Patriotic Pride!

There have always been Patriots whom have given very emotional speeches decrying their love and respect for America. A simple search of Youtube yields such gems as John Wayne’s emotional tribute or the wonderful Red Skelton’s amazing words honoring our country. At an advanced age now, looking back in retrospect on a long, rewarding life as an American, tears of pride still well up and sting my eyes. What would prompt men and women to stand proudly, reciting the “Pledge Of Allegiance” at the sound of our National Anthem being played? Why would young men and women from early adolescence too late teenage years rush to put on a military uniform to fight in conflicts throughout American history? Why, what drives them and causes such behavior.

Looking back throughout a personal life of nearly seven decades, memories of pride and patriotism flood into the forefront of thought. Even as a very young, pre teen boy, the thought of family get togethers for cookouts, the smell of hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill as the kids run around joyfully laughing and playing as the adults sit and talk about their American life. As evening approached the excitement was almost palpable at the idea of driving to wherever the nearest fireworks display was being held on the 4th of July celebration. As kids, we could barely contain the excitement at the idea of reaching an age where we could safely play with firecrackers or the all time favorite, sparklers. Adults would ignite them and the kids would run happily through the yard with sparks streaming off of the sparklers to giggles, laughter, and happy sounds of children at play.

Times like this filled us with great pride and a sense of patriotism that ran deep within us. As children we may have lacked the formal education of what transpired to bring about our wonderful nation but we instinctively joined in to celebrate what it meant to be a proud American. As our education in school progressed, we would be taught about the people who left all comforts, family and even friends to board tiny, wooden ships to traverse vast oceans enduring storms and countless other perils to arrive at unknown shores and unwelcoming conditions. The choice to venture out into the unknown was largely based on a deep and abiding faith in God. The ability to worship freely where they were that it drove them to muster every ounce of courage while gather their family and what little comforts they could transport with them to the unknown future which faced them. Only able to take what they could basically carry, these men and women faced incredible hardships, up to and including death to escape the tyranny which they faced in their home of origin . Freedom to worship their God was the driving force which strengthened their resolve and determination to face whatever perils lay ahead.

The story of America is one which is steeped in raw, passion and courage. Challenges were met head on by men and women determined to live and thrive, no matter the obstacles which had to be overcome. Shelter had to be built by hand and food had to be grown from nothing. Wild animals, environmental challenges, harsh natural lands all had to be brought under control by men and women with the strength and resolve to carve a life out of the wilds of an unknown landscape. Faced with unimaginable hardships, hunger, and even death from so many unknown threats, the resolve of these first settlers remained steadfast and unbroken. These Pilgrims did not buckle and fold at the first sign of difficulty but rather steeled their resolve to survive at any cost. They did not simply retreat to their ships to retrace their steps to go back to the familiar and much more comfortable lives which they had abandoned. So strong was their desire for freedom in every capacity but mainly with regard to the worship of God, that America was literally carved out of the rock, timber, and soil of an untamed and wild frontier by the blood, sweat, and tears of the countless men and women who went before us to build what we now enjoy.

America was not built by weak, discontented malcontents, whose false sense of moral superiority deludes them into thinking that they should rule and reign over the rest of us. America was built by men and women whose unyielding faith in God, unshakable courage in the face of danger, and incredible brilliance. America was first conceived and thought into existence before being drafted and created on parchment with pen and ink. America was first a belief and concept of freedom which must be won from Tyrants who bend us to their will and enslave us to their ideology. So precious was this fragile construct, freedom, that our forefathers would gladly pay whatever cost, often in blood to attain it.

Today, our children are taught to hate the very country which affords them every freedom and luxury by people whose only loyalty is to a radical ideology which would bring about the very destruction of what has given us everything. These venomous, vicious, miscreants, incapable of winning the hearts and minds of the masses in the public forum spew their evil and infect everything around them. Their goal is to achieve success by force, if necessary, when all else fails. The desire to return us to the very ideology which drove us to America to begin with is what they long. In their twisted, demented, belief that despite failing to bring about success throughout history, that they can because they are so much more enlightened, or intellectually superior to anyone else, including those who created the ideology to begin with, is beyond belief. Possessing a seething dislike or overt hatred for the principles and ideals which have resulted in America being the greatest nation on earth, these indoctrinated lemmings would gladly sacrifice not only their freedoms and liberties, but do so for all of us in exchange for the chains of bondage to an ideology which can only end inevitably in Tyranny.

America must not allow the total destruction of our culture, society, and history at the hands of radical malcontents seeking the destruction of our way of life. Under false pretense, and by utilizing any means necessary, the obliteration of our way of life would become reality. American pride has been diminished, wherever possible by an Education system which not only failed our children but now deludes them into becoming mindless, angry, drones. Lacking even a basic comprehension of history, civics, and all of the things which Americans have contributed to the enlightenment and betterment of mankind, they bite the hand that feeds them. We must, at all cost, fight and win the hearts and minds of our young if we are to survive.

Change is in the wind, one way or another and we must determine, very carefully, the path that lay before us. Life will change and we must determine whether this change will be for our good or not. For this patriot, America is worth fighting for, period. Wake up America!

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