On your knees!

The definition of kneeling is literally falling on your knees. During the unrest of late, spurred on by the tragic death of George Floyd, we are witnessing this phenomenon more and more. Kneeling is nothing new, not a new trend, or a hip, cool gesture by any means. Christians have been kneeling to pray out of respect for thousands of years. So why is it so prevalent, especially amongst white liberals to fall on their knees and in some cases to swear a pledge or oath if not an apology for such offenses as the anomalous and fictitious entity, “White Privilege”?

Of course the cultural Marxists and democrats who despise America and want to see it destroyed will engage in any anti-America display possible such as kneeling while the National Anthem is being played at football games. Yes, at least half of us in America still find this to be disrespectful, egregious, and completely unacceptable. Especially, those of us who wore the US Uniform while serving in the Military. But, it certainly is not limited to just Veterans as Patriotism runs deep in America and our flag has served as our National Symbol of pride for hundreds of years causing pride to well up in our hearts and to bring tears of joy to our eyes as it billows, proudly in the wind. To Patriots, all things American are to be revered, respected, and never, ever renounced. Anti-American, cultural Marxist will never stop trying to destroy our country and will continue to spread their vile, nasty sentiment as much as possible. The far Left in Politics and the Media glom onto the band wagon with glee and joy as they decry their joy and gleeful support for anyone who will join in or rather kneel for the occasion. These pathetic and sad displays of anti-Americanism should be offensive to anyone who even vaguely realizes what a privilege it is to live in the greatest nation on earth. But sadly, the willfully ignorant, wantonly uneducated, and necessarily evil will gladly engage and revel in anything and everything which will inflict real or imagined harm on America.

Today is Juneteenth, and for those of you who might not understand what that is, please click on the link (Juneteenth) referenced earlier in this sentence and read up on it. As with so many holidays or special occasions, the Left has hijacked this to use for the promotion of support for such groups as BLM (Black Lives Matter) who are protesting and demonstrating in the wake of the George Floyd, and now the horrible situation in Atlanta, GA.

Supposedly, this is because of systemic racism which neither truly exists other than in the minds of far left agitators who seek any reason to race bait and decry their victimhood, nor does it actually exist in law enforcement agencies nationwide as the provocateurs on the left would have you believe. The actual figures of blacks killed by white cops, as opposed to whites killed by cops is shockingly low. With that in mind however, consider the black on black crime in places like Chicago or many of the cities and states run by leftist democrats. Of course, we don’t hear about that from the MSM (Mainstream Media) as that would not serve their purpose or further their radical agenda to “Defund Police” which is so prevalent in the news cycles of today. The real reason we should all be demonstrating is the utter failure in the inner cities and urban centers with regard to how public schools are completely failing to educate our children with far too many being pushed out of High Schools without possessing even the ability to read their Diplomas. Not to mention the democrat refusal to support such initiatives as school choice. This is a tragedy on a nationwide scale and is only getting worse at the hands of democrats who have no desire whatsoever to see this situation addressed, much less corrected. Why, because the goal is to keep inner city blacks dependent on government assistance and having to rely on democrats. No matter that they have been promised substantive change, lifestyle improvement, and opportunity by the democrats for over sixty years with massive talk and zero action.

What is taking place today on the streets of our cities would not be something that Dr. King could possibly be supportive of in any way. Movements to “Defund Police”, the occupation by anarchists like what is happening today in Seattle, Wash with the surrender of not only a Police Precinct but wholesale abandonment of multiple city blocks will serve little other than the promotion of the illusion of success to the miscreants who now inhabit this area. Does this help further solidifying race relations in the country? No, as with almost all leftist ideas and beliefs, it is simply another in a very long line of examples of symbolism over substance. Much like Svengali or Houdini, smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand, and misdirection are all used to deceive those who would eagerly buy into such fantasies. Rather, we must seek the truth at all times, resisting the lies and falsehoods perpetrated against us by the MSM and radical politicians. We have to muster the determination to resist any and all attempts to destroy our country and to preserve our original form of Government and way of life. The only time Americans should ever kneel is in prayer!

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