Why the Rush?

Can someone please explain the “Sky is falling” rush to pass everything that Reid and Pelosi come up with? I am really having a hard time understanding why everything that these people propose or pass into law has to be sold as needing to be done yesterday at the latest or the world is going to end. The “Stimulus” bill is a prime example and here we are six months later and gee whiz, unemployment seems to be rising even higher that what we were told would happen if they didn’t pass the bill. Ok, then doesn’t it make sense that we should probably wait and at the very minimum, read the bills that these people propose before rushing to sign them into law and ram them down the throats of the people?

Could it possibly be because Obama and his administration realize that as the details of their legislation becomes public that support nose dives? Is it because Obama’s personal popularity is also tanking and his charismatic, mesmerizing, teleprompter speech making is not leaving the masses in hypnotic states of euphoria anymore? Is it because the agenda of socializing America and transforming it into some kind of Marxist Utopia and amassing as much power as possible is causing the masses to rise up in protest?

How can that be? I thought Obama was the new “Messiah” and just by waving his hand could fix the ills of the world. Hasn’t his bowing before Saudi Kings, and embracing the world’s tyrants made them love us yet? Hasn’t the assaults on free market and the take over of private industries solved the financial ills of America? How is that redistribution of wealth working for you? Could it have anything to do with the inevitable tax increases that are sure to come now that the treausury is long past empty and they simply can’t print money fast enough? Hmmm, what about the inflation that will surely hit like nothing we have seen since the Jimmy Carter administration?

Why the rush to take over the healthcare industry? Why is it necessary for Sen. Arlen Spectre to attempt to explain that this has to be done so quickly? Why can’t they even take time to read the 1,0oo plus pages of legislation that they propose to make us abide by? Where is the transparency and openness promised by Barack Obama during the campaign? Why the need to run around the country spewing talking points and poll phrases instead of citing facts contained in the actual legislation as drafted by the Congress? Could it be because as the facts of their wonderful legislation come to light that support for it and Obama are diving faster than a Kamikaze plane on overdrive? It certainly appears that it is more a case of “Git’r done” and then we can deal with ┬áthe details by this bunch of supposedly well intentioned, kool aid drinking, lemmings who control all three branches of government.

Why the rush to domonize and villafy the American people who take time out of their overworked, overtaxed, lives to speak out and exercise their right to free speech by the eager and willing state run propaganda machine formerly knows as the mainstream media? Why the rush to label and attack the American people who disagree with the socialist agenda and dare to question them? Where was the same outrage when Code Pink or Acorn were sending bus loads of thugs to intimidate executives of private banks or insurance companies over bonuses paid out to them? How dare them demonstrate such blatant hypocrisy and double standards with regard to free speech and those who dare to exercise their rights.

Why the rush? Because Obama says so!

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