Democrat Fix

So, the democrat talking heads are all spewing the same ole tired regurgitated pablum that they have ad infinitum which is to say that more gun control bills must be passed. So let’s stop for a minute and just examine, honestly, the track record to this point. Say for example, Chicago, Ill. as a shining example of democrat success for gun control laws. The Chicago Mayor has done amazing things and made gigantic strides in lowering gun violence in Chicago. Oh wait, that’s not right at all. Gun violence is completely out of control and the democrat Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel. Let’s see, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel who is a democrat has accomplished what again with regard to gun control? We can look at the shining jewels of gun control success in let’s say, Great Britain, or Australia, for instance. Or, let’s simply go back in history and look at how well it worked in Germany. Oh wait, because the German people were successfully unarmed, they were incapable of resisting Hitler’s rise and subsequent murder of six million Jews. Now there’s a gun control success story and a half, isn’t it? And the democrats just can’t wait to do the same thing to the United States. Yeah, that would be great.

But wait, democrats know all about murder and silencing human beings. After all, the democrats are the sole owners of “Planned Parenthood”. At a rate of about one every ninety five seconds! But honestly, Planned Parenthood and abortion may be one of the only success stories that the democrats can claim. The vast majority of the rest of the democrat agenda would only serve to punish the conservative majority of people in the United States of America. Left to their agenda, democrats would push this country into total socialism and ultimately communism. The democrat fix would be to remove those antiquated and outdated things like private property ownership, the first amendment, and the second amendment, and pretty much the rest of the rights too. Democrats would completely and totally run your lives while exempting themselves from the rules and policies that they would impose on the rest of us. It would be like some Utopia straight out of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” only far worse than we could possibly imagine.

Ultimately, the democrat fix would be a New World Order, which of course, they would control and run. All of the little people would be dependent on government for everything, housing, food, healthcare, and all else. Just imagine how wonderful this will all be. Under the democrat fix, you will be able to worship “Global Warming” and government or possibly Islam. Yeah, the democrat fix will be just wonderful and we will all live happily ever after. NOT!

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