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Have you figured it out yet? If you haven’t, here are some clues to consider and think about. The MSM, (Mainstream Media) in collusion with the Left and Democrats utilize tactics from playbooks that have been used over and over again for a very long time. It is all part of a larger plan and agenda designed to bring down, harm, and destroy America as we know it. Saul Alinsky and the “Rules For Radicals” outline has been implemented, or an attempt to implement them have been used by the Left for decades and continue today. This is in conjunction with other darlings of the far Left like professors Cloward and Piven who outlined a strategy to “Break The System”. And lest we forget, the Communists have been quietly yet diligently working to infiltrate our government with the clearly defined agenda of destroying America from within. And, Marxism or Marxist influence can be seen and realized in such examples as “Political Correctness” which is an extremely and damaging tool used unendingly by the Left, MSM, and Democrats to control thought, speech, and cultural behavior.


At this point, it is highly reasonable to reflect back over the past, say sixty years or so and see what the results of the far left, radical agenda has been. See the article on far left groups of the cities. Such groups contributed to the birth of the “Hippy” movement and cultural events of the time like Woodstock. Many leftist of the time moved on to become some of the democrat leaders of today such as John Kerry, Jane Fonda, etc. just to name a few. The far left ideology of course was nothing new but began to take root, spreading like cancerous tumors throughout the guiding principles the Left so loves today. As the left succeeded more and more with their “Iron Fisted” control of the Education System and Curriculum taught from Kindergarten through College and University level educations, the ability to control the minds of young Americans was limitless. The result today is failed or failing inner city schools in densely populated Urban Centers producing students incapable of even reading their diplomas. Students are simply pushed forward, regardless of performance ability for their particular and respective grade level. This way, they become the problem of the next teacher or educator who has to contend with them. Subjects such as Civics has given way to Social Justice issues or Cultural Issues such as homosexuality. The result is that our children perform poorly with regard to History, Civics, Math, Science, and everything else by design. As the pure sciences give way to Social Justice and indoctrination, performance ability plummets.


To the chagrin and dismay of the parents who are forced to pay for this intellectual robbery with outrages tuition prices and fees, their children come home spewing far left babble and rhetoric which in many cases flies in the face of the worldview embraced by the parents. Instead, radical little brainwashed soldiers. blindly adhering to the far left agenda march into the streets across America to protest or demonstrate, or worse. Acclaimed by democrats and the MSM, some radical groups have risen to dominance like Antifa and BLM are continue to wreak havoc and cut a path of destruction wherever they go. Inciting violence, rioting, looting, and arson are some of their trademark activities. Using violence to intimidate and crush any opposition whatsoever to their ideology, instigators will show up to cause trouble anywhere they feel emboldened. States and cities with far left leaning leaders will order law enforcement to stand down and not resist as activist groups commit crimes unchallenged by any display of authority. The result is what we see in places like Seattle, Washington with the “CHAZ or CHOP” area where law enforcement was forced to abandon a Police Precinct, ceding control to a radical group of protestors. At present, there is no end in sight as the Seattle Mayor appears to embrace this and all other forms of radicalism and what can only be viewed as domestic terrorism.

Because radical leftists have so much power and control the MSM and the democrat party today, little to no resistance or push back is seen, regardless of what groups like BLM, Antifa, and Soros backed entities appear to have free reign. George Soros, at 89 is still on a crusade to destroy America and many in the MSM and the democrat party are eagerly willing tools and proponents of this agenda. And, the Education System continues to churn out mind numbed and obedient little soldiers who more closely resemble drones incapable of independent thought who march blindly to the drums of their unseen masters. Not only is this frighteningly dangerous and destructive but will not bode well for a patriotic future for America as we know and love it today. Allowed to succeed in their plans, the left will absolutely, without a second thought, completely tear down America. We have witnessed an unrelenting assault on our freedoms and liberties which appears to be unabated and continues today at every turn. Does free speech even exist at all anymore? Do you think for a moment that they will not continue to try to do away with the 2nd Amendment and all others if possible? Better think again and realize that once gone, you will never see your freedoms or liberties again. And what replaces our form of government would be the thing of nightmares and horror stories leading to tyranny. Wake up America, look at what is happening right before our very eyes, and yes, it is all by design.

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