“I won.”

I can not forget about a very smug, arrogant, Barack Obama when during an hour long meeting that was all for show and nothing else made the following comment to John Boehner and the other Republicans present during the meeting when he said, “I won. So I think on that one, I trump you.” Well what do you have to say now Barry? Your agenda was clearly and overwhelmingly repudiated by the American people in the GOP tidal wave that swept the House, Governorships, and state houses coast to coast. Pelosi was fired and Republicans made huge gains in the senate. So now what Barry? Will you continue to scratch your nose with your middle finger and mock the Tea Party as extremists and kooks? Time will certainly tell and it is going to be interesting if nothing else to watch as we progress from this point on.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you who did your patriotic duty and voted your conscience and hearts. We are privileged to be Americans who have the ability, duty, and honor to be able to participate in the greatest political process in the world. Make no mistake, elections have been won and lost by single votes so it is absolutely incumbent on each of us to be educated and informed about the candidates and policies that are before us in each election. Keeping our representative republic as designed by our Founders is no easy task by any stretch of the imagination. However, our republic is worth fighting for to the death if necessary to keep us from being led down the misguided path to socialism, marxism, or communism. Those who would dare to force these failed ideologies on us should be isolated, shunned, and ignored as being radical, extreme, nut jobs. The philosophies of the progressives, liberal, marxists have been proven to be wrong and ridiculous time and time again everywhere and every time it has ever been tried and yet these intellectual elitists cling to them in delusional fashion. Make no mistake, America will never be ready to follow in the footsteps of Russia, Europe, or Cuba whose people were forced to exist in totalitarian states with minimal if any freedoms.

Obama was soundly repudiated last night in an overwhelming manner. So yeah, you won two years ago and you and your Democrat minions, Czars, and eager accomplices in the media succeeded in ramming pieces of your socialist nightmare down the throats of this country despite incredible majorities who screamed to the top of their lungs to stop and desist. For the past two years our voices have been completely ignored as you and your elitists buddies have inflicted as much of your agenda as possible on us. No more, as of yesterday it ends dead in it’s tracks! No more Obama, you will stop and desist immediately!

America is a center of right country with statistics showing that 40% or more identify as being conservative while only 20% or less self identify as being liberal. Regardless of your evil efforts to divide us along racial lines and your desire to punish your “enemies”, the sleeping giant has awakened and demands to be heard. Obama and the Democrats dodged townhall meetings and avoided their constituents at all costs to avoid being yelled at or called on their actions which were clearly against the will of the people of this country. You and your attack dogs in the media demeaned, ridiculed, and berated the Tea Party as extremists, racists, buffoons worthy only of being mocked. And what did it get you, how is your agenda fairing now? Do you feel as smug and arrogant now Obama? You can continue to delude yourself and embrace your delusional dreams of “fundamentally transforming” America into whatever twisted, Marxist, nightmare that you had in mind for us but yesterday’s humiliation clearly shows that you and your minions will be decisively rejected!

Time will tell and we are more than eager to see how we will progress from here. And now, with great pleasure I say to you Barack Obama, We, the American people, have won!

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