Comedian, Jeff Dunham has a hilarious routine involving a skeletal looking character whose line is, “Silence, I kill you.”. If you have seen the routine involving the Achmed character you will understand completely. Although the aforementioned comedy routine can be considered quite funny, what is taking place in America right now is not funny in any way. Almost immediately after spineless politicians voted to certify the crime, graft, and corruption that led to having a Presidential election blatantly stolen via every conceivable dirty trick, tactic, and manner imaginable. But rather than object and push back against what has taken place for the past four years leading up to the democrat party literally filing over three hundred fifty lawsuits meant to weaken or completely strip safeguards and protective mechanisms ensuring voter integrity and security. Coupled with Governors and Secretaries of State taking arbitrary and unauthorized action to ensure the democrat success while usurping the legal power of the State’s Legislatures which are the true arbiters of election process for the states, virtually all protections such as signature requirements were simply stripped away via the lawsuits or just summarily ignored outright. Along with all of the dead people who voted, the manufactured ballots, and complicit poll workers, the election was soundly stolen right before our very eyes.

Emboldened with the assurance of a Biden/Harris regime, Leftist in the Media and especially the Tech Giants like Twitter and Facebook wasted not on second of time in imposing bans on President Trump removing his ability to utilize their social media platforms completely with no end in sight. Like a snowball, Leftists everywhere have jumped into the censorship movement and are calling for Conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters to all be punished, silenced, and censored in any and every way possible. Banks have stopped doing business with President Trump, Leftist businesses everywhere are falling into compliance with their cohorts in an attempt to censor and silence and punish absolutely everyone who dares to think differently, challenge the groupthink, or dare support Trump. Such actions invoke an all out assault to not only silence but completely destroy everyone in the worst vindictive manner witnessed. So much to civil society or the phony and fake calls for unity and healing by the radical Left who intend to get even at all costs. Others are calling for action to be taken to insure that former Trump supporters are not even able to find positions in the public sector after leaving their respective positions working for Trump. But hey, the Left has no problem whatsoever with hypocrisy which appears to be their standard procedure demonstrated by blatant lying and talking out of both sides of their mouths simultaneously.

Make no mistake, the Left is absolutely going to be coming for us too. Salivating at the idea of silencing and punishing anyone and absolutely everyone who does not comply with the approved Leftist groupthink and even more importantly, march in lockstep with leaders dictates to further the radical Left’s agenda. Failure to willingly comply will be met with force or the threat of force at the very least. Just look at what is happening to republicans who are facing minority positions as democrats have gained complete control of the Presidency, the House, and the Senate. Fearing retaliation and retribution from the vindictive Pelosi and Schumer, republicans have rolled over onto their backs and are decrying ever having supported Trump to begin with. Sadly, no longer to hide behind President’s Trumps coattails, these weak, spineless, marshmallows will in all likelihood, resort to their tried and true old ways of capitulation to whatever their masters dictate. All resistance will quickly disappear and they will resort to the gutless, “Go along and get along” behavior which has so damaged our country for far too long. Believe me, they are far more petrified of the democrats and have no concern about their constituents whatsoever. Our cowardly lions on the right would much rather appear to cooperate with the radical Left than appear to resist or oppose the agenda in any way. This will not bode well for America, you can believe that.

If it weren’t for double standards, democrats and the Left would have absolutely no standards whatsoever. Our country and we are the ones who will suffer the consequences of these actions as the elitists continue to insulate and remove themselves from any and all consequences whatsoever. Amazingly, the Left in politics, the media, and everywhere else quickly develop amnesia with regard to what they say or do but demonstrate hyper exaggerated, knee jerk, feigned reaction to anything that they feel can be used to inflict damage to Conservatives, republicans, or anyone who is right of center. As bad as all of this is, the outright removal of any and all safeguards which guarantee our first Amendment right to free speech must not be allowed to take place. The divisiveness is ratcheting up to dangerous and frightening levels and could exceed the American people’s tolerance levels if not abated quickly. But, the Left knows no bounds to their excess and push beyond and through in their insane quest to have power and control of as much of our life as possible. The quest for power and control is paramount to the Left and wielding power and control over us is their primary desire in life. If unchallenged, the future looks very frightening and bleak. Wake up America!

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