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In My Humble Opinion

Ok, this is really a bad episode of the Twilight Zone and we are going to wake up soon, right? Giving control of 6 of our stategic Ports to an organization which has questionable loyalty at best is well, sort of like putting the Taliban in charge or our Homeland security isn’t it? Good grief, what are they thinking here trying to pull something like this?

Am I mistaken or are we not seeing riots including building destruction and even attacks on US Embassies in multiple Arab countries right now? The Muslim community considers us the “Great Satan” and now 40% of British Muslims want to enact Sharia law. Sharia law is that which is based on the Koran which means beating women is just fine as is stoning, and other well, harsh practices. The UAE (United Arab Emirits) seem to be friendly towards us right now so it should be just fine, right?

Why stop there, let’s just go ahead and turn over our sovereignty to the UN while we are at it? Let me see if I have this straight, half of our Supreme Court Justices are looking to foreign law to help base their decisions affecting us on, activist judges are writing law from the bench, and now we want to turn over control of six major US ports to a group which even recognizes the Taliban, our enemy? What’s wrong with this picture.

Folks, we are in serious trouble here and now is not the time to be silent, lazy, or timid. Now would be the time to participate in the process and become educated on the issues which will certainly affect all of us. Should we sit idly by and allow such radical agendas to become acceptable?

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