Oil, oil everywhere and not a drop to get!

Oil company executives appeared before the senate today to defend huge profits. Of course the pathetic dog and pony show was a democrat attempt to blame the oil companies for skyrocketing prices which are crippling US drivers.  Oil companies are indeed making record profits amid ever increasing global demands. Hearings such as these are simply a farce to try and shift the blame away from where it should rightly be placed.  We hear about all of the causes such as the ever shrinking value of the dollar, economists and speculators, and the refusal of OPEC to increase production being to blame for all of our troubles. Our illustrious democrat senators are more than eager to drag oil company executives in front of their committees for very public chastisements. I for one however am still waiting to hear about all of the solutions that the democrats have as promised by Nancy Pelosi over two years ago now. Apparently democrats are more concerned with prostrating themselves in front of the global warming altar and devising myriad tax increases to thrust upon us than actually coming up with concrete solutions. So lets see now, as global demands increase US refineries are at complete maximum production and we have become completely dependent on foreign oil for our own consumption demands. We have not built a refinery in over thirty plus years and despite potential reserves larger than anywhere else in the world we can’t even attempt to gain access because of whacko environmental concerns.  With incredible amounts of oil within our grasp right within the US and yet it might as well be on the moon because of unrealistic environmental restrictions. Maybe it is just me but beating up on oil company executives just doesn’t seem to be the kind of solution that we really need to our gargantuan fuel crisis problems.  But then I’m sure that it isn’t anything that a tax here and a new tax there won’t fix, right?

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