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In My Humble Opinion:

What about all of the immigration law that is currently on the books? Why would this problem require all this new legislation, especially legislation that is crafted behind closed doors? Why haven’t any of the immigration laws been enforced to date and why should we think that it is going to be any different if we allow them to pass what is currently being proposed?

In a famous movie line we were told to “Be afraid, be very afraid.” This is very appropriate now when considering what will happen if the legislation that is being considered is passed.

It is our duty to be informed, be involved, and be strong. Participate in the process by letting your elected representatives hear your voice. Be part of the solution by leting them know what you think about illegals immigrants overrunning our country.

I pray that our leaders will come to their senses and vote no!

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Conservative, Christian, Patriot. Former law enforcement officer and served in the US Air Force.
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