Mega hypocrite, extreme liberal, and career pathological liar and politician, Hillary Clinton could not wait to rush to the cameras to spew insane anti-gun rhetoric and talking points before the Las Vegas shooting tragedy, worst in US history, was even finished. No respect, no dignity, for the victims, nothing but naked, rabid, gun grabbing agenda driven, frothing at the mouth lies to appeal to other, illiterate, extreme left, anti-America gun grabbers. This is the best that the Left has to offer too. As scripted and absolutely predictably, like sharks smelling blood in the water, the frenzied, knee jerk, hyperventilating mongoloids in the media, hollywood liberal actors, and past their prime and usefulness politicians ran over each other to insult the collective intelligence of the American people by getting on camera and spewing their tired, out dated, lies, mischaracterizations, misinterpretations, and anti-gun lies that we have heard from the left for decade after decade.

Gun control, background checks, outlaw gun they scream despite having the most restrictive gun laws in the country has not helped democrat run cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Memphis, Milwaukee, and on and on. So let’s see, criminals do not abide by or pay attention to laws to begin with but somehow, democrat logic is that taking guns away from the law abiding is going to make a difference? How is that working out in DC or Chicago, or Atlanta, or Milwaukee, or so forth? When your anti-gun laws work there, I might actually stop and consider what you are saying but until then, shut up!

Lefty politicians like the parasitic urchin, Hillary Clinton, and all of her cohorts are an embarrassment at best. The Hollywood actors who are making millions making uber violent movies feel that they have the moral ground to lecture the law abiding people of America on guns. Really? How about doing what you do best, pretend to be a real American in the make believe world that you live in. Just like the pampered, punks in Sports who want to exercise the rights that they did not earn and disrespect the flag, National Anthem, and our country that good men and women did pay the ultimate price for. You disgust me beyond words.

These people have no solutions but want to lecture us about what is best for us and the country. You bottom dwelling scum who have done nothing more than feed off of the largesse of the American people! The best thing that you can do for this country is to go away and shut your ignorant mouth. The sight of you, your voice, and your lies are beyond my ability to tolerate it anymore. Go back to your bubble, in fairy land, and leave human beings alone. You are little better than a cancer and do nothing but infect the thinking of weak minded lemmings who are ignorant enough to listen to you.

The biggest threat to the security, well being, peace of the United States of America is YOU and all of the wantonly ignorant, eagerly deceptive, and happily evil leftists. Nothing would make me happier than banning leftists from the airwaves permanently. Mexico has been known to empty out their jails and send them across the border to the US. We should repay this by sending anyone and everyone who even looks like a leftist to them and keeping them from ever reentering the US. That would be heaven!


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