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Christians understand the Biblical references to Unicorns which over time have morphed into the magical, sometimes winged, single horned horse like creature of myths, legends, and fantasy. The general consensus amongst the majority in society is that Unicorns are magical creatures which are never seen today. Typically, Unicorn references are made with a “Tongue in Cheek” connotation or whimsical manner. Much like seeing “Pink Elephants” associated with experiencing hallucinations, seeing Unicorns is much the same. Belief in Unicorns is typically associated with someone who is delusional or has lost touch with reality.

For those who tuned into to the fiasco, Democrat circus, and embarrassing clown show in which Attorney General William Barr sat before a group of angry, rabid, partisans who were not only unbelievably rude but demonstrated an absolute contempt for decorum and civility in the manner in which they conducted themselves during the so called “Hearing”. AG Barr would typically be asked a question and when Barr would begin to attempt to speak or give an answer to questions he was asked, the Democrat would usually simply cut him off, shout him down, and interrupt every word uttered by AG Barr. Jerry Nadler, the Chairman of the committee went as far as to outright refuse to allow a break when AG Barr asked for one after several hours of this ridiculous spectacle help for the express purpose of demonizing, vilifying, and attacking not only AG Barr, but Trump and everyone who agrees with them.

The problem for these rabid, partisan, attack dogs was that AG Barr was one of the only adults in the room and is far more intelligent than the Democrats. Ag Barr never lost his composure, kept his cool, and deflected the assaults like Superman. Democrats, lacking even the slightest shred of shame, exposed themselves as arrogant, misbehaving, unruly children determined to have their way at all costs which is what we usually see since Trump became President. The Dems seem to lack any and all awareness of the ridiculous double standard which is their modus operandi or usual behavior while demanding that their opponents be held to much higher standards. This is very much like the old adage, “Don’t do as I do, do as I say!” so many of us heard growing up. Unfortunately, the Democrats took this as marching orders and a guide to live by excusing themselves from any and all wrong doing of any kind in the process.

The American people, outside of the DC or Democrat bubble, are not stupid despite the belief of the elitist Democrats and do see exactly what is going on and transpiring despite the MSM (Mainstream Media’s) best attempts to disguise, spin, and cover up whatever does not serve their purpose or further their agenda. Those who rely on the “Echo Chamber” are fed a steady, non stop diet of carefully crafted narratives and talking points and seldom, if ever get the truth or facts about any situation. Instead, coordinated talking points are used to drive moronic narratives such as Jerry Nadler and many, many others on the Left attempting to say that the violence taking place in Democrat controlled states and cities throughout America are a myth and not actually happening. Simply put, they prefer that you not believe your “Lying Eyes” and just move along, nothing to see here. Talk about insulting one’s intelligence, the gall is unbelievable to say the least.

Let’s not forget all of the groups which are funded by George Soros, which pay these so called “peaceful protestors” consisting of Vets and Moms. Never-mind the fact that they are often paid to incite violence, commit acts of criminality, and destroy targeted items such as Federal Buildings or Police Precincts. Instead, you are encouraged to listen to the lies being spread by mental giants like the Mayor of New York or Seattle, or Chicago who lie to your face with impunity. The very same Mayors and Governors are asking for funds to rebuild and fix the damage caused in the wake of “The Summer Of Love” being perpetrated by the innocent Moms in BLM and Antifa for example. As Hillary Clinton once infamously stated, we must apply a “Willing suspension of disbelief” in order to understand the insanity which is happening all around us, across this country at the hands of Mobs.

We must absolutely remember that this hands off, cowardly, collusion is the type of behavior which will in fact be nationalized and spread from coast to coast if the Democrats are returned to power this coming November. Regaining control of the White House, Senate, and Congress would prove to in all likelihood be the absolute undoing or our entire way of life. This “Twilight Zone” type of reality where Cops are demonized and criminalized instead of the thugs in the mobs, where rioting, looting, and arson are encouraged by the very Leaders who should be stopping it, and anything which does not yield or serve the far left narrative will not be tolerated. Say goodbye to rights and liberties such as free speech, the 2nd Amendment, or civil discord for example as they would be heaped upon the piles of discarded principles for all time. We must all ask ourselves what kind of country we wish to have after the election taking place this coming November. Essentially, it will come down to the realization of law and order verses one of mob rule, chaos, and fear and intimidation at the hands of radicals who are intent on tearing down our entire way of life and replacing it with a failed, tyrannical nightmare consisting of all the failed ideologies which have been tried over the last 100 plus years. We must be very, very careful for what we ask for as the realization of our votes could spell absolute disaster at the hands of fanatics. Wake up America!

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