifa type groups to establish similar “Autonomous Zones” elsewhere have been met immediately with law enforcement resistance and failed to establish new zones. Such was the case in Washington, D.C. and other areas where this was attempted.

As we look at the faces, largely covered in masks, we wonder who these people are and how did they get so angry. The Education institution has been busily churning out little mind numbed, indoctrinated, obedient lemmings for many decades as the overwhelming majority of teachers and educators have far left leanings which carry over into the curriculum taught to our young. These curriculum have been crafted by leftists who have diligently revised history, transformed Mathematics, done away with unwanted subjects such as Civics, and replacement outdated philosophies and doctrines with more enlightened subject matter such as “Social Justice” agendas and all things progressive in nature. Students are even able to get abortions on demand as parents no longer even possess the right of notification from these institutions of indoctrination. Kindergarten children are taught such useful skills as putting condoms on Cucumbers or have Transvestite reading hours. Upon graduating to college or University, the Marxist indoctrination is ratcheted up many degrees. Students begin to learn how to shout down any and all opposition to their beliefs and riot whenever an attempt is made to present dissent or an opposing view point. In some cases, these tolerant, free speech warriors have even resorted to rioting and arson to drive home their point that free speech, free thought for that matter, will simply not be tolerated.

We see this one size fits all mentality demonstrated in far too many areas of society today with fear being the dominant and driving factor. Republican or conservative politicians are absolutely paralyzed with fear of speaking up or resisting their opponents who are leftist or progressive, or even democrat for that matter out of fear of committing some offense. And, if this were to be the case, the attack dogs in the MSM would immediately begin a campaign of shock and awe to completely destroy them. For nearly four years, President Trump has seen nothing but withering, outrageous, and completely unjust assault from democrats, media, and any leftist or progressive organization imaginable. Entrenched leftist, democrat activists, and their ilk in what can be considered the “Deep State” have literally been waging war and began with an attempted silent Coup.

Sadly, we see the iron fisted grip of leftist who apparently not only control the Education institution but also the Entertainment and certainly the MSM too. Because of the progressive, left’s control of these and other institutions, rampant bias, with little to no resistance has been the norm. For many reasons, conservatives and those who disagree with progressivism in all of its forms have remained silent for the large part. Primarily fear of retribution from these progressive malcontents has kept opposition to a minimum, if at all. The result is an atmosphere of fear. The silent, conservative leaning, majority has remained inactive and apathetic for the most part. This must change and do so quickly if we are to see this country survive. Leftists progressives, emboldened by the complete lack of resistance to anything that they do have no intention of stopping but are rather encouraged to act up more. The very survival of America hangs in the balance.

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