Poll driven politics

We have all seen humorous examples of people wetting their finger to hold in the wind to make some decision based on wind direction. Unfortunately, it appears that a great many decisions are made in similar fashion by politicians especially during elections. Politicians don’t seem to be capable of making even the simplest decisions without referring to some polling data. How to dress, hair color, or even when to or not to laugh or smile are some of the decisions polling data might be used for. I find myself wondering how in the world politicians can possibly be entrusted with decision making for our best interest if they have to resort to polling data to decide how to dress.  Polling data almost seems like heroin to a junkie, they just gotta have it. Whatever happened to base or core beliefs and a clear understanding of right and wrong to go by?  Politicians today seem more like rabid salesmen who are only interested with getting into your bank account. Oh wait, that is exactly what politicians want and what they are trying to do. But then, doesn’t this mean that lacking strong, defining character and a good moral compass that today’s politicians might be for sale to the highest bidder, special interest group, or politically correct agenda? That is exactly what it means. The politicians that we have today seem more than willing to say or do anything, at any time to achieve victory. Politicians pander to anyone and anything necessary while campaigning but after they are elected they develop an immediate case of amnesia. When challenged on a given position politicians more closely resemble a cat on a hot tin roof trying to dodge being pinned down. Politicians seem to be more choreographed than Britney Spears and more scripted than any Hollywood actor could ever be. Talented speechwriters even tell them what to say while their advisors tell them what to believe at any given moment. Politicians lack the conviction or self reliance to even be able to decide what color tie or suit to wear but want us to trust them to run our government and country. What happened to leaders who had strong principles and leadership skills and would rather lead by example than waffle in the winds?  Where are the leaders who are more concerned with what is right and best for the people and the country than public opinion polls? If politicians of today will not stand for something, then won’t they lay for just about anything? How pathetic have things gotten when voters feel that they must hold their noses when voting and choose the least of worst possible choices? How can politicians who are so lacking be expected to be anything other than what they are once elected? The whole political process has become a farce, a spectacle, and a media circus event.  For now, I will continue to watch the horizon for the good guys to come and save us and hope they come soon.  

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