Christians, this is a call to action! No, not taking up arms, not storming the bastions of power, but rather action which would be pleasing to God. As Ghandi taught us so eloquently, there is tremendous strength through peaceful actions. Voting is of course a privilege that all legal, eligible citizens should exercise in the most informed exercise possible. In other words, learn about the issues, study the candidates, and pray for guidance before casting ballots or voting. We who are eligible to vote should do so with conviction and knowledge, not rabid partisanship or hyper emotionalism. First of all, participate locally so that policy which will affect you personally at local and state levels is being carried out by those who you have a direct impact in electing. Communicate with your elected representatives often and express your concerns and opinions to them in a clear and concise manner. Communication is key and can be accomplished via different media such as telephone calls, emails, or even writing to them. Visit the offices of your representatives and express your concerns in person. If your particular representative is doing a great job, congratulate and encourage them to bolster the courage to continue the good work. Most importantly, PRAY daily for your country, your state, your county, and city. Pray for those who lead in these positions of trust for which you have elected them.

Those who have lost touch with their constituents, those who insulate themselves in ivory towers and turn a deaf ear to their voters, and those who take an oath to special interest, Lobbyists, and a specific agenda should removed from their positions as quickly as possible for their betrayal. Every legal recourse should be utilized to force our elected officials back into compliance with the “People’s Will”. All too often, our representatives will become deaf to our wishes, despite the empty promises and lies which are told during the election process. Do not tolerate this in any way. Politicians work for the people who elect them, not the other way around despite what they believe. Too many politicians lust for control and power and have no intentions of actually working for the betterment of their constituents. This is a sad state of affairs and clearly illustrates how broken our current system is.

As Christians, we must exercise our will and express our refusal to accept not only illegal policy but downright evil which is proposed as legislation. Sure, they will present such policy with catchy names or buzz words to illicit positive thoughts and connotations such as “For The People” or “Infrastructure” when in fact, as we quickly learned with the obscene behemoth bill for “Covid” resulted in less than ten per cent actually going to help with COVID at all. The other ninety per cent goes to Leftists special interest, loyalist, or to simply line the pockets of those who support the Leftist agenda. We are witnessing corruption at massive levels and undreamed of hypocrisy and evil at every level imaginable. Tax dollars are thrown around with no regard to fund projects like Abortion which goes directly against the will of the majority, and especially, Christian voters. The current regime almost eagerly does anything and everything in their power to demean, vilify, and silence those who hold or cling to deeply established Christian values. This was clearly demonstrated during the ridiculous and offensive abuses of power with regard to COVID by Leftist tyrants in control of blue states and cities. Church goers would be ticketed or arrested for attending service, even while staying inside their own car in some cases, while the “Essential Services” like liquor stores were allowed to remain open and operate. So, church services were too much of a rush for fear of spreading COVID, but thousands of BLM, Antifa, or anarchists who were rioting, looting, and burning cities across the US were considered fine and acceptable by the blatant hypocrites in the Left.

Society has become worse than a putrid cesspool of evil at every turn. Hatred for America, hatred for anything which can even remotely be considered honest demonstrations of patriotism is attacked as intolerance and hate while the true hatred is overlooked and excused routinely by the “All Knowing Overlords” of fairness and tolerance in the Leftists media, politics, education, and entertainment industries. We must not forgot the politically correct gatekeepers of relativism in the social media realm who decide what can and can not be allowed to be spoken. Yep, so much for “Freedom Of Speech” in America, should they be allowed to continue exercising this degree of control and tyranny over those who use their platforms. The hard working, God fearing, patriotic Citizens of America who are forced to pay their hard earned tax dollars to the insatiable appetite of the federal government are expected sit by as their tax dollars are thrown around with absolutely no regard to accountability whatsoever by corrupt politicians who pander and seek to curry favor with anyone and everyone, including our enemies, who desire our complete destruction.

Hopefully, many of the illegal immigrants who are being welcomed by the current regime in hopes of replacing the natural citizens who no longer buy into the lies and deceptions of the Left, will be faithful to their Christian worldview and training as opposed to the reality of being enslaved in the social welfare schemes which have been perpetrated against the black community for the majority of the past six decades by self serving democrat politicians. Many of the same, self serving democrat politicians will move themselves into mansions, often times not even in the districts or communities which they supposedly represent, while doing absolutely nothing more than mouthing false platitudes for their constituents who remain impoverished and are force to live in dilapidated, crumbling, inner city ruins. Fathers were forced to abandon their families as government welfare programs moved in to replace the dads in the home while giving the minimalistic and basic amounts to house, feed, and educate those trapped in the snare of the social welfare programs provided by the government. Certainly not the Christian model for family in any conceivable way at all. The results are clearly visible today with no hope of being corrected in the foreseeable future. Politicians are far too busy lining their own pockets, rewarding themselves with unearned power, and serving the idol of money over God at every turn. When installed in positions of authority, these power mad politicians are typically not rolling up their sleeves to get busy making life better for their constituents, today, they simply pass bills which they have no idea what is contained inside them, they march to orders handed down by their Overlords, and tow the party agenda line without question.

In looking ahead to upcoming election cycles, these corrupt and evil traitors will be far more concerned with removing election integrity measures, stacking the deck, and cheating in any conceivable manner which will result in their remaining in their power positions to further amass wealth for themselves. The idols of power and control have replaced God to these corrupt tyrants and political elitists. Far too many of which literally despise or outright hate the very people who vote for them. American citizens are considered to be far too ignorant to think for themselves, to speak for themselves, or to be free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness in any way. No, we should engage in the approved groupthink as handed down by the dramatic party spokesmen in the media who will force a tear to be shed should that help in showing how much they care, or how compassionate and wonderful they are for feigning concern for those of us in “Flyover Country”. They exempt themselves from the very rules and regulations which they impose on the rest of us forcing us into fiscal slavery with out of control tax burdens which they so dearly love.

America must return to the model upon which this country was originally built by men and women who put God first in everything and clearly understood how the absence of God would be disastrous for everyone. The recognition that God must be the focal point of life in America was clearly understood by those who endured incredible hardships to pioneer and found our incredible country. Today, every tool of the enemy is utilized and embraced to perpetrate evil upon society. Christians are mocked, ridiculed, and shunned in too many cases while immoral and evil is embraced and promoted at every turn. Everything that the Founders feared is being embraced as societal rot is rampant and out of control. Lies become truth, history is destroyed, and dissent is silenced and attacked by those who consider themselves superior simply because they think that they are. Fear and intimidation is utilized to control us with absolute brutality as they seek revenge against those who oppose the Leftist groupthink in any way. Racism is the current tool which is used to divide us at every turn. The flames of hatred are used freely to sow the seeds of dissent and divisiveness in endless tirades of lies perpetuated by the true racists who are screaming the loudest.

Christians must rely on the Bible, the teachings of Jesus, and their faith to sustain us during these unprecedented times of evil and corruption. Christians must stand together and reject evil at every turn, regardless of the slick purveyors of lies and sin. Christians must remain strong in our fellowships and strength which is drawn from prayer and entering into the presence of our Lord in praise and worship. And Christians must be united in truth and integrity in every facet of life as we go though our worldly lives. Winning the hearts and minds of children right now will result in the strong, Christian leaders of tomorrow who we will need in the coming days of evil we are facing right now. America does not need to be transformed into some kind of unrealistic, third world, utopian fantasy which is completely impossible to achieve, but rather the strong, unwavering bastion of honor and integrity which America has been for the past two hundred thirty something years. America must remain the final beacon of freedom and not be extinguished by those who embrace evil gleefully. Pray America, pray fervently and frequently while there is still hope. Pray today!

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