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If it wasn’t so deadly serious, frightening, and dangerous, what is happening in America could possibly be considered, well, laughable. War has been declared, via political correctness and now actual violent acts such as tearing down statues but also on cartoon characters, for yep, you guessed it, having guns! The tearing down of statues is beyond insanity as it is destroying not only precious works of art that are irreplaceable but is also literally erasing history. The current MSM reporting cycles are dominated by scenes of out of control mobs of people attempting to tear down our statues for undeclared crimes other than the very fact that they exist. Love or hate them, would it not be easier to simply not look at them? Whipped into near hysterical frenzy by instigators shouting non sense, these societal sociopaths attack whatever they can, especially in the absence of law enforcement to prevent them from succeeding with their destructive anarchy.

What we are actually witnessing is quite simply Marxist attempts to destroy America. Groups such as BLM (Black Lives Matter) have openly admitted to being Marxist trained. Those of us with even the slightest understanding of History realize that doctrines such as Marxism have never succeeded at any time, anywhere in the world. Consider the fact that the very creators of the doctrines were unsuccessful in implementing them, period. So why then, do so many still cling to the idea that it can work? Perhaps because anti-American, radical, Left are so much smarter, more enlightened, and just better people and because they are so smart, nice, and feel so good about it can make it happen? Sure, that must be it. Those who are still rooted in any semblance of reality understand that all of the socio-cultural experiments including the alphabet soup of “Isms, etc.”, have not nor will they ever work.

What would be the result of the democrat, democrats in the media, democrat politicians, and democrat activists actually succeeding in their dream of destroying Capitalism, our Constitutional based Government, and our law abiding society? Would we become Amerisuela or worse? Consider how not so terribly long ago, Venesuela was a shining jewel of success and prosperity until it was taken over by the Dictator, Hugo Chavez. The downward spiral was amazing and the current result is the atypical poverty, lawlessness, and despair that are absolutely inevitable in such regimes. Why on earth would anyone want to transform America into something even remotely resembling Venezuela and yet, that is exactly what these lawless, out of control, brain washed, anarchists would accomplish. Sadly, just because it might sound appealing, or make one feel warm and fuzzy about themselves, just isn’t realistic or possible.

So, funded by uber-radical, far left, fanatics in Hollywood, business, or George Soros funded organizations, these little social justice lunatics form up and create havoc, destruction, and chaos wherever they are allowed to do so. Criminally, in states and cities which are and have been controlled by far left minded democrats, these mobs encounter little to no resistance whatsoever. In the absence of resistance or push back, these mobs quickly descend into rioting, looting, arson, and assault of all kinds. In what the Left was touting as representative of what was to be the “Summer Of Love”, the occupied area of Seattle, Washington’s “CHOP/CHAZ or whatever they call it today”, is currently experiencing the exodus of businesses, the abandonment of a Police Precinct, and resulted in numerous deaths and continuing assaults amongst the people occupying this six block area. This is nothing more than an example of the complete absence of leadership on the part of the far left politicians who are currently in charge of the city, state, and governments.

So here is a thought, if all of these proponents of “Isms” and dreams of Communist Utopia honestly believe that they can create some kind of new Marxist Mecca, why don’t they hop a plane and go to Venezsuela and show the current regime how to do it instead of trying to wreck what America has created over the last two hundred years? Go implement your brilliant plans, ideas, and prove yourself somewhere that absolutely wants to embrace this type of doctrine and leave America alone, right? Unfortunately for the Left, the majority of people in America do not want anything other than our Constitutional form of Government, law and order, and sensible cultural limitations. When you seriously look at the results of political correctness, the gender wars, the racial wars, and the political wars spurred on by Leftist Academics in charge of our Education System, it does not paint a pretty picture. At some point, there will absolutely be an urgency to push back against the out of control radicalization and indoctrination of our youth at the hands of far left radicals everywhere. They have spread like a virus and now control or dominate industries like Entertainment, Education, and Media with little to no resistance. At times, they control the political environment such as when Barack Obama was President, democrats had control of Congress, and the Senate for several years.

At some point, we will have to take a serious look at what the left and democrats have or want to impose, implement, and install in America. For over sixty years, we have heard how democrat policies would lift up the African American Community and fix all of the issues that they face. In some cases, democrats have controlled states and cities for decades with no republicans having any role in their policies. This being the case, why then is Chicago in the shape it is with murder and violence spiraling out of control? Why are inner city and urban areas in such states of poverty, unemployment, and crime? I thought democrats would fix all of these situations and have had sixty years plus to do so? Look at some of the politicians who have literally been in power for that long or nearly that long and are currently still in office. How long has Joe Biden been in office and if they have all of the answers, why have the problems continued to exist or worsened?

And now, we see the far left advocating the absolute surrender of areas and property to violent mobs in embarrassing displays of nothing short of total appeasement. Cowering in fear of retaliation from left wing media and their cronies, politicians simply disappear from view while cowering in their offices and homes allowing the spread and occupation of areas in their control. Law enforcement is ordered to “Stand Down” and not resist as the out of control mobs wreak havoc and chaos in the delusional belief that they are somehow entitled to do so simply by virtue of being angry about perceived wrong doings. Where these wrong doings don’t exist, they will simply fabricate them. Be aware of what is happening and take stock of what will happen if this is allowed to continue. The survival of America is literally at stake here.

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