prayer is oxygen of soul

Prayer is the direct line of communication with God. There is never a busy signal or voicemail message but always a good, solid connection directly to the Lord. There is never a number to take nor a line to wait in and prayer is always heard.

Answers to prayers are not always immediate or even in what we feel is an acceptable time frame. Some prayers may never be answered but all are heard. But, prayer should be done on a daily basis to unceasingly done.

The most difficult aspect of prayer is learning to stop, be silent, and listen for God’s answer. We must learn to give God time to respond and learn how to listen so that we do not miss God’s responses to our prayers.

Communication is an extremely important part of life. We must communicate with our family, friends, coworkers, etc. every day of our lives. Husbands and wives, children and parents, employers and employees all must communicate and often to keep life moving along in an orderly manner. Without communicating instructions, requests, desires, etc. life would simply descend into chaos.

Prayer is our communication with God and is what is truly important for keeping our lives on a manageable track. Prayer is wonderful and can be done corporately, in solitude, or even driving down the street, as long as your eyes are wide open of course. Praying is the ideal way to wake up and start your day, or to end your day, and even as you move along through the course of your day. Prayer should not be neglected or overlooked much like your goldfish who is totally dependent on you for food and survival. Your prayer life should be exercised often, fed continuously, and be a priority in your life.

Pray, pray today, pray with enthusiasm, and never stop praying.

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