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Western civilization is in DANGER! Not understanding or taking action could result in our very way of life, as we know it, disappearing forever. Does that sound alarmist or like some kind of hysterical conspiracy theory? Perhaps so but it was just a few short years ago that making such a statement would have resulted in a round of laughter and complete dismissal as nothing more than some far fetched, whacko pun. Today however, no one is laughing or those who are are completely lacking in grasping or understanding just exactly how dire our current cultural climate is. Let us delve into this a bit more and examine why this is actually a deadly serious issue for us all.

Although the terrible incident and consequent death of George Floyd might have been, in some way, the catalyst which prompted the beginning of what has become months of riots in cities across America, it is not the actual origin. Situations like George Floyd, Breona Taylor, and others have simply become the excuse for dangerous, radical, Anarchy-terrorist groups of the Left to incite, promote, and spread a violent movement. The reason that so many, typically young people have become so malleable and accepting of ideology resulting in destruction, arson, and even murder is largely due to numerous factors, not just a single tragic incident. No, certain factions of society have been particularly receptive to the idea of anarchy or revolution because of such factors such as their education at the hands of far left academics pushing a failed ideology. This indoctrination type of conditioning or “Brainwashing” has taken place over the course of their lifetimes as the Education system is nearly completely controlled by extreme Leftists intent on replacing the teaching of pure sciences such as Mathematics and actual History, not some pale facsimile of it, with curriculums leaning more to the “Social Justice” ideology inspired by such failed socio-political systems as Socialism, Communism, Marxism, and others. This dangerous type of ideology has always resulted in death and destruction leading to a complete and utter collapse and failure. Just consider Venezuela as an example. Once the richest, most vibrant country in South America, under the brutal, unyielding socialist regime of several Dictators, Venezuela is now been reduced to a country among the poorest in the world with its people barely able to find food or survive at all.

While the people scrambled and fought tooth and nail for every single morsel of food, their leaders who are almost always tyrannical, brutal Dictators lived in opulence and luxury. This example can be easily seen throughout history as it has played out in China, Cuba, and Russia just to name a few. The end result is always the complete and total destruction of everything around them. Those who control and wield the power enrich themselves while those reduced to trying to survive these brutal regimes must fight to survive each day as commodities such as food, energy, and infrastructure rapidly slip in total decay.

The danger is that these idealists must destroy whatever the current socio-political system is in place and replace it with what ultimately becomes a Dictatorship. How is this accomplished you might wonder or ask. History books are full of examples throughout the world and Venezuela has already been mentioned. Consider Germany during the collapse of its society and the rise of what would become Nazi Germany led by Adolph Hitler. One of the very first things to occur was the disarming of the German people stripping them completely of a way to fight back against what was to come. Then, Germans were seduced into believing lofty sounding rhetorhic which placed the blame for everything squarely on the shoulders of the Jews. Fear not, worry about nothing, the people were told, the Reich will take care of everything for you. Well, we all know how that ended. Spend some time looking into what took place in the rise of Stalin, Mao, or other charismatic sounding despots who rose to power and left in their wake total destruction and chaos.

One of the biggest tools used to accomplish the takeover and ultimate rise of tyranny at the hands of people like Stalin, Hitler, or Chavez was the use of propaganda. To accomplish this, they first had to seize control of the “Media” which was then politicized, weaponized, and used to bludgeon the people into complete compliance. Yes, other factors such as the economy and money had to be manipulated too but it was the weaponization and manipulation of truth and facts that was most effective the fastest. Consider what has taken place since the announcement that Donald J. Trump would campaign and ultimately win the office of President Of The United States of America and how the media reacted.

Understanding that it is solely the doing of the Democrats, democrat controlled Education, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, and certainly Media which has led to the current climate of divisiveness, chaos, and threat to our way of life. Never before, certainly in modern memory, has America been driven to such a low spot with regard to relations between its people. The people of America have never been more divided along racial, sexual, and economic lines than today. In large part, this is absolutely intentional and by design. What then is the result that they seek? If we listen to the politicians, sportscasters, or media pundits, it is the complete and total destruction of our way of life. Just turning on the news each day brings examples of rabid sounding, black clad, people who are tearing down statues, throwing malatov cocktails, and assaulting Police Officers throughout democrat controlled cities and states across America.

So, the bottom line is this, the MSM (Mainstream Media) completely controls the narrative as directed by far Left academics and politicians and eagerly runs to the nearest camera to give marching orders to eager leftists who then take to the streets to create as much destruction and mayhem as possible. Where will it end? The result is putting this country on a footing eerily similar to that of what we experienced during wars which have taken place. We can not dismiss this out of hand and must seriously consider the path that America is to take moving forward, beginning with the election of 2020. Danger is all around us and only worsening. Wake up America!

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