The Big Power Grab

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The Big Power Grab

The big power grab could be defined as the usurping of power away from the Legislative branch of the United States government by a group of elitist, activist judges. The power grab is nothing new and has been taking place for many years. The affects of the big power grab however resonate throughout society and impact the lives of nearly all Americans. The big power grab, very much like a runaway freight train, appears to be increasing in speed and will have an ever increasing affect on society upon impact.

Understanding that there are three separate branches of the United States government illustrates why a power grab by any of the three, should never be tolerated and is in fact an unconstitutional act. The intent for the judicial branch of government was and is to simply interpret the laws written by the legislative branch. There was never any intent for the judicial branch to legislate or dictate law from the bench as is so blatantly illustrated by courts such as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California.

The big power grab has been taking place for many years but seems to have become more prevalent and pervasive as society has tolerated and allowed the practice to become accepted. Not to be specific with regard to exactly when the practice of the big power grab began but suffice it to say that it has been taking place for several decades now.

The affects of the big power grab are evident throughout society. Some of the more notable examples would be the removal of prayer from the public school system in the early nineteen sixties, the Roe V. Wade decision in the early nineteen seventies making abortion legal, and the more recent Kelo decision with regard to seizure of publicly owned property.

Like the example of the runaway freight train or even the incredible destruction of hurricane Katrina, the big power grab will have the power to impact nearly if not every single American. Removing prayer and any reference to religion or the Bible took away the ability to impart a moral foundation to students, the Roe V. Wade decision legalized the murder of unborn innocents, and the Kelo decision will authorize the seizure of privately owned property to be turned over for public use. These are but a few of the many examples of what an out of control judiciary can impose on the population of this country. Is there an end in sight? Not likely at this point.

Continuing down the path of tolerance towards an out of control judiciary will simply embolden and allow even more radical changes to be forced on society. One clear example is the onslaught against the institution of marriage between one man and one woman. If the destruction of marriage which has held for centuries as being between one man and one woman as defined by the Word of God, then marriage could be defined by nearly anything and everything and will be determined by the whim of the court. The most frightening aspects of such activism could result in marriages between adults and children, or multiple persons, or even humans and animals with no end to the possibilities.

Solutions must be found and found quickly to halt the big power grab immediately. The tyranny of judicial activism can not be tolerated by a free society. Fallacious arguments such as the Constitution of the United States is a living, evolving document subject to interpretation by the standards of today can not be allowed to take hold and must be dismissed as ridiculous and baseless. The idea of the evolution of a living Constitution will lead to the ultimate destruction of the very liberties for which the Constitution was originally written to insure to each citizen. Without the liberties as defined, outlined, and expressly given to each citizen of this country, America will cease to be a nation for the people, and of the people and will become a nation in which freedom will no longer remain.

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